Author Alert

So many things have happened and so many reviews. Awesome! First, I like to thank my beta, even though she isn't reading this and possibly couldn't since she's sick. Hope you get well soon. I want to tell everyone that I'm not exactly taking a break, or vacation, but I want to finish something. It's a secret and if this secret makes it out into the world, I hope you will support me. But for now, I can't say anything.

Narra: 'urry it up already! (eating cookies)

Alright. Geez. Someone was gracious enough to send us some cookies, virtually and I would like to thank you. This project (secret), I want to complete it before doing anything else (especially writing a sequel to this), possibly before Valentine's Day. Remember the Konrinzai? I think that's what it's called. Can't exactly remember specifically. Anyway, I wanted to do that story for you guys and several others. We'll just have to see.

Oh, did anyone went to the Oni-con last last Saturday? I spent eighty dollars worth of items. Bought a few mangas and an Atashi plushie (from Chobits). I have a plushie face of Sasuke from last convention, still do. Ah, he's beautiful.

Sqry XDC: Sorry, but I already have a beta. I'm really flattered, but it can never be between us. Maybe in another time, at another place, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow...Ok, a little too dramatic. ;P And you got the riddle right. Congratulations!

Uniasus: Thank you! Thank you for reminding me about Sai's role. That shall be in the sequel. Also Naruto's lunch problem and him fixing everyone will be in the sequel too.

catgrl106: ...hmm, should I be cruel? Should I not tell you the answer and let you suffer? Well, it wasn't in the story and I am nice so I will tell you the answer. Do not be disappointed when you hear this.

Self-Defence Plan (Chapter 6)

Direction: Please read carefully before answering.

1) If it was very dark outside and a man mugged you, what is the first thing you do? ETC.

The answer Naruto wrote was: I will kick his ass. The point of the pop quiz was that you're not supposed to write something that makes you the poor victim. In a successful industry, you're not supposed to back down from whatever challenge thrown at you and a man mugging you is a form of a challenge.That's what Ibiki was trying to tell them...through a very confusing and indirect way. However, please do not start fighting a man if he mugs you. The chances of him pulling out a knife is very high. I'm sorry, but encouraging you to fight is illegal for me. In here.

I know the ending was rather abrupt, but it was something I decided and I didn't want to procrastinate this project any longer. It will continue. A sequel. But not right now. There is many things unanswered, I know, but I do remember telling you guys that if you have any questions about the story, any mysteries unsolved, to tell me so that I can explain it. There's a sequel so no need for that, but still, tell me or I might forget and not put it in the upcoming story, which is a way long off.

Sakura and Ino will be further explored in the sequel and Sasuke, Neji, Gaara, and Sai's problems are not over, but I don't know, at the moment, how I'm going to solve it.

The story is just a conversation panel between Narra (The Narrator) and me (The Author). I wanted to make it interesting, try something new. I'm glad you enjoyed it! High five for me!

I will open up an Author's Alert to answer all questions, concerning any stories. Wow, look at me. I sound all professional. That phrase is probably grammatically incorrect. The Author Alert shall be in the form of a story and updated at the end of every week. There shall be nothing like story stories in it. It will be up only till I start writing again. I want to keep in contact with you guys. I've been a little shy about talking one-on-one recently and this will open up the communication a little bit. It will also keep some of you guys entertained with the funny questions some people will ask.