"What are you writing Takeru?"

A young man with dark hair said as he looked over at his friend. He was a man of the same age with brown hair as well as brown eyes.

There was no reply from the brown-haired boy. He was writing on a piece of paper with a blue pen. He had finished covering the front with a message. A message to a girl.

"Ryo, it's been five years since that day. I've graduated from high school, started working, but there's something missing."

He looked at the letter that he had labored over for some time now. He mentally read over his completed message.

Dear Hikari,

I hope you get this message. I can't physically tell you all that I need to tell you, but this is the

closest that I'll ever get. I'm writing this message five years since the day that you left this world. You

and I stopped the destruction of it, but your leaving has left my world in turmoil. I remember when I

first laid eyes on you. Nothing can erase your beautiful image from my memory. During the first few

days with you, I acted as a teacher and you a student. I tried to teach you about this world, but in the

end you were the one who taught me. It's amazing that you could see such simple things as snow or the

ocean as wonderful and astounding. You've taught me to see the beauty in everything on this planet and

have made me truly grateful to be alive. These written words can't express what I feel towards you. I

doubt that I will ever feel this way about anyone else again. You once told me that I was the one that

gave you your heart. I did not only give you my heart, but also my own. During your time here, I

wanted to give you so much, but I ended up doing so little. You were the one that gave me so much.

You've changed my life completely, and now I look up at the sky. I look at you. I see the new and

brightest star that appeared in the sky the day you left. It shines bright because you are Hikari. You are

light. You came to this world, not to destroy, but to bring me out of the darkness that I lived in. Words

can't express what you mean to me. You have no idea how much I long to see you again. To hear your

soft, gentle voice again would be enough. I realize now that you couldn't have stayed here forever. I

understand that making you stay with me would be selfish. I know that you are needed by others, but

that doesn't make it any easier. I am here only a short time. I hope that when it is finished, I will be able

to see you and tell these things myself. If that is not possible, I know that one day you will return. That

day could be centuries or even eons from now, but know that time cannot move these feelings from my

heart. When that day comes, I will have already left. But by the Grace of God, I hope that you will find

this message.


"You know, Takeru. There is a very small chance that she will find that."

Takeru lifted up a loose floor board placed an envelope inside.

"I know that she's going to come back. I don't know when, but she will be back. This place was the first place on Earth that she could call home. Hopefully, she will remember it and return."

Takeru sighed. Looking up at the brightest star in the sky he thought It might be a one-in-a-million chance,but then again she is one in a million. Fate brought her here once before. Maybe it will again. I love you Hikari.