The nightmare begins anew! Yes, folks, this is indeed the sequal to "Night of the Living Fangirls"!

This is an anime based parody of "Dawn of the Dead". I do not own the rights to DOTD, or any of John A. Romero's works. In fact, I don't own anything, so please don't sue me!

Here's the story. All the fangirls on earth amass and try to glomp every "bishie" in existence. The Survivors band together and try to find a way to escape. Read the first story if you want to. It has little to do with this one, as they take place at the same time. Will your favorite character survive? Or will he be glomped to death by crazed fangirls?

To avoid confusion, here's some setting info.

Setting: Leaf Village Mall. Midnight.

Story: Fangirls are killing all the "hawt" anime guys.


Naruto: Miato Gai, Shikamaru Nara, Zabuza Momochi, Haku.

Bleach: Ichimaru Gin, Hitsugaya Toshiro.

Devil May Cry: Dante.

Final Fantasy: Sephiroth, Cloud Strife, Vincent Valentine.

Um... Yeah... That's all for now! Other characters will show up as the story progresses. And maybe even a guest Author or two will show up. Maybe...

Copyrights: I don't own Dawn of the Dead, Naruto, Bleach, Devil May Cry, or Final Fantasy. So don't sue me, please!

Anyway, here's the first chapter. Enjoy!

Running. Running was not something Shikamaru liked to do. And yet here he was, doing it. Of course, he had a good reason to run. There was a mob of crazed fangirls chasing him, intent on glomping him to death, and he did not feel like dying in such a manner. It seemed painfull, and pain was troublesome. For some reason, it seemed that all the fangirls in the world had decided to attack at once. And boy, were there a lot of them. Hundreds upon thousands of them, in fact. There was no way to fight them, either. Shikamaru had watched his best friend Choji try to fight them off, only to be swarmed and defeated by the sheer number of them. His friend's screams of terror and agony would haunt him for the rest of his life. Now Shikamaru was running for his life, lost in the now desolate Leaf Village in the middle of the night. There were no other people in sight. Not any men, at least.

Shikamaru was starting to grow tired. He wasn't used to running for so long or for such long distances. "I guess... I lost 'em... for now..." he panted as he staggered forward. His legs suddenly gave out from beneath him, and he found himself on his hands and knees gasping for breath. "Too tired... to go on... gotta rest..."

"THERE HE IS!!!" a shrill voice suddenly screeched. Shikamaru looked up to see several fangirls running towards him, their eyes glowing red and a creepy smile on their face. Arms outstretched, they raced forward, intent on glomping the life from him. "SHIKAMARUUUUU!!!!"

"What a drag..." Shikamaru sighed. He was too tired to flee. All he could do was sit there, be lazy, and wait to die.

"DYNAMIC ENTRY!!!!" a loud voice boomed. Out of nowhere, a blur of green and orange zoomed over Shikamaru and collided with the fangirls, killing them all instantly. When the dust cleared, Shikamaru found himself staring at the man who'd just saved his life: Gai Sensei. "How's Youth treatin' ya, Shikamaru?" Gai asked, striking a funky pose.

"Its being a bit troublesome..." Shikamaru grumbled. Great. First fangirls, now Gai Sensei. Why must life be so troublesome?

"I'm sorry to hear that! But lets skip to the chase! The fangirls are everywhere, and there are only a few places left to hide! Come with me if you want to live!" Gai flashed a heroic smirk and held out his hand.

"Um..." Shikamaru stared at the psychotic teacher. Do I REALLY want to go with him?


Apparently the answer had been yes. Not long afterwards, Shikamaru found himself standing the food court of the Leaf Village Mall. Gai had managed to lead him there safely, avoiding the thousands of fangirls that now populated the streets of Konoha. Amazingly, they had not managed to get into the mall. But several other people had, and Shikamaru couldn't help but consider them stranger than the fangirls. "Soooo... Who are you guys?"

"I'm Zabuza, of the Village Hidden in the Mist," a tall and lanky man replied. He had a bandaged face, no shirt, and a 9-foot long sword resting on his shoulder. "And this is Haku," he gestured towards the silent white-masked and green-robed ninja standing next to him.

"Didn't Kakashi kill you two?" Gai arched a bushy eyebrow at the pair.

"Kakashi probably over-exadurated the story..." Zabuza shrugged. "I've heard he's a bit of a liar..."

"And you are?" Shikamaru turned towards the white-haired and red-coated man sitting at a table eating a whole pizza by himself. He'd already eaten half of it, and he was starting on slice number 5 when he was suddenly interupted.

"Me?" the man looked up from his pizza and stared at Shikamaru with piercing blue eyes. "The name's Dante. I'm a demon hunter. Now let me finish my pizza..."

"A demon hunter, you say?" Gai scoffed. "And what exactly do you hunt them with?"

"These..." Dante sighed, annoyed at the fact that he couldn't finish his freaking pizza. Reaching into his red jacket, he pulled out two freakishly huge handguns, one black, one white. " Ebony and Ivory. And of course, the sword on my back..." Sure enough, there was a 5-foot long sword strapped to his back.

"Why didn't I notice that sword before?" Gai mused to himself.

"Mine's bigger..." Zabuza muttered.

"Mine's better..." Dante coughed.

"And who are you guys?" Shikamaru turned towards the other people standing around.

"The name is Gin Ichimaru!" a white-haired and black-robed fellow bowed in a mannerly fashion. He was wearing a white jacket, had a small sword strapped to his waist, and for some odd reason had his eyes closed at all times. "I am a Soul Reaper, and Captain of Squad 3!"

"And I am Toshiro Hitsugaya," replied a young white-haired boy in the same garb as Gin. "I am also a Soul Reaper, and Captain of Squad 10!"

"Yeaaaahhh..." Shikamaru stared at the two Soul Reapers, whatever the heck those were. "Whatever..."

"What's a Soul Reaper?" Gai arched another bushy eyebrow.

"Something of a Grim Reaper. We take your souls to heaven for eternal happyness, or send them straight to Hell to burn forever. Does that make sense?" Gin smirked.

"Works for me..." Gai shrugged.

"And who are you three?" Shikamaru turned towards the remaining three men.

"My name is Sephiroth," replied a tall and scary looking man with long white hair, black clothes, and a huge katana resting on his shoulder. "And I kill people."

"The name's Cloud Strife," replied a blonde-haired and blue-garbed man next to him, who also had a large sword resting on his shoulder. "I try to kill him."

What's with all the people with freakishly huge swords? Shikamaru thought to himself. "Okay, last person. Who are you?"

"Vincent Valentine," replied a dark-haired and red-clad man. An awkward silence followed.

"And what do you do?" Gai once again arched a bushy eyebrow.

"None of your business..." Vincent replied calmly.

"Okaaaayyy..." Shikamaru backed away slightly from the last 3 people. Remind me to nominate those guys for the Mr. Happy Sunshine award...

"So!" Gai suddenly clapped his hands together. "Anybody got any ideas on how to escape?"

"Escape?" It was Shikamaru's turn to arch an eyebrow. "From what?"

"From here! We're trapped by thousands of fangirls inside of a mall!"

"And I can't think of any better place to be," Zabuza shrugged. "We're relatively safe in here."

"Indeed," Gin nodded in agreement. "No fangirls. Plenty of supplies. Ample hiding places."

"And lots of pizza," Dante added as he tried to chew on a whole slice of pizza at once. "Gah!" he gasped once he finally got it down. "Yeah, I'm up for staying here... All else in favor, raise your hand!"

Everyone raised their hand, even Gai. "Alright, I understand. We'll stay here..." he relented. "But for how long?"

"Until the fangirls get in, I suppose..." Shikamaru shrugged.

"And how long until then?" Cloud asked.

"Ummmm..." Dante looked across the food court at the entrance of the mall. The doors were locked, and several benches and tables had been piled up to barricade them shut. It seemed to be doing a good job of holding back the fangirls, which were pressing against the doors en masse. As far as the eye could see, fangirls were marching towards the mall, almost like zombies. "Hmmm..." Dante scratched his chin. "Yah, I'd say we've still got awhile..."

"Great!" Gai exclaimed happily. "How long is awhile?"

"15 minutes!" Dante grinned, flipping the safety off of his two guns before returning to his beloved snack. "Now let me eat my friggin' pizza!"

And there you have it. The first chapter in my newest work of madness. Will the Survivors fall prey to the fangirls? Or will they survive their encounters with pure evil? And how many other survivors are there? Will any more show up? Only time will tell the answers to all of these questions...

Thanks for reading this story! I hope you enjoyed it! Now be nice and review it, please!

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