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Chapter One

Joey Wheeler and Seto Kaiba have been married for over three years now, and at times Joey feels like Seto doesn't want to be with him and it is tearing Joey up. One time Joey can remember was when he had asked Seto if they could have a party for all their friends and all Seto did was ignore him. When Joey asked again, Seto looked at him like he was so angry that Joey just left and went home.

" Does he still feel the same and is the magic still there, or has it finally disappeared?" Joey asked himself.

When he got home he went to their room and sat down and wrote Seto a note and put it in an envelope and put it on Seto's pillow packed a few things and left through the back entrance so that no one would see him and call Seto and they'd just have another argument like so many others. Joey had enough money from when he use to work that he bought a plane ticked to the first place he thought of and left. Would it be forever? That was up to Seto and what was in that letter.

Seto got home that night after eleven and went to get something to eat. That's strange I wonder where Joey is he said to himself. He shrugged his shoulders and went back to fixing himself a sandwich and got a glass of milk and sat down to eat. That's when Mokie ran into the room out of breath. "Seto! Joey's gone." Mokie all but yelled at his brother.

Seto nearly choked on his sandwich and he finally stopped coughing long enough to ask "how do you know?"

Mokie handed his brother the envelope and when Seto saw Joey's handwriting on it, he opened the envelope and as he read what Joey had written tears ran down his face and he looked at Mokuba with a blank look and then he finally said "Joey's left me." Then Seto passed out and hit the floor.

Mokie ran to his brother and he saw that Seto's head was bleeding and he ran to the phone and called Roland "come quick please, Seto has fallen and hit his head on the floor and there's blood."

Roland ran all the way to the kitchen in his pajamas and as he knelt beside Seto's body he said "Mokie call 911 and get someone out here. Your brother needs stitches and go get Joey." Mokie had tears in his eyes as he told Roland "Joey's gone that's why Seto passed out, he was reading that letter that Joey wrote." Roland picked up the letter and this is what Joey wrote:


I can't take anymore of this, I have to leave for awhile and figure out if we're going to be together anymore. You never talk to me anymore, and when I ask you something you look at me as if I'm not even there. I know that you're an important Businessman, but we're married and I thought that meant something to you, but lately I've begun to have my doubts. Don't try to find me, I'll be in touch with you soon and we can discuss if we are still married or not.

Joseph Wheeler.

Roland had tears in his eyes and he whispered "oh, Seto what have you done now?" The Ambulance came and they rushed Seto to the hospital with Roland and Mokie following in the Jeep.

Mokie wondered to himself "how do we let Joey know if anything is wrong with Seto?"

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