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Chapter Nineteen

It's been eight years now and Shannon has passed the Bar Examine and is now a full fledged Attorney and is working for Pegasus handling all the legal affairs at the Orphanage, and Shawn still has one year of Residence to go till he is a Doctor of Pediatric Medicine. He plans on accepting an offer from Pegasus to open his own Office in Domino and also go to the Orphanage and treat the children who are sick

Seto and Joey are a little older and a little grayer but they couldn't be more proud of their children then they are now. Today both Shannon and Shawn came to them and wanted to know about their birth parents and with tears in their eyes Seto and Joey told them what happened and Shannon and Shawn went to their parents and together they cried healing tears.

Roland and Helga are still working at the Manor, and they have gotten married and are enjoying the life as husband and wife, which kind of freaks Seto and Joey out knowing that they are probably having sex.

Shannon is engaged to a very nice young man, his name is Barry Thompson, she met him in College and they are waiting to get married till he has completed his residency at the County Hospital. Barry is going to be an Emergency Room Doctor. Seto and Joey really like him and are so excited for them.

Shawn has met a very nice young woman, her name is Theresa Peterson and they are dating. They want to get married only after they have known each other for a few months.

So from a very rocky beginning, Seto and Joey have had a very fruitful life. They got back together, adopted two very special children, raise and loved them and taught them the values that they are using today. Now they are relaxing and loving the quiet for now, because they know that in a few months that quiet will become very noisy as soon as their newest members to the Kaiba Clan comes to live there. They are adopting a girl and boy and they are both around six years old. Beverly Sue and Anthony Michael are their names and they are the first of many children that Seto and Joey adopt and bring into their home and raise to adulthood.

Oh, yes and the sound of grandchildren running through the Manor.

The End...

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