"Ichi-nii, I just noticed something."

Ichigo looked up from his manga, sprawled across the sitting-room couch, Karin sitting in front of the TV, an episode of Bleach playing on the screen.

"Yeah?" Ichigo questioned, sipping his cup of iced coffee.

"You've got a thing for little girls."

Said iced coffee then showered the couch in front of Ichigo and the carpet around it.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" choked our favorite little strawberry-kun.

"It's true," stated Karin with a deadpan expression. She then elaborated in answering to her older brother's shellshocked appearance.

"You look after me and Yuzu all the time, and it's affected the way you act around other young girls. Like that Rinrin, who you looked after in the filler arc, and Nel in the recent manga chapters."

Ichigo still didn't understand, but when Yuzu appeared apparently out of nowhere in front of him, all he could do was topple backwards off the arm of the couch with what sounded like a "GHARK?!"

((END. Drabbles rock, yo! And anyway, it's true! I've noticed it! Ichigo has a soft-spot for young girls! I think it's rather sweet, don't you? These drabbles are all crack. Not to be taken seriously.))