Spicks & Specks

Yuffie cackled, and Kairi gaped, a slow smile spreading across her pretty features as she stared at the television screen.

"They actually kissed," she stated in a moment of revelation, turning to her exchange friend for support. Yuffie in turn simply nodded and grinned, eyes flickering between her excited friend and the television set.

"That they did," the ninja said sagely. "Now, keep watching, Kairi. Watch and learn."

Kairi spun quickly and resumed her intent expression as the tiny figures on the screen moved. Mere moments later, she gasped and twisted to face Yuffie yet again. "They kissed again!" She squealed. "But this time it wasn't that blond guy – it was, it was that host and the comedian guy!"

"Adam and Hamish," Yuffie informed her, feeling giddily proud of herself. She paused the tape and rewound quickly, watching the events run backwards for a little. "Isn't it cute?"

"Yes! Yes! Oh my god, a thousand times yes!" The redhead was over the moon, by the looks of things. Yuffie smirked to herself. It was a job well done. As Kairi rambled on and on about how much better it must be in Yuffie's country than her own, Yuffie thought, long and hard. Now it was time to spring the final surprise.

"Not as cute as two girls kissing," she told her with a giggle.

Kairi looked scandalized. "You've got that on here too?!" She gasped, violet eyes wide with shock. "Your country really lets loose, doesn't it?"

"Well, no." The ninja explained, shaking black bangs from her eyes. "But…"

She leaned in and kissed the girl softly on the lips. "I can still make it happen," she told the stunned girl smugly.

Want to watch the actual clip? On youtube, search 'spicks and specks kiss'. It works. I know it does. Best video ever. Yaaaay for Australian comedy shows.

Well, I really wanted to write a kairixyuffie. And for some reason, the video from last night popped into my head, and I figured I'd incorporate that. And from there I figured I'd stick in part at least of our conversation while I'm at it, so there you have it. For Zanisha. Not that I'd ever kiss you, my pretty panda. Of course not. And I've always been bad at lying. Oh, and at flirtatious talk, too. :P