Summer Fling

By: FallenAngel92

Summary: Four Girls, Four Guys, One Summer One house…is it love or just a summer fling[NT SS IS NH

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Prologue Part I

"Now remember, Hinata", said the middle-aged-white-eyed woman, "We won't be back until one day before school starts, so we left a reasonable amount of money for school supplies and clothes."

"And Neji here-", the white-eyed man motioned toward her silent cousin, "-will let no harm become of you."

"Yes, mother, father" replied Hinata.

Her father chuckled before turning serious, "Both of you are only allowed to invite 6 friends; three for Hinata and three for Neji".

"Hai" Hinata bowed while Neji nodded his head.

"Very well then, goodbye, we'll be back in two or so months", Hinata's Father smiled and waved before grabbing his wife's hand and dragging her down the walk way.

A Stage coach hooked to a really big black horse sat at the end of the walk way. The horse whinnied and threw his head up.

"Goodbye! Be good! I'll call you! Live above the influence! No fighting..." desperately yelled Hinata's mother. Her husband struggled to put her inside the stage coach.

After successfully pushing her in the door he turned and gave them a serious look, "Now, we fully trust you two. If anything bad goes wrong we'll come straight home and you won't even get to go train without an escort. You have out trust, use it wisely."

The seriousness faded and he gave Hinata a smile, "Goodbye my daughter".

He turned to Neji, giving him an anything-happens-to-my-daughter-you'll-be-sorry look, "Neji".

Neji nodded his head understanding what he meant, "Hn".

Hinata started waving, "Goodbye, Mother, Father!"

Neji's uncle nodded and stepped in the stage coach, shutting the door.

Hinata sighed, "I never thought they'd leave, I mean, we said goodbye 3 times".

Hinata turned to look at Neji only to see no one standing there, she sweat dropped, what a jerk! After 5 years I think he still hates me! He needs to get over the whole Main Branch thing! I'm 17 years old now and I go to a respected private academy for gifted and talented girls! I demand some respect!!!!

Hinata punched her fist in the sky, and walked in to the house with the intension of putting Neji in his place.

She entered the main room where he sat on a mat reading a book, "Neji!"

"What?" He sent her an icy glare that left her mind blank.

"O-oh, n-nothing N-N-Neji- san", Hinata's voice was low and she looked at the floor. I HATE how he makes me feel so insignificant! I feel like a scowled puppy! Only he can make me stutter like that, I only stutter when I get nervous and I thought I had grown out of it.

Hinata giggled, drawing Neji's attention to her, "Something funny?" he snapped.

"I-I w-was just thinking of how old habits die hard", she was happy to stop stuttering.

"Hn", was his only reply.

Well isn't he a talkative person! Thought Hinata, "Who did you invite?"

Hinata settled herself across from him on the mat, he still hadn't answered her.

"Some boys from G.T.B.N.A." was his reply.

"Oh that's right you're our brother school, how silly of me to forget" Hinata mentally slapped herself.

I go to G.T.G.N.A. The only difference is all the people in my academy, including staff, are females. There is a wide range of ages, but It doesn't matter, you get put in a class with people on the same level as you. But there are usually a lot of people in one class so they put us into teams. They're four students and they have to depend on each other. That's how I met Tenten, Sakura and Ino. As it so happens we're the top team in our class. And this upcoming year is our last at Gifted & Talented Girls Ninja Academy.

"Who did you invite?" asked Neji as he snapped Hinata from her thoughts.

Its not because I care who's coming, thought Neji, I just want to know, yea, that's all.

Hinata thought for a moment, she could be an ass like him and say "Some girls from G.T.G.N.A." But she was a young adult and a mature one, so she answered him.

"Haruno Sakura, Yamanaka Ino, and Keisuke Tenten."


Hinata rolled her eyes, "What time are your friends coming over?"

"They were told to be here before 4:15, today" he replied.

Hinata's jaw went slack and her month fell open.

This is not good!


"…she told him, "IT'S OVER!"" Ino finished her daily gossip update.

Sakura gasped, "She told Itachi, and it was over?"

"Yep!" exclaimed Ino, "I have a reliable source!"

Tenten gave her an I-don't-believe-you look, "And who would that be?"

"I was sworn never to tell!" whined Ino.

Tenten rolled her eyes, "You tell us everything anyway!"

Ino sighed, "Well I guess it couldn't hurt…"

Tenten, Hinata, and Sakura scooted in closer to Ino. Every morning before the academy's bell rang they would meet in front of the water fountain for daily gossip updates or if someone needed a 5 minute makeover.

"My sister, Dakita saw the whole thing"

Everyone gasped and their mouths hung open. None said anything for a minute that seemed to last forever.

'I should have kept my big mouth shut', thought Ino.

'But Dakita likes Itachi…'wondered Hinata.

'Oh fuck…this just complicates things even worse' thought Tenten.

'Cha! More gossip!' Inner Sakura yelled.

Sakura was first to speak, "How?!" she demanded.

Ino snorted, "How do you think? She's ANBU; she was elected 'Best Spy' in her class two years ago."

Yamanaka Dakita graduated for the academy two years ago and was assigned to ANBU immediately after. Ino, being 17 is 3 years younger than Dakita, who is now 20. She has blonde hair like Ino's, but instead her hair is golden blonde, while Ino's is platinum blonde. She and her younger sister also have one big difference, in appearance that is, while Ino has light blue eyes, Dakita has dark green. They both wear their hair in a ponytail but Ino only has one bang that covers her right eye, Dakita has two bangs, one above each eye.

Everyone in Asia probably knows about her nine year crush on Itachi that's still flows strong to this day.

"Sooo she was spying on Itachi and his now ex-girlfriend?" asked Hinata.

Ino nodded before changing the subject of her sister, "You haven't spoken all day Hinata, what's up with you?"

Hinata blushed trying to avoid asking them when she didn't have a plan B thought of yet, "Well, I've just…um…had something on my mind…hehe"

"Hinata…"Ino warned.

"What are friends for?" asked Sakura

"Come on, tell us what's bothering you", Tenten's brown eyes were full of concern.

Hinata's blush grew a deeper shade of pink, "WellmyparentsaregoingawayonavacatationandIwaswonderingifyouallwantedtocomeovermyhouse".

Sakura and Ino exchanged confused looks while Tenten tried to piece together what she had said.

Ino, Sakura, and Tenten all sighed. From being around each other so many years they often thought the same things. 'Shy as ever, I see'.

"Say what...?" all three of them asked in unison.

Hinata knew this was coming. She probably didn't have anything to worry about but she had always had a HUGE fear of rejection.

"My parents are going away on a vacation and I was wondering if you all wanted to come over my house?"

Hinata sighed, 'thank god its over', she looked at each of their faces and felt nauseous. But relief flooded her as each one of them smiled.

"How long will your parents be gone?" asked Sakura.

"All summer" answered Hinata.

"And how long can we stay?" questioned Ino.

"All summer" Hinata watched their entire mouths drop, one by one, so she quickly added, "If you want to that is, you can leave when you feel the need to".

Hinata saw a mischievous gleam in Sakura and Ino's eyes as they exchanged glances.

"Will your cousin, Neji be there?" slyly asked Sakura.

Tenten's eyes twitched in annoyance will Hinata gave Sakura a disapproving look.

But before Hinata could respond Tenten snapped, "Duh, he LIVES there". Tenten put her arms over her chest and frowned.

Ino fired back, "Ohk grumpy buns", Ino playfully swatted Tenten's hair buns. Tenten's frowning face broke into a smile and punched Ino in the arm.

"How can I stay mad at you?" stated Tenten while Ino rubbed her upper arm.

"I'm in!" yelled Sakura, "I have nothing better to do this summer anyways!"

"Me too" agreed Tenten, "All I had to do is train and I chose Hinata's relaxing pool any day."

Ino thought for a moment, "I don't know, I mean who'll watch my flower shop?"

"Get Dakita to do it" answered Sakura.

"I don't know…"replied Ino.

"Neji gets to invite three guys over from G.T.B.N.A." quickly answered Hinata. Upon hearing this, Sakura felt light headed and the edges of her vision grew dark, she heard Ino say something but she couldn't hear it.

She felt her eyes rolling into the back of her head while she whispered a name, "Sasuke…" Then darkness came.

Ino had just finished screaming "I'LL BE THERE!" when Sakura mumbled, "Sasuke", and fell backwards.

Sakura had fainted.

Tenten jumped for Sakura and grabbed her bridal style before laying her on the ground.

"What's with her?" asked Ino.

"It seems Sakura has fainted" answered Hinata.

Tenten yelled, successfully scaring Hinata and Ino, "WATER!"

Ino and Hinata jumped and ran for the fountain. They both cupped their hands and let the water fill up in their palms. Hinata's hands filled up first and ran back to Tenten and Sakura, with Ino right behind her.

"Here" breathed out Hinata.

"Throw it on her face" instructed Tenten.

They did as they were told and emptied their handfuls of water right above Sakura's face. Sakura coughed and began rubbing her eyes.

"What happened and why am I wet?" asked a confused Sakura. After explaining the incident Tenten asked if she would be alright. Feeling way better than before she nodded her head and stood on shaky legs. She reached her hand out to the sitting Tenten who gladly took it.

With everyone okay and standing in a group again Tenten asked, "What time can we come over?"

Hinata thought for a moment before answering, "About 4:15, one week after the academy lets us out. With that work for you guys?"

Everyone nodded and Ino asked something that plagued her mind, "Sakura", Ino watched Sakura focus her attention on herself before continuing, "When you fainted you said 'Sasuke' right before, what's up with that?"

Sakura wanted to crawl in a hole but all she could do was blush, "Well, I-"

Sakura was cut off by a loud ringing noise.

'Thank you god!' happily thought Sakura, 'Saved by the bell!'

Ino, Tenten, and Hinata gave her a you-are-not-off-the-hook look before walking inside the building.

End of Flashback

"Fuck" mumbled Hinata before her eyes rolled in the back of her head.

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