Hidan shifted, trying to get comfortable despite his arms being twisted behind his back and his hands pressing hard against his weight, feeling exposed, and too vulnerable, yes, he was definitely left too open for this to work. He pulled against his binds and squinted against the cloth covering his eyes, his voice hiding any insecurity. "Oi, asshole, I changed my mind-- fuck, untie me, you bastard, my wrists are really starting to fucking hurt."

"But you promised, Hidan," the disembodied voice replied, a hint of a smug smile behind its tone. Hidan felt a rough tug and he hissed, a protest dying in his throat.

Another jerk, this one rougher than the last, which was quickly followed by another, and another, and Hidan bit back a cry as he desperately clung to his last shreds of self-control. "Bastard, bastard, if you... you think that this is just going to make me s-- oh. Ah-- dammit, hate you, hate you so fucking much..."

"You should see yourself..." The smug tone was undeniable now-- it was infuriating. Hidan wanted to punch him, hurt him, anything to relieve the friction. "Just begging to be fucked..."

"Hm." Kakuzu watched him pant and struggle to pull free from the rope around his wrists, writhing as he was rewarded with a harder grip. "Tell me, what do you want me to do to you?"

"Don't... don't ask stupid questions. You know what I want." He almost groaned in disappointment when Kakuzu's hand loosened and touched him softly before removing itself completely.

"No, I don't. Remind me, or would you rather have me leave you like this?"

"Fuck you, bastard..." Hidan panted again, trying to imagine Kakuzu's face, smiling in his small victory. He felt a strange thankfulness for his blindfold-- it was a block against his partner's pleased expression, providing a cold comfort and easing the pain of his humiliation. "F-fine... fuck me, make me bleed, just hurry up."

And then he was taken with as little mercy as Kakuzu showed anyone, and it still wasn't enough, not until Kakuzu's fingers pressed into his hips hard enough to leave bruises the next day, teeth clamping down on his shoulder, his threads piercing his skin just so. Hidan came hard, moaning, moaning, moaning, praising and cursing Kakuzu's name in the same labored breaths.

AN: Okay, this is complete PWP, but I'm fairly certain it's still allowed since it's not graphic at all. This was written for a friend and I was going to just let it rot in my hard-drive after showing her, but she convinced me to post it at a few places, and since LJ had a good response, I thought I'd show it here. akdjfk but I think this only shows that I can't write porn.

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