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Ginji's POV

I'm not a greedy person. Really, I'm not. I don't ask much of life. Well… maybe some more food. But that's beside the question.

I'm not greedy, but I'm rather… overprotective over one thing. Can you guys guess?



I'm overprotective over him. Yeah, him. You wanna know who it is? He's my saviour, my angel. He's my life and I won't be me without him.

Ban. Midou Ban. Have you ever lost yourself in someone's eyes? I have. I drowned in Ban-chan's eyes long ago. That cold glare he gives everyone seems to change when I look at him.

Shido and Kazu-chan asked me more than one time why I stay with him. Why I stay with the demon? Well, demons are good at capturing your heart. He caught mine, and he doesn't plan to let it go. I don't plan to leave him either.

It's not because of the 's'. Sure, without each other we wouldn't be Getbackers but I don't wanna leave him ever. I said before that I drowned in his eyes. That's true. I looked at them and they seemed to drag me in. I was left gasping for breath and I stared in wonder at him. That was the first time I told myself that I was in love with the devil.

I lost count now how many times I've said that. Everything about him; I want it. I crave it. I want him all for myself. I know, that's greed. But if I would be really greedy I wouldn't let him meet other people; I would keep him for myself. I would lock him up, hide him from display. But I'm not a greedy person in my actions; in my mind I'm the greediest person you can find but I keep that information for myself.

Shido says I'm crazy. Crazy for staying with Ban-chan. I just smile at him and say that then I'm crazy. I rather be crazy than unhappy.

Kazu-chan asks me every time he sees me if Ban-chan treats me good. Ban-chan seems rather uncaring about me in public, cold and emotionless; unable to reach but that's just a mask. Ban-chan is good at hiding himself. I remember one time I was hurt pretty good. When I woke up, Ban-chan was… crying. He was crying and when he saw me wake up, he began sobbing while telling me how sorry he was. I don't wanna see that again.

Ban-chan looked so young at that time, like a child trapped in an adult's body. I remember hugging him. I remember saying that I love him, and it's not his fault I got hurt. I remember his sweet lips on my forehead and his rough voice saying 'thank you'.

I'm not a greedy person in my actions. Not at least so I let it be seen. But I know I'm fooling myself if I say I'm completely without greed. Same thing with Ban-chan. But that's alright; as long as we are together, there's nothing wrong with a little greed.


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