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Chapter 1

Draco Malfoy walked down the street dodging muggles on his way to Diagon Alley. True he was invisible due to the sunlight, but it wouldn't do to be smashing into muggles like bumper cars in the middle of the afternoon on the sidewalk. Very un-Malfoy. Well, being a vampire wasn't exactly Malfoy like either, as he in no way looked dark or dangerous unless he was in his true form, but he was the last Malfoy, and had been for a few hundred years now so he supposed Malfoy and un-Malfoy like behavior didn't matter.

Damning his father to the bowels of hell he was no doubt burning in at this very moment for instilling all that Malfoy nonsense so deep in his psyche that to this day he still thought of such frivolous matters. Very un-Mal-DAMMIT! He had to quit thinking like that.

Finally reaching Diagon Alley, Draco immediately began searching for prey. Sure, he could've very easily bagged himself a muggle, but he was in the mood for magic blood, and in the hundreds of years of Draco always getting his way, nothing had changed. Draco got what Draco wanted.

Breathing deeply through his aristocratic nose he tested the air for any delectable scents. No one's blood here was very appealing to him. The wizards blood in this area was like champagne, but Draco was in the mood for a rich, robust wine.

Dodging through the witches and wizards just as he had with the muggles, he made his way to the Leaky Cauldron to haunt his favorite corner. It was perfect. It gave him a choice view over the pub so he could see who's blood it was that he was smelling. Surely the wine that he was looking for would pass through here sometime tonight. They usually did, now all Draco had to do was hunker down and wait.

He wasn't particularly hungry tonight, so most likely he wouldn't drain his chosen one dry, but he had to be careful all the same. In no way did Draco want to 'father' anymore of his own kind. The last thing he wanted was a freshly turned 'pup' following him around and asking a million questions on how to be a proper vampire. Ugh, the thought made his nose wrinkle in disgust when he remembered that he had been that way himself at one time. Shaking his head in hopes of dispelling those unwanted thoughts, he went back to the task at hand. Dinner.

Draco was unsure how many hours had passed with him in his corner smelling each individual that walked or stumbled through the door. So far, a big zero of wines had come in. All he got was a lot of cheap ale. Pitiful really. Now Draco would have to settle, which made him frustrated. He was so looking forward to something better than the usual crimson slime he slurped down night after night.

Wonderful, now he was frustrated and could feel his fangs beginning to protrude in anger. Someone was going to be drained dry tonight...

Draco began stripping himself of his jacket as he entered the remains of what was once a lavish manor. It was no Malfoy manor by any means and never would be, his old home having been torn down and replaced by whatever monstrosity of a building was there now. Draco never bothered to go back, and so therefore no longer cared what was standing on his family's land. Or, at least, so he told himself.

Not liking too much to think of the past as it brought up too many memories, he'd rather very much like to forget, Draco instead preferred to just live his dull, dreary life day to day. He couldn't imagine why some people actually sought out immortality as life after awhile, he had found, became rather boring. Sure, he had learned quite a lot, and had gotten to do many things one normally wouldn't have time for, but it all lost its meaning somewhere. Eventually, Draco could only wonder, "What's the point?"

He was alone and had no one to tell of the things he had learned or what he had done, so eventually he stopped and began taking things one day at a time, because really, what else was there for him to do?

The only thing he wanted to learn, was whether or not, since becoming a vampire, there was an afterlife for him. However, Draco knew he was much too cowardly to figure it out for himself. His life might be dull and boring, but dammit it was his.

Sighing deeply and settling back on the well worn sofa, he placed his forearm over his eyes in hopes of getting some rest. Trying not to let his mind wander back in the past, he thought of where he would go and what he would do tomorrow before he fell into an uncomfortable sleep...

'Fina...fou...' a familiar voice whispered softly.

Draco found himself walking through a heavy mist. So heavy in fact, it felt like he was wearing an extra layer

of clothing. Putting his hands in front of him, he parted them and watched in fascination as the mist parted

with them, creating a doorway.

'Finally...foun...' the voice almost sang.

Peering through the doorway created by his hands, Draco craned his neck, listening for the voice as he could

swear it was coming from within. It was pitch dark inside the doorway, but Draco thought he saw a pinprick

of light far off in the distance.

'Finally found...yo..' the voice faded in and out.

Eyebrows furrowing together, Draco stuck his head through the door hoping to hear more of that hypnotizing

voice. Where had he heard it before? It was so familiar...

'Finally found you...Co...'

Stepping full into the dark doorway, Draco's senses were on high. Being a vampire definitely had its perks,

but even with heightened senses, he felt nothing but darkness draping over him.

'Come...find...me...' the voice seemed to be getting stronger.

There it was, that pinpoint of light. Deciding nothing seemed more logical than to find its source, Draco did.

Beginning his trek, the voice rang throughout his head, haunting him. He was so close to figuring it out he

could feel it on the edge of his brain, ready to fall, but it clung there selfishly, not willing to give itself over to



Draco began running. He knew, he didn't know how he knew, but he felt, somewhere deep inside him that

what he was looking for-the thing he wanted most in the world-was within that light. He could hear his

labored breathing echoing around him, which was odd, because as a vampire he didn't need to breathe. A

run like this should be nothing more to him than a short walk. It was almost like he was...human again.


The light was getting ever the more closer. When Draco could feel his heart beating steadily inside his chest

from anxiousness, he knew he was human. He had to get to that light! His whole being screamed at him to

go faster.

'Please...hurry...' the voice sadly called.

"I'm coming! Please wait!" Draco cried out, to whom he still didn't know. He was running full strength now.

Just a little further...

'Please...' the voice pleaded, almost in a sob.

Draco was so close he began reaching his hand out, wanting, needing to feel the voices presence. Tears

streamed down his face as he slowly came to a realization. The light washed over him as he stepped from

the dark and over to the threshold of light. His breath ragged, eyes wide in case he might miss him. Falling

to his knees, he held his arms out wide when he saw the most beautifully wholesome pair of green eyes...

'Draco...find me...'

"HARRY!" Draco screamed as he sat straight up, back rigid and arm stretched out, reaching. Covering his face with his hands, he could hear his voice screaming Harry's name echoing back at him as he sobbed without tears.

Draco was in a completely foul mood today. Last nights dream did not allow him to fall back asleep as he kept seeing those emerald eyes every time he closed his. Sleep with that problem was impossible.

Looking in the mirror, Draco saw nothing. He hadn't seen his face since he had turned, which was horrible for him. How was he to know whether or not he looked like perfection unless he could see himself? How was he to tell whether or not every hair was placed perfectly on his head? Draco's solution to this problem was to only go out in the day when the sunlight made him invisible to human eyes. Even the witches and wizards couldn't see him, which suited him just fine.

Right now he was sure his hair was mussed and dark circles were taking over underneath his eyes. Dreadful, just dreadful. This thinking didn't put him in any better of a mood.

'Draco...find me...'

Harry's voice continued to haunt him. Running a hand down his face and sighing, he realized that it had been nearly fifty years since he had dreamed of Harry, and that none of his previous dreams struck him through to the core like this one had. He'd also never seen Harry in any of his other dreams-he'd always been searching for him. Harry's eyes wouldn't leave him alone either. Draco hadn't seen them in so long...but he never forgot how beautiful they were...

All these thoughts of Harry made him once again regret they way he had left him. Being turned into a vampire had made Draco come to the conclusion that the popular boy-who-lived deserved better than a parasite who fed off others. He knew Harry would be judged for the rest of his life for being with him, and even more so since being turned, so he vanished without so much as a good-bye.

He had watched Harry's forlorn figure for years from the shadows after he left, but soon the sight of him began to cause too much pain and Draco decided to try and forget the whole of his human life altogether. It had taken a good many years for Draco to assimilate, but somehow he had done it.

Draco was driving himself insane with these thoughts. He swore to himself long ago that he wouldn't indulge in thoughts of the past. He had to get out, find something to take him mind off everything...