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It was an average day in Konoha. The village had been low on missions since most of the five nations were now enjoying a peaceful existence and the majority of the missing-nin in the bingo book were either caught or on the run. The rookie nine and team Gai were bored, having nothing to do on yet another day off.

"I HATE this!" yelled a frustrated yellow haired loud mouth.

"NARUTO!" Sakura yelled as she hit the boy in question over the head. (A/N: don't worry, she didn't hit him that hard).

"Ow!" Naruto rubbed his head "Sakura-chan! Why did you do that?"

"Because you're too loud, Dobe!" Sasuke replied for his pink haired teammate (A/N: if there is peace, we're running on the assumption that Orochimaru is dead and so are the Akatsuki and Sasuke is back).

"We're all bored, Naruto" stated Tenten.

"Hn." Neji grunted his agreement.

"SO?" yelled Naruto.

"So you don't have to yell Naruto." The ever intelligent Shikamaru replied.



"NEJIIIIIII!" Lee screeched as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Hn." Neji remained unmoved.

"W-w-we're here" a shy Hinata voiced.

The group had arrived at the brand new Ichiraku restaurant. The owner of Naruto's favorite ramen stand had finally taken the blond boy's suggestion and moved from his small stand to a big restaurant on the main streets of Konoha. The grand opening had been a month earlier and it had become an instant success.

"Let's order then!" Kiba exclaimed as he hurried the young Hyuga heir into the restaurant, followed shortly after by the rest of their group, except for Choji who was already sitting down and ready to eat.


"That was great!" exclaimed Naruto.

"It sure was." agreed Choji.

"Ahhhhh… I ate too much." complained a blond kunoichi, as the group walked out of the restaurant.

"What are you talking about, you only ate one bowl… and you didn't even finish it!" exclaimed Tenten.

"Well some of us aren't as lucky as you to not have to diet!" exclaimed Ino at the bun-haired kunoichi.

"The only reason Tenten doesn't diet, Ino, is because Neji works her body so hard!" Sakura replied, matter-of-factly, before realizing what she'd said.

"That did not sound right." Kiba whispered to a blushing Hinata.

An awkward silence fell on the group.

"So are you going stand there all day, or are you coming out?" a bored Shikamaru asked out of nowhere.

Suddenly a young girl, about their age, emerged as if out of thin air next to Shikamaru. She was dressed in a light blue top that seemed to be fitted especially for her, and white caprice. Her hair was a light brown shade, loosely cascading down and reaching the small of her back.

"Shoot! How long have you known I was there?" the girl asked.

Though she was disappointed that the lazy genius had discovered her, it didn't remove the cheerful smile plastered on her face.

"About fifteen minute's now." replied Shikamaru.

"Liar!" the girl pointed accusingly at Shikamaru, "I've only been in the village for ten minutes!" she said smugly.

"Well I felt you coming last week!" retorted Shikamaru. (A/N: sounds weird, I know, but… there's a meaning there).

"Ahhhhh! I hate when you do that" raising both her pointer fingers and moving them back and forth in frustration, the girl gestured at Shikamaru's head and her own simultaneously (A/N: I couldn't think of how better to describe that gesture, but basically implying that he could read her mind).

"Ooh Shiki-kun, I missed you!" the girl said exclaimed as she jumped into Shikamaru's arms to hug the lazy genius.

A fuming Ino clenched her teeth at the sight, as the remaining 10 stood silently, taking in the whole scene.

"Troublesome woman! Get off me!" Shikamaru said, as he gently shoved the girl off of him.

"Oh, you know you love me." The girl cheerfully said, lowering herself back to the ground, as she complied with Shikamaru's request.

"Have you gone home yet? Or to see the hokage for that matter?" Shikamaru asked the girl.

"Choji-kun!" the girl turned to face the named shinobi, ignoring Shikamaru's question. "How have you been Choji-kun?"

"Good." replied Choji, looking the girl up and down, trying to figure out who she was.

"Oh Choji… it's been a LONG time hasn't it?" she stated, "I remember when you were this high." She said, gesturing to about 3 feet tall, "Then again, I was about this high, so we're pretty much the same." She observed, placing her second hand a few inches below the first, before walking up to Choji to give him a hug, which only further infuriated Ino.

The deadly aura emanated from the blond kunoichi did not go unnoticed, but the girl chose to ignore it, instead turning to the rest of the group to introduce herself.

"Forgive Shiki-kun." The girl began, "As much of a genius as he may be, sometimes he just has no manners." She stated matter-of-factly. "My name is Soraoi." (A/N: Sora means sky, and Aoi means blue… I just made this name up… in my mind it means blue sky… this will probably play into the story later on).

Soraoi looked at the others gathered around her, "and let me guess…" she began, "Blond hair, orange jacket, you must be Naruto-kun." She said, pointing at said boy.

"Green jumpsuit… you must be Lee-kun." She stared at Lee and his interesting hairstyle for a moment and then moved on.

"Pink hair… Sakura-san… pale skin, black hair, 'I'm going to kill you if you don't stop looking at me' attitude… you must be Sasuke-kun..." Soraoi said, as she moved away from the aforementioned Uchiha, "twin buns, Chinese top… Tenten-san… white, pupil-less eyes, you two must be Hyuga's… let see… Neji-kun and Hinata-san…" she said as she pointed to each.

"Red fangs, means you're Kiba-kun, which makes him" she pointed at the big dog behind them, "Akamaru-kun… that makes your Shino-kun." She motioned towards Shino, "and lastly… you must be the blond haired troublesome woman Shiki-kun is always referring to in his letters… or at least one of them… I'm guessing Ino-san… did I get that right?"

"Yes, yes… you got them all." Shikamaru exclaimed anxiously. "So tell me, how long are you here for this time?"

"Good-kami, are you THAT eager to get rid of me?" Soraoi pouted questioningly.

"No." Shikamaru replied, somewhat taken-aback. "You're just never here for very long."

"Well, I'll have you know." Soraoi perked up again, "That your life long wish has finally been fulfilled." She paused, "I'm here to stay!" she exclaimed excitedly.

Shikamaru stood there, not quiet convinced that this was true.

"What about Tomoe-sama?" Shikamaru asked.

"Oh, Tomoe-sensei died. So now I'm without a home, which means, I'm here for good." Soraoi replied, as cheerfully as she could, but on the inside she could feel the urge to cry rising.

"You've always had a home." Shikamaru replied solemnly.

"Yeah… well…" Soraoi turned to hide the tears that were threatening to release themselves from her eyes. "I think I should go talk with the Hokage." She said, blinking back the tears before turning back to face the group once more.

"It was nice meeting all of you. Choji-kun, nice seeing you again." Soraoi said as she smiled and waved goodbye, "I'll see you later Shiki-kun." And with that, she ran off towards the hokage tower.

"Shikamaru…" Choji began.

"I'll go see if she's okay." Shikamaru replied, guessing at what his best friend was about to ask, before chasing off after the girl (A/N: Choji was about to ask is Shikamaru thought that Soraoi was okay).

"So… Choji-kun" Ino began, emphasizing the 'kun' that Soraoi added to his name "Who was that girl?..."


A/N: don't you just hate it with authors leave you stranded at a pivotal point?... well it's almost 4 am… so I'm too tired to continue… but I promise that you'll find out who Soraoi is on the next chapter.

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