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Hinata slowly walked down the streets of Konoha, aimlessly, with an empty stare. She had nowhere to go, nobody to turn to. Her large suitcase weighed her down; her forehead glistened with sweat, as she dragged her legs slowly across the pavement.

What should I do now? she asked herself. There was no way she could come back to her family, not after they kicked her out of the house. Her ''friends'' were now all to busy to care. No one wanted to have anything to do with her. She was a disgrace to everybody.

Hinata's whole body ached. She needed to go somewhere, a place where she could rest, away from hostile looks and whispers that followed her wherever she went. But where? Suddenly, she got an idea. Quickening her pace, she took a turn to another street. She was going to what used to be her favorite place. At least there, she'd be able to get some peace.


The familiar hum of the small stream welcomed her, as she entered a clearing in the middle of the woods. Except for that sound, nothing else could be heard. There wasn't a living soul besides her there. Sometimes smaller forest animals would come, but at the time, it was deserted.

For nine years, it was Hinata's favorite place, to train, think, or just relax. She remembered how she used to come there, to feed the animals, or train with her teammates. She smiled when she remembered how the area echoed with the laughter of her and her friends. But sometimes, when something was troubling her, when she had a problem, she'd come there, to think in peace and enjoy the company of the nature. That would always make her feel better. But now, her problems were a whole lot bigger, and she wasn't sure anything could make her feel better.

Memories that that place brought were so painful. It reminded her how happy she used to be. Even though she was often depressed, now she realized the predicaments she was in before were nothing compared to those now.

She used to be the heiress of the Hyuuga clan. She used to have a wonderful crush, and later, boyfriend. She had a wonderful team, and was being accepted by everybody, even the other girls who for a while thought she was a freak, due to her shyness. But now? She had one big fat nothing.

She approached one of the trees in the clearing, dropped her suitcase, and sat down, her face in her hands, thinking of what happened.

For a while, everything was just perfect, and she went through life so easily, floating on a cloud of happiness. She was finally dating Naruto, with whom she had been in love for years, and they were a great couple, filled with love, with no problems. And one night, after a date, they came to his place…and it happened. She had always planned to have her virginity taken by him, and it all came out according to the plan. And it wasn't scary, but actually nice, even though she had been nervous at the beginning. Her family didn't know, since they were away for the time. And she was being accepted by the girls, who before considered her an oddball, because of her shyness. But now, she fit in among them, and together they gossiped and swapped their experiences with their boyfriends. Her team was successful, she Kiba and Shino often got missions which they completed swiftly without much harm. Tsunade-sama was even considering promoting them to Jounin.

But then, everything started tumbling downhill. A couple of weeks after the night she and Naruto spent together, Tsunade gave team a mission. Nothing big, very simple for ninjas skilled as they were. But there was a surprise attack, and everything went wrong. Midway through the fight, she fainted from the lack of chakra. She fell to the floor, and could only see Kiba and Shino jumping in front of her to protect her from the charging enemies, before everything went pitch black. That was the last time she saw them.

She remembered how she came back to consciousness in the hospital.


As soon as she opened her eyes she was blinded by the sunlight coming through the window. After she blinked a few times, she saw Tsunade standing next to her bed, looking exhausted. Then, the flashes of the fight came back to her. Panic rose in her chest, and she felt a sinking feeling in her stomach, knowing something was wrong.

''What happened to Kiba and Shino?'' she asked.

Tsunade lowered her head. ''Hinata, I know this will be hard for you, but-''

''What happened? Are they…are they…dead?''

Tsunade slowly nodded. Hinata stared at her in numb shock. She couldn't believe it was happening. She felt her cheeks were damp and realized she was crying.

End Flashback

But the scariest part was the funeral. It all seemed unreal, and she didn't really realize deep inside they were actually gone, and that they would never come back. But it finally hit her on the funeral.


Hinata stared at the two graves, remembering everything she Kiba and Shino have been through together. They were her first friends, the first people who really cared about her, and who had always been on her side. And now, she would never see them again. She couldn't stand it anymore. A sob escaped her, and the next thing she knew was that she was kneeling on the ground, hugging the two graves crying.

End Flashback

Tears veiled up in Hinata's eyes when she remembered that way. But it was about to get worse.

Sometime after that, Hinata noticed something was going on with her. She often felt dizzy and threw up, and her period was a few days late. Deep inside herself, she knew it was what she suspected, but nevertheless went to Sakura to confirm it.


''What are the results Sakura?'' Hinata asked nervously.

Sakura took a deep breath. ''You're pregnant.''

Hinata bowed her head. She had a feeling; this just confirmed it.

Sakura sat down next to her. ''You're scared, aren't you?'' she asked gently.

Hinata nodded, unable to speak.

''Hinata, having a baby is an incredible thing. It's one of the best and most important things in life. And I realize you're ready. It's not easy at all. And I know you're afraid of what your family would say, and of Naruto's reaction. But he loves you, and I am sure he'll want this baby, and he'll support you. You can always abort, but I advice you to talk to Naruto first.

''Yes, I will. Thank you Sakura,'' she replied, and then smiled, for the first time in weeks.

So she did tell Naruto.

''Naruto, there's something I have to tell you,'' she said. They were standing in a deserted alleyway in the park. ''I-I…am pregnant.

Naruto looked at her, shocked. ''Are you sure?''

Hinata nodded. ''Sakura confirmed it.''

Naruto looked at her for a while, his blue eyes shining in the moonlight. Then he smiled. ''That is wonderful. We're actually going to have a baby. We're going to be parents! Oh my God.

Hinata was surprised. ''You really think we'd be able to-to handle it?''

''Sure. You don't have to worry; I'll provide you with financial support. Marry you even. I've always wanted to marry you. Can't say it's not a bit too soon, but doesn't matter. I know you're scared of your family's reaction, and the whole process of pregnancy, delivering and raising the kid. But I think we'll be able to go through it. It's on you to decide what to do, though. If you want to abort, go ahead. I'll support you in any decision you make. I love you.'' He hugged her, and held her close to him

End Flashback

I felt so secure then, Hinata thought bitterly. I really thought he'd be there.

But he wasn't. A couple of days later, Naruto deserted the village. Two Konoha elders were found dead, and everybody suspected Naruto did it. Besides that, they found evidence that indicated Naruto had betrayed Konoha and joined Orochimaru.

Hinata couldn't believe it when she heard. She knew Naruto very well, and knew he wasn't capable of doing something like that. But all evidence pointed to it, and Naruto never bothered to contact her in any way, and he didn't come back. He left Hinata alone to face what was about to come.

Hinata's family found out. Hanabi noticed, and told their father everything. A clan meeting was held, and everything was discovered. Eventually, they all came to a decision to strip her off her title, inheritance, and their financial support. They told her to pack their suitcase, and threw her out of the house. Mercilessly, like she was just usual garbage. They actually did consider her garbage.


''Father,'' Hinata cried, her tears fogging her view. ''Please, don't do this. I need you. I am your daughter!''

''You are no daughter of mine,'' roared Hiashi. You're filth, a shame to our clan. Don't you dare to come back. I never want to see you again.

End flashback

So, Hinata was pregnant and homeless, and broke. Everyone abandoned her suddenly. Ino was busy planning her wedding with Shikamaru, Sakura was away for a mission, and Tenten was on Neji's side, who also thought Hinata was a disgrace. Everybody else turned their backs as well. Who needed a pregnant teen mother, bearing a child of the guy who betrayed Konoha, kicked out of her clan, with no money? So she slept on the street, and didn't have money for the barest necessities for a couple of days. She stayed in Konoha in hope of finding a job. But no one wanted to give her one, and looks of hatred from all the citizens followed her all the time, and she knew she was the main subject of gossip. So, she made up her mind to leave, start a new life somewhere else, and decide what to do with the baby. But the last thing proved unnecessary. All the harshness she had gone through, the stress and fatigue left their trace. She lost the baby. And even though she wasn't sure if she wanted to keep it, it was still a part of her. It was still her child. Maybe she would've even accepted it and would've been able to love it. And she lost it. It hurt. But maybe it was better that way. What kind of future what it have? It was better of like this.

All those thoughts and memories mixed in Hinata. It all hurt, hurt so much. She loved Naruto, with all her soul, believed he would be with her through the bitter end, but then he broke his promise and left her, betrayed her. She did her best to fit in among her clan and others, but they all turned away the moment that she needed them the most. Her beloved teammates and only true friends were dead. She even lost the baby. The world was so cold, so insecure. She couldn't bear to think what awaited her. She was alone, with absolutely nothing except pain in her soul, not even sure she could move on. How could she?

Suddenly, frustration seized her. Despite being so weakened, she let out a cry of frustration, got up, and began kicking the tree trunks with her hands, using all of the chakra she had. They broke and crumbled under her hits. Slowly, pain started coming in, but she nevertheless continued, feeling her anger leave her with the pain, finding her pleasure in smashing everything she hit. She kicked harder, hoping that physical pain would distract her from the one inside her, from the memories swiveling inside her, fresh and painful.

When she was finally too weak to continue, and the pain in her hands too much to bear, she sank to her knees sobbing. Her hands were bruised and dripping wet with blood, and her face was wet with tears. Suddenly, her tired body couldn't go on anymore, everything went dark, and she fainted,

She had no idea that a pair of red eyes watched her the entire time from behind the bushes.