The Hidden Heir

Harry Potter strolled down the corridor towards his transfiguration class on the first day of his 7th and final year at Hogwarts.

It was while he was searching the crowds for Ron and Hermione that he saw a very pale and exhausted looking Draco Malfoy, his hair was in a mess and he kept fiddling with something silver in his hand.

This was far from the Draco Harry had had a brief sexual fling with at the beginning of last year.

Harry knew that Draco had lost his mother in the 5th year but that couldn't still be bothering him could it, Malfoys were usually very hard but Draco was looking very very worried.

"What are you staring at Potter?" He was obviously trying to sound nasty but he was failing miserably.

"Nothing, just…are you okay?" Harry gently touched Draco's arm and he pulled away violently.

"Just leave me alone! You've caused me enough trouble as it is!"

Harry was surprised by Draco's sudden outburst, what on earth had he ever done to Draco besides childish banter and a little…sex?

Transfiguration wasn't much better, Draco continued to play with his silver.…bracelet, ring? Whatever it was it obviously meant something really important to him.

Draco was really fretting over something, maybe it had to do with the Dark Lord.

What ever it was, Harry was going to find out about it.

At breakfast the next day, Harry watched Draco walk idly to the table, he looked like he hadn't slept at all and he wasn't anywhere near his usual polished self.

The mail came and a large green envelope landed in front of Draco's Cornflakes.

Harry had never seen anyone rip a letter open so fast, what was so important about it?

Draco scanned the letter and seemed to crumple in relief , the envelope also contained what looked like wizarding photographs which Draco hid in his robes before anyone could see their content.

Harry picked up his daily prophet, there was nothing of interest. Except perhaps a small article in the society gossip column referring to Lucius Malfoys sudden acquisition of a blonde child hat was obviously a Malfoy and the whether or not Lucius had re-married after Narcissa's death or whether the child, a boy, was an illegitimate heir.

According to the article, when questioned Lucius said only that where his son came from was nobodies business but the Malfoy families.

So maybe that's what Draco is so worried about, he has some competition.

"wow another Malfoy, the world is doomed" laughed Ron with a mouth full of bacon.

"Tell me about it!" Harry finished his eggs, all thoughts of Malfoy washed from his mind by Ron's detailed description of last nights Chudley cannons game.

Pansy Parkinson was not happy. Her Drakee-poo had bearly spoken to her and was acting very strangely.

They had only been at school 2 days and it seemed like Draco was dying to get back home.

Pansy decided to corner Draco as he sat looking at photo's near the common room fire, she could see he was grinning widely while looking at pictures of a very blonde little boy.

"I heard you had a new little brother?" Said Pansy loudly.

Draco must have jumped about six foot scattering the photographs everywhere.

"Piss off Pansy" Draco snarled, gathering the fallen images.

" I'm sorry Dray I just wanted to talk, aren't you happy? You always said you wanted a sibling"

"Yes I did…do you want to look at the pictures?" Replied Draco suddenly.


Pansy was handed about 7 photo's of the little blonde boy, in various states of undress.

"Oh Draco he's so cute! What is his name?"

"His name is Seth….Seth Narcissus Malfoy!" Pansy was confused, why was Draco so gushy over his little brother?

"Who is his mother Draco?" Pansy asked quietly

Draco paused and was silent for a long time, staring into the flames before them.

"I don't know Pansy, my father wouldn't tell me." Draco quickly snatched up the photos and went to his private room.

It was then that Pansy saw the small silver necklace that had been left behind, it was a simple chain with a heart on the end. It was engraved simply with the name 'Seth'.

Draco ran to his room and lay on the bed, he wanted to cry, this whole situation hurt so much.

Their was a knock at the door and Pansy walked in.

"You dropped this Draco" she smiled holding up the necklace and sitting on his bed.

Draco slowly took it from her and she picked up one of the photographs again.

"You know Draco, I think you might be able to tell who the mother is" Pansy smiled.


"Well look, your little brother has Emerald green eyes, that kind of narrows it down a bit Draco"

"Pansy leave it, you don't understand the situation okay, just trust me, I don't want to talk about it anymore!" Draco shouted Angrily.

"Okay, see you later Draco." And with that Pansy quietly left.

It was cold Saturday, Hogsmeade weekend and Harry, Ron and Hermione where just coming out of Honeydukes when once again they spotted Draco Malfoy.

He was standing sans Crabbe and Goyle staring into a shop window, but that wasn't the weird part, the weird thing was that he seemed to be staring longingly at the baby clothes and toys in the window of 'Whizkids' a baby boutique.

He suddenly spied the reflection of the gawking trio in the window and moved away, practically running into the three broomsticks.

"What was that all about" said Ron looking again at the baby boutique.

"Oh Ron he was probably getting something for his baby brother, and we scared him off" Smiled Hermione.

"Lets just go back to Hogwarts, I'm tired and we have lots of toffee to get through" Smiled Harry, but he couldn't help looking back at the baby boutique, why had Malfoy stood there for so long looking almost desperate?

Later that night Draco wrote a letter to his father.

Dear Father,

How is Seth? I miss him so much it physically hurts inside.

Did he receive the presents I sent this morning? Did he like them?

Have you told anyone about the situation? I nearly told Pansy the other day, I can't keep this secret much longer, it's killing me.

Anyway I must rest for tomorrows lessons.

See you at Christmas and tell Seth that I love him more than anything in the world.


Draco tied the letter to the owl's leg and watched as it flew away, he climbed into bed and tried to sleep. He knew that he wouldn't sleep well when he was so worried, but in two weeks it would be the Christmas holidays and he could spend two weeks at home with his family.

One week before Christmas, Malfoy Manor.

"Father? Seth? I'm home!" Draco burst into the living room brandishing lots of presents, he also had the biggest smile on his face.

"Where is he father?"

"He's in the kitchen with the nanny, he has quite a vocabulary now Draco."

Draco dumped the presents on the antique couch and raced into the kitchen.

Seth was being held by the nanny while she cooked with one hand.

"Seth?" Draco said quietly hoping he would be recognized.

Seth turned his green Eyes towards Draco, put out his arms towards him and shouted.


"Hello baby" Said Draco as he pulled Seth out of the Nanny's arms.

He swore to god as he kissed his sons face that he would never put him down till he had to return to Hogwarts.

Seth giggled as his mother kissed him all over his head and face before pulling him close.

"Mummy came home!" Shouted Seth as he saw his Grandfather Lucius when he and Draco returned to the living room.

"Yes Seth your Mummy has come home" smiled Lucius as Draco settled on the sofa with Seth on his lap.

"Has anyone other than the house elves and the nanny found out that I'm Seth's mum?" as Draco as Seth began to fall asleep in his arms.

"No Draco Your secrets safe until you tell the father" smiled Lucius

Well its a short start and you know that i am obsessed with Harry/Draco

But i do have a thing for Harry/Young Fenrir so i will be adding a werewolf fic and to other completely original fics that i dont think have been thought of.



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