The Hidden Heir

Draco woke up from a deep, warm and happy sleep, he was on the couch in the large drawing room and Seth was giggling gently on his chest.

He wasn't even one years old yet and he already looked and acted like a three year old, he could talk quite well and could even walk, but the healer had merely stated that it was natural in a child with extremely powerful magical parents.

It was three days before he was to return to Hogwarts and he was dreading it. He had spent every moment with Seth, waking and sleeping.

"Good morning sunshine, where has your Granddad gone to?"

"Granddad go into fire, go see sev'us" smiled Seth

"Well then seems we have the morning all to ourselves then eh son? What shall we do?"

"Play wiv trains Mummy! play wiv trains!" Seth slid of Draco's lap and began too run towards the first floor nursery, Draco went to follow just as Lucius came running out of the fireplace looking pale and sweating profusely.

"Father? What………!" Before Draco could finish a klaxon sounded the fall of the manor' s wards, shortly after the sounds of Seth's crying could be heard coming from the nursery.

"Draco! Hide Seth, It's the Aurors they have come to arrest me! To take me to Azkaban!" Lucius pulled out his wand and began to remotely apparate the dark artifacts into the hidden room below their feet.

"Oh and Draco! If they ask, tell them it was me!"

Draco nodded despite not understanding what his father had meant.

He ran into the nursery and swept Seth up into his arms holding him on his hip and trying desperately to protect his ears from the wailing klaxon.

Suddenly the air was rent with cracks as 5 Aurors surrounded Draco and his sobbing son, wands raised and pointed.

"Draco Malfoy! Please hand over your wand!" shouted a voice Draco recognized as Arthur Weasley.

Draco quickly threw his wand at them and backed against the wall as his son continued to sob.

He heard his father being captured and Apparated away.

"Draco, you will escort us to the ministry were you will return to Hogwarts and the child will be placed with a foster family" said another Auror whom Draco had never seen before.

He quickly moved and pulled Seth out of his arms before he could blink and two other Aurors had grabbed his shoulders to stop him from attacking anyone.

"No…No..please…he's mine!" Draco could feel the tears welling in his eyes, they where going to take his baby away from him.

"I beg your pardon?" asked Arthur.

"He…he's mine ..I'm his m…"

"MUMMY! MUMMY! Screamed Seth while stretching his arms out to Draco.

Arthur and the other Aurors seemed to glance between the two blondes the tension in the air was palpable in the silence before Arthur spoke.

"Give him the child Kingsley…for now"

Kingsley reluctantly handed Seth back to a freed Draco who pulled the boy onto his hip; Seth wrapped his arms around Draco's neck and sobbed into his T-shirt.

Arthur then asked Tonks who was standing behind him to pack Draco and the child a case of clothes and toiletries and maybe a few toys.

That night in the Ministry of Magic

Draco sat in a chair in the office of the head Auror Alastair Moody at the Ministry of Magic.

They had cast spells to confirm that Draco was the Mother of Seth but when they tried a paternity spell it seemed to just fizzle out.

"Who is the boys father Draco?" asked Moody

"I…can't…say..I..don't" Draco sobbed as he held his sleeping son.

"Is Lucius Malfoy the father of this child?"

Draco was shocked beyond measure where they implying that his father had raped him? That he had bore his own brother!

The words that his father had said sprang into Draco's mind 'If they ask tell them it was me'

But why would his father do that? Of course! His father realized that if Draco was a victim in all this he would be pitied rather than despised, this meant that Seth would have at least a decent start in life, his father truly loved them after all.

"Well is he Draco?" asked Moody again, his magical eye whirring in its socket before settling on the sleeping child in Draco's arms.

"Y…yess" Draco began to cry, not because he had carried his fathers child like Moody believed because he hadn't! But because his lie would surely condemn his father to the Dementor's kiss

Moody sat in silence for what seemed like eternity before storming out of his office into the cubicles where the other Aurors worked.

Draco could see Moody gesticulating wildly at the gathering of Aurors who kept glancing in his direction with looks of pity and remorse.

It was obvious they where being told the tale.

Arthur came later with the purple haired witch Tonks and escorted Draco and Seth to the floo.

"Dumbledore is allowing Seth to stay with you in Hogwarts from now on as Malfoy Manor is now a ministry officiated crime scene" smiled Arthur.

Draco stepped into the fireplace holding a sleeping Seth on his hip in one arm and a suitcase in the other.

Tonks threw some floo powder into the flames and shouted "Hogwarts, headmasters office"

The next thing Draco knew was that after a whirl of green flames, he was standing on the lush red carpet of the old coot's lair.

"Draco my boy! Do come in and have a seat!" the Headmaster was sitting at his desk as Draco left his case for the house elves and sat down, pulling the still sleeping Seth onto his chest.

"A more beautiful Boy I have not seen! My dear Draco how did his birth come to pass without us noticing?" asked Dumbledore his sapphire eyes looking tenderly at Draco.

"I was only pregnant for three months sir, I didn't really realize what was happening until I was quite big and by then it was to late to erm… anything but give birth, I was going to give him away." Draco lowered his head in shame.

"Tell me Draco, what made you change your mind?" asked Dumbledore

"I was in labor for so long… many hours and only the house elves could help me deliver. Then he was placed on my chest and I saw him for the first time I knew then Sir that I could never give up anything so beautiful and cherished as he is" Draco looked down lovingly and kissed his son's blonde head.

"Very well Draco very well!" smiled Dumbledore.

"I have decided to give you your own room near the Gryffindor tower as it is much less damp and cold as down in the dungeons. The door has a picture of Sir Galahad the pure slaying the evil Warlock Derwald, the password is 'Green Acorn'."

"Thankyou sir, for everything." Draco began to rise hefting his floppy offspring into a comfortable position.

"Goodnight Draco" Dumbledore moved forward and stroked Seth's blonde locks.

"And Sweet dreams young Seth"

Draco started tiredly out the door.

"Oh and Draco?"

"Yes Sir?"

"I hope you won't mind spending the last few days of the holidays with our other homeless student?"

"No sir who is it?"

"Harry Potter" Dumbledore smiled, his eyes twinkling madly.

"Oh…okay" Draco walked towards his new chamber quietly using every swearword he knew in his head.

Had this been a year ago he would have had a tantrum and thrown a few things and maybe even hexed someone. But Draco had found that Motherhood had mellowed him somewhat and he was just really pissed.

Harry Potter the true father of his child was here alone with him and Seth for two whole days!

What on earth was he going to do?

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