Secrets and Demons.

Summary... People aren't always who they seem to be as figures from the past return to haunt Sam and Dean. Sequel to What Could Have Been. Very limp Sam, angst and hurt Dean. Set after All Hell Breaks Loose, also helps if you know Croatoan. Rated T for violence in later chapters.

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Chapter 1. Figures from the past.

Duane Tanner returned to the pick-up. After dumping Sarge's body at the side of the road he had one more piece of business to attend to. Traveling back the way he came he was at River Grove medical centre within hours, noting as he passed through town that there still lacked people. "Good" He thought "The marshal's haven't arrived yet." Pulling up outside the centre he quietly entered. Moving stealthily toward the lab at the back, he could see Dr.Lee cleaning Petri dishes her back to him, stepping into the room he sat on one of the rolling stools as she spoke.

"Have you spoken to your father?"

"Yes, mother." Duane answered, as she turned to him, her eyes jet black.

"What did he have to say? What are his orders?" She demanded.

"Destroy all evidence, Leave the Winchesters alone for now, and lay low." Duane replied lazily, turning circles on the chair as he spoke.

"We have work to do and we don't have much time." Dr.Lee stated.

Simultaneously looking in their respective side mirrors of the pick-up, both demons watched as River Grove's medical centre burned brightly in the pre dawn light. The Winchesters forgotten.

For now...

7 months later.

"Can you believe those bloody Spur's won again?" Dean griped, slamming down a beer in front of Sam for emphasis.

They were in between gigs having spent the weeks after the yellow eyed demons demise at Bobby's, but Dean was getting antsy and in need of a new hunt. In sheer desperation, after Dean had bitten of Bobby's head one too many times; Sam had suggested a trip to the local bar.

"You bet against them didn't you?"

"No ... Yes."

"What are you stupid? They always win every time they reach the finals in an odd year." Sam stated.

"Thank you Wikipedia. I know that I just thought this year would be different."

"How much did you lose?"

"100 bucks. I worked hard for that money."

Sam rolled his eyes before turning back to the laptop. It had been a month since Dean had made the deal; it was time to gat back to work. Clicking onto a site he had used before he scoured the page, stopping on a post dated two days ago.

"You found something?" Dean inquired noting Sam's quizzical expression.

"Maybe, just let me finish this." Sam read the last paragraph before continuing. "I think so, there are some unexplained deaths at a medical centre in Devil's Lake, North Dakota. From the looks of the police reports I've read it looks like a vengeful spirit or possession of some sort. I think we should check it out, it could be our line of work."

"Okay, we will but first thing tomorrow, the barmaid so wants me, she looks like Paris Hilton and you know how much I've wanted to spend a night in a Hilton!"

5am saw Sam packing up their gear, making as much noise as possible. Dean was still asleep, hand under his pillow cradling the knife he always kept there. Feeling frustrated Sam dropped the duffle he'd been packing onto Dean's bed making his older sibling start awake.

"What did you do that for?" Dean hissed.

"You said we'd go first thing, it's now first thing! Get up!"

"No Sam, first thing in the morning for most civilized people comes after 10am. Your five hours early". Dean tried reasoning. Noting Sam's face grow even more annoyed he acquiesced and slowly removed himself from the sheets.

Arriving at Devil's Lake they checked into the first motel they came to, both exhausted they dumped their bags before catching some shut eye. Sam as usual was the first to arise, going to the garage across the street to grab two large coffees and some snacks before returning and starting research. Sam had nearly finished the coffee when Dean finally surfaced. "C'mon grab a quick shower then we have to go." He rushed out, chucking a tattered towel at his brother at the same time.

"What's the hurry?" Dean asked, catching the towel before making his way over, grabbing his coffee and downing the luke warm beverage in one go.

"There going to renovate the building tomorrow, if we don't get in there tonight all evidence will be gone."

Parking the Impala away from the medical centre, the boys walked the remaining distance. Carefully picking the lock they entered through a side door, Sam disabling the alarm whilst Dean kept watch.

"Upstairs or down." Dean inquired, a dollar on hand incase he didn't like the answer.

"I'm not betting Dean, I'm not bothered, you chose." Sam answered.

"Alright moody, I'll go up." Dean snapped back.

Taking the stairs two at a time, but being careful to only tread on the less creaky edges, Dean progressed upwards. Turning halfway up, the stairs opened up onto a wide hallway, doors at frequent intervals on either side, he chose to look in the nearest room first. On first glance the room looked just like any other doctors office, oversized desk, exam table, rolling curtain, added to this were two other doors. Taking out the e.m.f reader he switched it on, immediately becoming alert as the lights turned red and the reader screeched. Dean's gun was pulled out and cocked in seconds. Eyes scanning everywhere he noted nothing to indicate the disturbance, he moved towards one of the doors, turning the handle he found it locked, moving to the other door he presumed that it must connect to the next room. His hand grabbing the handle he started to turn, getting caught completely unawares when it was flung open from the other side with such force, catching him on the side of the head before sending him crashing into the exam table where he slid boneless to the floor, unconscious before he hit.

Sam was searching uneventfully downstairs when he heard the crash from above, rushing out of the waiting room he headed for the stairs. He didn't see, or hear the closet door open.

Stealthily creeping up behind him, it took out the razor sharp scalpel, aiming carefully it thrust out in a graceful arch from it's shoulder down, completely severing the tendon in one blow. The scalpel so sharp Sam didn't feel a thing. At first.

Sam was halfway up the stairs when his right leg just gave out and excruciating pain resounded through the whole limb. Stumbling he looked down, the sight sickening him instantly, The back of his ankle had been severed, blood covering his jeans and the carpeted stairs. Looking up his eyes opened in disbelief at the person standing in front of him.

"You?" He managed to get out before a blow to the back of the head had him floating into darkness.

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