Secrets and Demons.

Summary……. People aren't always who they seem to be, as figures from the past return to haunt Sam and Dean. Sequel to What Could Have Been. Very limp Sam, angst and hurt Dean. Set after All Hell Breaks Loose, also helps if you know Croatoan. Rated T for violence.

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Chapter 7. Diagnosis and Discussion.

The trip to the hospital had been torturous for Dean. Although Dr.Lee had stabilized Sam, his body had just been put through too much. Twice on the way they'd had to stop as Sam's heart had stopped again. As they approached the sprawling mass of buildings that was the hospital, Dean sent a little prayer of thanks, to whoever was watching over them, that they had managed to at least keep Sam alive long enough for the doctors to try and fix him.

Eight hours had past since they had carried Sam through the ER doors. Eight hours in which they'd had no news. Eight hours that Dean had spent wearing a hole in the hospitals lino flooring and biting the heads off anyone, who came near, that told him Sam was going to be okay. Eight hours of dodging around awkward question about how Sam received such injuries.

"Where the hell is that damn doctor? What's happening to Sam? Can't they at least tell us that he's still alive?" Dean spat the questions out at nobody in particular, turning at the same time and punching the wall.

Bobby noticing the looks both the nurses and security were giving them cautiously edged closer to Dean.

"Dean, you need to calm down. You'll be no use to Sam if you get yourself thrown out of here. The doctor will be here as soon as there's news. Sit down, before you fall down, son. You still look like shit!"

That brought a trace of a smile to Dean's face and he reluctantly sat down in one of the plastic chairs, taking the cup of coffee that Dr.Lee handed him. No sooner had the first sip passed his lips then he was shooting back up as Sam's doctor came into sight.

"How's Sam? How's my brother? Is he okay? Can I see him?"

"Mr. Dalton, please. . . . "

"Dean. Just Dean."

"Okay then, Dean. Please sit down and don't give me that look I'm not here to be the barer of bad news. Your brother, Sam, is doing as well as can be expected. We lost him again on the table, but he seems to be a fighter and he wouldn't give up. We've treated all the minor wounds, namely the stomach, broken fingers and toes and a few cuts that he received to the face."

"Obviously there was nothing that we could do about the teeth, but we removed the shards that were still left and cleaned and stitched up some tearing, inside the mouth and on the gum line, that these had caused. He will be on just liquids until the swelling goes down and even after that he might not want to eat anything too hard for a few days. Talking will be hard; He will probably slur his words for a while."

"His back wound has become infected, I'm afraid. We're treating it with antibiotics and haven't sutured it yet, to allow us to keep an eye on it. We hope that within the next twenty four hours the infection will have lessened and we can stitch the wound back up. Obviously these two wounds, the stomach and the back will cause Sam great discomfort for a while. But we don't foresee any permanent damage resulting from them."

"The gunshot wounds were relatively straight forward to treat; the bullets had thankfully avoided any major organs or arteries and had taken a fairly straight course through Sam's body. Luckily we were able to locate and remove them quite easily. Sam will have limited movement for a while but again should suffer no permanent effects."

"Our biggest concern was the ankle wound, this had also become infected and because of the cauterization, the infection already inside had spread further up the leg. Our specialist decided that surgery was the better option for Sam given the infection; it also reduces the chance that the tendon could rupture again. We had to re-open the wound, remove the infected tissue, realign the tendon and suture the whole thing back up. We'll be checking the infection regularly to make sure that we don't need to go back in. Sam will have to keep off the ankle for at least eight weeks. We will be giving him physio to help prevent the leg muscles and joints seizing and once he can start walking on the ankle again, the physio will turn towards helping him do that."

"Sam was mildly hypothermic when he arrived, but we've managed to correct that. He is running a low grade fever, but we believe by nightfall that should have run its course and it will be back to normal. He did lose a lot of blood, which at the moment we're replacing. All being told, Dean, Sam's a very lucky man and one hell of a fighter. It's almost as if he didn't want to leave someone, he's going to need that strength in the coming months. Do you have any questions?"

"So he's going to be okay?"

"Yes, we believe so. We can't say for sure we're not fortune tellers but all signs point to a full recovery. Sam's body just needs time to heal itself. He'll be on complete bed rest, which I get the feeling might be his downfall, so all the help you could give us in that department would be appreciated."

"When can I see him?"

"I believe that he's being transferred to a private room as we speak, he's been in recovery for the past hour or so. I was reluctant to come see you until I knew that he'd woken from the anesthesia. He's going to be groggy and be in and out of consciousness for a while, but if you'd like to follow me I'll show you to his room. Only one visitor at a time to begin with though, he really does need to get as much rest as possible."

With a quick look at the others and nods of understanding given in return, Dean followed the doctor to Sam's room.

"I'll leave you alone for a while I be in to check Sam in a few hours. Have me paged if you need me."

Dean stood outside Sam's room for a while after the doctor left, before turning the handle and entering. Sam lay propped on the bed, not quite on his side or his back, wounds to both areas preventing him from lying on either. The damaged ankle lay resting on a pillow. His hospital gown had been removed from his torso and now lay across his hips, bandages covered his stomach and two gauze pads hid the gun shot wounds. A heart monitor beeped softly in the background.

Pulling a chair closer to the bed Dean sat down. Caught in a world of his own, he thought over the last few days, the feelings of guilt at letting Sam down again lying heavily on his mind. Hours had passed, the doctor returning to check Sam, but Dean still sat contemplating everything that had happened. He didn't notice Sam's eyes open and it was only when his brother's raspy, soft voice spoke, that he became aware of Sam's wakefulness.

"Hey, Dean." Sam got out through his swollen mouth.

"Hey Sammy. What are you doing awake? You should be resting. Do you need anything? Do you need me to get the doctor?"

"No, I'm good. I'm just feeling hot and uncomfortable."

"You have a fever, I can ask for some more meds if you want?"

Sam shook his head before closing his eyes again. Dean, thinking that he was going back to sleep, was caught by surprise when he spoke again.

"We need to talk about this, Dean."

"We will, later, when you're feeling better. Right now you need to rest."

"No Dean! We need to talk about this now; otherwise we'll just brush it all under the carpet like we always do. Please talk to me. What secrets are you keeping from me?"

"Me, me! What about you?"

Both brothers stared at one another, before Dean spoke again.

"I really think that you should be resting, but I know what a stubborn bastard you can be………. Dad told me some things, more than I ever let you know. Things about the yellow eyed demon. Things about his plans for the virus and how he was going to go about using it. How it was transferred to humans and about the people from River Grove. I know that I should have told you but you had enough to deal with. What with the whole going dark side and stuff."

"We can't keep doing this Dean. You remember what dad told me, about us being stronger together. That means telling each other everything, no more keeping secrets."

"Hey, don't make me out to be the only bad one here, Sammy. You've been holding out on me also." Noting Sam's eyes begin to drift shut again, Dean continued. "Don't you dare pull that I'm really tired act on me now, Sam. You're the one that wanted this talk now, so spill. Tell me what you've been keeping from me. What could be so bad that you wouldn't tell the demon? So bad that he was going to kill me because you wouldn't say?"

Reluctantly Sam acquiesced. "Yellow eyes wanted me to lead his demon army. He wanted me to win at Cold Oak. I was his favorite, he said I have these great powers; all I have to do is embrace them. He was routing for me because he knew I could infect others. He knew all this because I have demon blood in me, Dean. He showed me what happened in my nursery before mom came in. Yellow eyes cut himself and let his blood drop in my mouth."

Sam took a few deep breaths to try and calm him self before carrying on.

"How could I tell you that? How could I let you know that I have demon inside me? I knew you could never look at me the same again."

"That's were your wrong Sam."

"What do you mean?"

"You'll always be my whiney, annoying, freakishly tall brother. No matter what the demon did. No matter what he put inside you. You'll always be just Sam. Always be just my brother. I'll never look at you differently."

Sam started to answer but no words would come. Tears welling in his eyes, he just lay there, open mouthed.

"Sam, get some rest. We'll finish this later when you're feeling a bit stronger, I promise."

Sam started to close his eyes, feeling the pull of unconsciousness becoming too much, when he suddenly remembered one more piece of information.

"Dean! Mum knew yellow eyes. When he showed me the nursery, she came in and she knew him, Dean."

"Sam, she couldn't have. He must have been playing with you. Remember demons lie all the time."

"No, Dean, she knew him and we need to find out how." Sam breathed out as his heart monitor steadily increased.

"Sam, calm down okay. Please just calm down and rest for now. We'll look into it once you're better. Until then, will you at least consider that he could have been lying?"

Sam nodded, his body finally failing him as it shut down to the rest it so badly needed. Placing his head on Sam's mattress and stretching out his tired limbs, Dean also started to succumb to sleep. He was just on the verge when he heard Sam's sleepy, mumbling voice.

"Dean, can we take another break from demons, just for a bit? Just be normal. Have no more secrets between us?"

Knowing that Sam, no matter how much he seemed out of it, would remember every bit of this conversation when he finally woke again, Dean answered.

"Okay Sam. Whatever you want. No more secrets and demons."

The End.

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