Title: Your Everywhere I Go

Author: SJPearce

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Summary: you ever wish you could be in 2 places at once? Kenzie can! Peter's ex-girlfriend is back in New York. What will happen between her and Peter? Why did she leave New York in the first place? Will only be short. 5 short chapters at most.

CHAPTER 1 - The Old Apartment

Peter sat one the couch in the vacant apartment, this was his place to escape to, it had been for the past 3 months, since the tenants moved out. He had keys to the apartment, it was his old apartment. He had shared it with his ex girlfriend, Kenzie. When he needed to get away from everything he went to the apartment to think, just be alone.

Kenzie was away in Chicago working, and had been for 2 and a half years, she had been renting out the apartment so she still had a home to come back to when she came back from Chicago.

Peter's mind drifted back to when he and Kenzie lived in the apartment together. The way she would get up in the morning and make him breakfast in bed, walking around in one of his shirts with only a few buttons done up, the nights they would spend curled up on the couch together watching a movie, his memories turned to anger and he pushed the thought of her from his mind.

Peter wished Kenzie was still in his life, they exchanged e-mails once in a while but never spoke about their relationship or how it ended. He missed her and wished she was still in New York she could help him, she'd be there for him with what he was going through but she wasn't there. Peter's thoughts were interrupted when he heard keys in the lock. He quickly moved from the couch stood by the window and made himself invisible.

Kenzie entered the apartment and put down her suitcase near the door, she'd missed this place, being away from your home for 2 and a half years was long time. Although she had had fun in the years of being away, it was always nice to come home to her apartment in New York.

The apartment was quiet, the tenants she had rented the apartment to whilst she had been away had done a good job of keeping the place tidy, and dust free. She had been worried about letting someone else live in her home but it had worked out well, she'd made money from it to.

Kenzie stood in the middle of the living room and looked around, she had really missed New York, and the people she left behind in New York.

She sighed deeply remembering him, she closed her eyes remembering how she left things with him, how she hurt him. She thought about the picture of herself and him that she kept on the coffee table a few feet in front of her. She opened her eyes and saw herself and Peter Petrelli sat on the couch kissing, although they were both transparent, like a ghosts.

"Oh it's going to be fun being back home" Kenzie closed her eyes again and shook her head, once she opened her eyes they were gone from the couch.

Peter watched as himself and Kenzie disappeared from the couch, how the hell had she done that? Did she have abilities like him? She must have, there was no other explanation for it. Kenzie walked to the kitchen and Peter followed her, wondering what else, if anything, she could do.

The phone rang and Kenzie rushed passed Peter barely missing bumping in to him to the living room to answer the phone "Hello…hi mom…yeah just got here…the flight was fine, just real tired…no I haven't spoke to him, not even sure I'm going to and there's no saying he wants to talk to me…yeah I know you liked him mom"

He hates me mom, do you not get that? I hurt him, Peter hates me! Peter heard her thoughts.

Peter listened to the rest of the conversation but watched another Kenzie pick up the suitcase by the door and take it to the bedroom, and then another Kenzie appeared and began to make a sandwich whilst the first Kenzie stood talking on the phone. "yeah ok mom I'll call him" Kenzie sighed, someone knocked on the door, the two Kenzie's Peter could see looked at the door with a worried expression "mom I gotta go someone's at the door" the sandwich making Kenzie walked in to the back of the original Kenzie and the suitcase Kenzie followed making one Kenzie. She ended the call walking to the door.

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Taster of Chapter 2 – Kenzie's ability.

Kenzie took a deep breath "here we go" she said aloud before opening the door.

"Mckenzie Ferguson? I'm Doctor Mohinder Suresh"

"Please call me Kenzie" she told him widening the door for him to enter. Mohinder entered the apartment and looked around Kenzie closed the door "shall we go through to the living room?" Mohinder followed Kenzie she offered him a drink but he declined

"So I guess its best to show me what you can do" Mohinder said sitting on the edge of the couch he was excited, if what she had told him three days earlier on the phone this was going to be interesting. Kenzie stared at him and then he turned feeling a tap on his back, he was starring at himself; he stood up "wow that's amazing" he walked around himself, studying the other Mohinder.