Chapter 2 – Kenzie's ability.

Kenzie took a deep breath "here we go" she said aloud before opening the door.

"Mckenzie Ferguson? I'm Doctor Mohinder Suresh"

"Please call me Kenzie" she told him widening the door for him to enter. Mohinder entered the apartment and looked around Kenzie closed the door "shall we go through to the living room?" Mohinder followed Kenzie she offered him a drink but he declined

"So I guess its best to show me what you can do" Mohinder said sitting on the edge of the couch he was excited, if what she had told him three days earlier on the phone this was going to be interesting. Kenzie stared at him and then he turned feeling a tap on his back, he was starring at himself; he stood up "wow that's amazing" he walked around himself, studying the other Mohinder.

"Handy to" she said standing up half smiling

"How many can you duplicate?" Mohinder watched as he appeared 5 more times around the room. "Can you control them all?"

"Yeah, but that's not all I can do" she sighed "I can…" she tried to explain it but couldn't find the words "I can relive memories"

"What do you mean?"

"I'll smell something or see something that brings a memory back, I close my eyes open them and then it's in front of me, the memory, like a ghost and I can't stop it, it happens and I can't make it go away. Not unless I keep my eyes closed till the memory fades."

"Show me?" Mohinder asked "show me something that happened in this apartment, something that really stands out"

Kenzie closed her eyes, Mohinder observed as all of him disappeared, and he sat on the couch. Kenzie opened her eyes; she and Angela Petrelli stood by the window both holding a mug of coffee looking out at the view of New York.

"You have to do this Kenzie, if you love him you'll do this" Angela Petrelli told her calmly "you're going to Chicago to chase your dream. Peter's going with you, he's already told me, he's giving everything up to follow you"

Kenzie looked in to her mug "I love him Angela I want him with me" she looked up at Peter's mother tears rolling down her cheeks "I know it's selfish but I want him to go with me, I want him to give everything up and go with me"

"But that isn't fair to Peter. He loves his job, he loves being with Charles and he'd be leaving all that behind for you" Angela explained "it's not easy moving somewhere new. You'll have your new job, new friends; Peter will get in the way"

"No he won't" Kenzie told her angrily moving from the window and putting her mug on the coffee table. "I wanna spend the rest of my life with Peter, I want a family with him, and I'll only be in Chicago 2 years…"

Angela walked and sat on a chair "What if you career takes off, and you have to stay in Chicago longer? Maybe permanently? What about what Peter wants then?"

"I won't stay; I'll come back here with Peter."

Angela laughed "if you love Peter as much as you say you do you wouldn't be going to Chicago at all, we wouldn't be having this conversation, yet here we are…" Angela stood and walked to Kenzie's side, placing a hand on her shoulder "You're an independent woman who knows what she wants, and that's a wonderful thing, you've worked hard for what you've achieved and you deserve it, but don't fool yourself in thinking this 2 year plan you have will work out exactly how you planned it, things change all the time. You and Peter will change, isn't it best to end it now before he gives up everything for you and has nothing to come back to?"

"I think it's time you left" Kenzie told her sharply walking in to the kitchen.

Angela sighed and took a cell phone from her pocket, she pressed a few buttons then put it to her ear "Charles…she'll do it, she loves him enough to leave him behind and if she doesn't Linderman will make sure it happens…he needs to be here, she's a distraction he doesn't need, the world depends on her breaking up with him…he needs to be with you Charles, for our plan to work he needs to be with you. They aren't supposed to be together yet… my prayers are with you friend." Angela closed the phone and sighed looking towards the kitchen door, quietly she spoke "I'm sorry McKenzie" she walked to the door and left the apartment.

Mohinder looked at Kenzie when the mirage disappeared, he saw the reaction on Kenzie's face "obviously you didn't know that bit" Mohinder acknowledged.

Kenzie shook her head, "no, I left the room…I didn't know I could do that, watch part of something I didn't see"

Peter watched as Mohinder explained to Kenzie about the things he had seen, the other people with abilities he had encountered. Mind readers, radioactive, regeneratining, flying, walking through walls, telekinesis, melting objects with your mind, super hearing there were so many.

Peter was shocked at the conversation he had witnessed between his mother and Kenzie, why did his mother make her break up with him? Why had she listened to his mother? Peter couldn't stand around watching Kenzie it wasn't fair that she didn't know he was there, he was invading her privacy. Peter walked to the apartment door took one last look at Kenzie and Mohinder on the couch and quietly left the apartment.

Kenzie excused herself from the couch and Mohinder's company when her phone rang she walked in to the kitchen to talk privately "hello"

"Kenzie, its Heidi"

"Heidi, it's nice to hear from you"

"Have you been back long?"

"no only been back a couple of hours" Heidi and Kenzie had kept in contact on a regular basis, phone calls, e-mails, Heidi had even been to visit Kenzie once or twice and Kenzie always sent the boys birthday and Christmas presents. Just because Peter and Kenzie had broken up it didn't mean their close friendship had to end to.

"Good that means you haven't eaten yet then"

"No I haven't eaten…" Kenzie looked at the half made sandwich on the counter top "but…" Kenzie began to tell Heidi that she couldn't come for dinner knowing the next question Heidi would ask but Heidi interrupted

"Dinner will be ready at 7, be here for around 630" Heidi told her rather than asked her to dinner.

"Is Nathan going to be there? He's not exactly my biggest fan" Kenzie sighed.

"Don't worry about Nathan, I can handle Nathan" Heidi assured her

"I have no doubt you can handle him I just don't want to cause trouble" Kenzie explained

"You're not causing anything" Heidi told her "I'll see you at 630"

"Ok 630" Kenzie agreed putting the phone down then returning to Mohinder.

Heidi ended the call and looked up at Peter "she'll be here at 630" Peter smiled sweetly at her, his plan was going to work "she's worried about Nathan being here"

"Just enjoy the meal, and mention my name" Peter told her "I just need to know some things"

"And how will you know from me just mentioning your name?" Heidi inquired. Peter was being very strange. He had almost ran her down trying to find her in the house. He had asked her to call Kenzie, who he somehow knew was back in New York but had failed to tell Heidi how he knew she was back, invite her to dinner and then mention his name. "Peter what's going on?"

Peter sighed "you've always been the one to tell me Kenzie never cheated on me, that she'd never do that to me…you're the only person who ever believed her" Peter stared in to space "I believe it now, I just need some more proof"

"So what I get her talking about you while you hide in the closet?" Heidi joked

"Something like that" Peter smirked "I gotta go see Nathan. Thank you Heidi" Peter told her jogging towards the front door and leaving.

Heidi laughed "love makes you do some funny things"

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