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Six years has passed.

She gave up the boy hair cut, thank the Lord.

The rope is still there.

Or at least, half of it is.

The other half is coiled up in my garage.

I'm sitting in the castle, across from her. I sketch a couple lines, look up, sketch a couple more. She giggles.

"Your tongue is sticking out," Leslie says. I put it back in my mouth.

She sighs and scratches PT behind the ears. "Jess, how much longer will I have to sit here with this old fart of a dog on my lap?"

"Not much longer." I can tell she's enjoying the attention, and having PT on her lap. The "old fart" is enjoying the extra petting.

I finish putting on the last lines. "Okay, you're done." She sighed with relief and moved PT of her lap. He whined in protest as she stood up to stretch. She looks down at my drawing. "That's good." She says.

"You always say that."

" Your point?"

I laugh. She was the funniest person I knew. She tried teaching five-year-old Hannah Burke to spell her name. I remember:

"Can you say it?"

"Less. Lie. Less-lie."

"Right, Leslie. Now can you spell it?"


"No, that's not it. Repeat after me: L-E-S-L-I-E"


She sighed. "Never mind, Hannah. Go see Mommy, okay?"


"Yes, that's mommy's name."

"Jess! Earth to Jess!"

I snap back to reality. She grinning and waving a hand in my face. It was dark.

"We have to get going, or we'll be late for dinner. Want to stay over at my house tonight?" she was already halfway down the ladder.

"Yeah, my parents won't mind." in the dusky light, I could see the scar from the rock in the creek just above the scoop neck collar of her shirt.

We raced home together, no one winning and no one quite losing. "You'll have to help me color that drawing." I inform her when we get there. She groans.

"Would you rather PT color your face?" She smacks me and heads inside. I hang back for a moment, marveling at the world.

I walk inside, ready for another night of singing while washing the dishes.

Me and my guardian angel know some really good songs because of Ms. Edmunds.