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"Stanton, they're really nice once you get to know them." Serena smiled, moving closer to him.

"Yeah, I'm sure they are." He said sarcastically.

"Please, at least try to get along with them?"

Stanton shrugged, smiling, "Fine. But I doubt any good will happen." He kissed her temple before backing away.

Slowly he made his way down the school halls, enjoying the feel he got slipping in and out of the student's minds.

Stupid! Why won't this mix? He heard Catty think, causing him to stop and glance into the Art room. A smirk crossed his face. He dematerialized and slid under the door, materializing on the other side.

"Ugh!" Catty groaned, slamming her brush down on the nearby table.

"Having trouble?" He smirked, walking to her side.

"What do you want?" Catty snapped, glaring at him, blocking off her mind. Her powers bubbling close to the surface.

He raised his hands in proof. "I come in peace." He picked up the discarded brush with a strange artistic look.

Catty watched him, closely. "What are you doing?"

"Fixing your mess." He replied simply. He dipped the brush slightly in Catty's white paint before mixing it with her forest green mix, immediately causing it to turn to the shade Stanton could feel Catty had wanted.

"Thank you." She snapped, grabbing her brush back. "If you want to paint go work on your own."

Smirking Stanton took a blank canvas from a pile and began painting. It didn't take long before he lost interest and discarded the painting, heading for the door.

"When'd you learn to paint?" Catty asked. Stanton knew she had seen his painting.

"I'm from the Middle Ages, remember?" He scoffed, opening the door and walking out into the mass of bodies that filled the halls.

He spotted Jimena, unusually, by herself. He took a deep breath before he searched the student's minds looking for the right slang words. He found them effortlessly. "Yo! Waz up, Hommie G?" He shouted toward her flashing the signs he'd read in their minds.

Jimena glared at him, looking at him thinking he was as stupid as he felt.

"Hi?" She asked, guarding herself.

"Tu es…yeah I give up." Stanton declared. He turned away from her, catching her thought.

Does he think everyone talks like that?

Stanton shook his head spotting Vanessa under a tree with Michael and a few people Stanton recognized from their band. He went to them, sitting down friendly.

"Hey Stanton." Vanessa's smile unchanging. She knew he couldn't do a thing to her.

"Hey. What are you doing?" He asked unnecessarily. He knew from the moment he saw them that they were working on lyrics for a sing Vanessa wrote.

"Working on lyrics." Michael told him friendly.

"To this?" Stanton asked, gesturing to the I-dock that was playing the piano music softly.


"It's good. Very…what's the word I'm looking for?" He glanced over at Michael.

"It reminds me of those songs you hear on the History channel about those Medieval Bards."

"Yeah." He honestly agreed, without thinking he took Vanessa's paper and her gel pen and scribbled out a poem that would've been read by a bard in his time. "I'll see you guys." He handed the pen and paper back to Vanessa as he got to his feet.

"Where'd you hear this?" She asked him.

"In my head." He smiled back. Confused about how normal he felt with her, he liked it. But not nearly as much as he liked Serena's company. Speak of the devil. Stanton thought joking, feeling Serena delicately slip into his mind. He smiled like he had this big secret that no one else knew.