Last chapter! Nice and quick. Jumps ahead about a season for the traditional recorder's epilogue, then jumps back for a quick surprise. ;)


From the Diary of John Churchmouse, historian and recorder of Redwall Abbey in Mossflower country.

It is now just over halfway through the Winter of the Large Icicle, (named that at the request of the Dibbuns) over a season since the horde of Toka threatened our magnificent abbey. Not much has changed since then, only one or two things. Swayner and Marigold are engaged to wed as soon as the snow begins to melt. They want to celebrate their marriage in the warmer climate of Spring.

Mattimeo and Tess, on the other hand, remain faithful friends, although no one, not even them, are denying the fact that there's much more between them than that. As I see it, it's only a matter of time before they follow Marigold and Swayner's example and wed as well, but the question that remains still is when it will happen. However, while I wish the best for them, especially my ever-growing daughter, I will not rush them. This is something they must decide themselves.

Weylan and Kesmin, after much debate (mostly on Weylan's part) decided to remain at Redwall, and have made no plans to leave any time soon. Kesmin has become a cook in the kitchen, and in her spare time craves figurines out of wood. I have seen some of these figurines and have tasted her cooking. Both are exemplary.

Weylan, in addition to Mattimeo, has befriended Cheek, and both otters can be seen interacting with each other daily, though I'm afraid Weylan is starting to pick up a few of Cheek's mannerisms. Weylan has also been participating in the lessons in swordplay Matthias has been giving Mattimeo as of late, and both are getting quite skilled. I believe they'll be a magnificent pair of warriors before the season's done.

Matthias is especially proud of Mattimeo, who has taken to wielding the sword of Martin the Warrior very, very well. It is clear that Mattimeo is indeed Matthias's son on that matter, and I imagine it will not be long before Mattimeo will be graced with the honor of becoming the next champion of Redwall. Although, he might as well be the champion now, seeing that the limp Matthias obtained from battling that terrible illness he fought during Toka's siege has not faded, and is showing no signs of ever doing so.

Still, this has not slowed Matthias down in the slightest, who has been helping anywhere he can all throughout the abbey. Right now he is helping the other elders clear snow from the ramparts on the western wall, so that one can travel safely up there should the need arise, although in my opinion, it is much too cold to be standing on the blustery wall top.

All in all, it has been a very peaceful season, and may the abbey of Redwall, as well as all of Mossflower be graced with many more like it.

John Churchmouse (Recorder of Redwall Abbey, formerly of Saint Ninian's)

The meadow was silent.

Every creature had vacated the area, and none had returned yet. And it was not surprising that this was so. First, vermin turned up in large numbers. They scouted out the land, and thus chased away most of the birds present. Then, the hill containing the otter treasure caved in, scaring off any creature that had remained. And even now, about two days later, the meadow was empty except for the pile of rubble in it's center, all that remained of the hill, and a large could of dust that hung over it still.

All was silent.

Then, a bird flew by overhead. Weary from a long flight, it was searching for someplace to land, and upon seeing the meadow, dropped down to get a closer look, knowing that meadows often had places to perch. As it got closer, and saw the source of the cloud of dust, it became curious, dropping down to land on a small stone. It looked around inquisitively, as if hoping to find some obvious clue to the caved-in hill.

Everything remained silent still.

Until the rock the bird was perched on began to move.

At first the bird ignored the wiggling movement under him, but when the rock suddenly jolted to the left, the startled bird took to the air and flew off, deciding to find somewhere else to perch. After the bird had left, the rock continued to wiggle some more until it finally tipped over and rolled away from that spot, knocking a few more loose rocks away in the process.

Finally, a cut and mangled paw broke out from under the rubble. It stretched forth into the air as far as it could. Then, claws waggling weakly, began to feel around for a pawhold. Finding one, the paw pulled on it with all it's might.

More rocks, dirt, and other debris shifted, and an arm came free of the rubble. A breeze blowing the dust from the arm's fur, the arm rested for a moment, then pulled again, this time pulling much more of the body it was attached to free from the rubble.

Grim pulled his head out of the debris and, silent as always, looked around, blinking away the dirt in his eyes. It did not take long for the weasel to determine that he was the only remaining survivor of the cave-in, and that Toka and the rest of the horde were undoubtably dead. As he pulled the rest of his body free, he looked towards camp.

It still stood, but it was clear that it had been empty and unattended to for sometime now. Letting the breeze shake the dirt from his battered and torn body, Grim pondered his next move, then made it. Being very weak, and having several broken limbs to favor, the weasel crawled towards camp, with only one goal in mind at the moment.

The going has long and hard, and it wasn't until midmorning the next day of ceaseless crawling did Grim finally reach his goal. The camp's infirmary tent. There, Grim spent the next several days treating his many injuries, resting and allowing his body heal until he could more easily travel.

As he waited, he planned out what to do now, and the plans were not long in the waiting. There was only one thing responsible for all of this. And it would take many seasons before he was in any condition to take any action towards it, and several seasons more before he was ready to carry the plans out.

But one way or another, Grim would have his revenge upon Redwall...

Yep, it's a cliffhanger ending! Which means a sequel is in order! But I'm going to be mean and go on to post a totally unrelated Redwall story first! (it'll be quick tho, I want to get on with the sequel) So look out for my next story (entitled "I Am That Is") and then later, the sequel, "Weylan's Family"! Till then, see ya :)