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Strictly bookverse, the TV verse doesn't float my boat.

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Set post 'Proven Guilty' but pre 'White Night'.

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Spirit Levels

Chapter One

Dresden Dreams?

'You know those dreams that you know are dreams, but they don't feel like dreams, well I was having one of those.

I was climbing the stairs to my office, the elevator was being unreliable again, so I was trying to look innocent while climbing the stairs to my office. After all, the elevator being on the fritz had nothing to do with enchanted scorpion ectoplasm in the workings of the motor, and even if it did, I wouldn't have any idea what that was, cause stuff like that, crazy talk.

I'd let my apprentice, Molly Carpenter, stay home and sleep in, as we'd been up late prodding at nasties with the Alpha's. I wouldn't be up myself, but a guy has to earn a living.

My dog/ hairy dinosaur, Mouse wandered up the stairs, a step in front of me, as he took up too much space to share mine.

I reached the office, not even a little out of breath, cause hell, I'm a he man, but stopped before I touched the door. I could hear music drifting from within, but, I could feel that my wards were still in place, so, I must have left the radio on.

Which would have been a perfectly sensible explanation, if I wasn't Chicago's only advertised, for hire, wizard and didn't blow up electrical stuff, when I get within twenty feet if I was even a little bit annoyed. Hence not owning a radio, further hence, weird.

I unlocked my wards, and tried my door, no static, no unusual cold or warmth, so not Mab, back to claim her second favor or a visit from any member of the Summer Court come to pay a visit.

Molly was in bed at home, and Thomas, my brother, who I hadn't heard from in a while, were the only ones who I'd enabled to get around my wards, but Thomas would not likely show at my office without letting me know first, as his worries about the White Council had been driving a wedge between us for a while. If I'm honest he has a point, I mean, how do you explain to the magical nut jobs, who kill children who make mistakes, that, yes, my brother is a White Court sex vampire but that doesn't make him a particularly bad guy, especially since I joined club nut job?

I shook the thought away, and prepared myself for bad guy activity, but I tried to look welcoming, just in case it was Molly, Murphy, Thomas, or maybe even a client.

It turned out to be none of the above, the shiny new swivel chair I'd got after the completion of Little Chicago stopped eating up, my new Warden paycheck was turned towards the wall, and the body of a dark haired young woman lay slumped in it. It might have been the angle at which she was sitting that told me she was already dead, or maybe it was the spray of arterial blood that underlined the words 'Heal Thyself' in the same 'ink' on the back wall, that gave it away.

Either way I woke up with a start, and heard the song, 'Good Riddance' by Green Day drifting through an open half window, as it had drifted down the corridor of my office building in my dream.