Summary: Harry Potter is continuously abused, verbally and physically, by the Dursleys. The neighbors all know that but turn the other way. When Dumbledore stops being blind and sees the truth, he sends Snape to take Harry away. So now Harry must spend two months with the man he secretly loves. He must sleep in the same room for safety reasons, eat at the same table, and live under the same roof for two months with the greasy haired git. It shouldn't be that hard….right? What he doesn't realize, as he fights his emotions for Snape, is that the teacher also loves Harry. After summer, they both realize they can't stop their feelings towards each other, which means there will be trouble in Hogwarts. Set after 5th year. Crappy summary but good story, R&R!

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In a small room, hidden by the shadows, a raven haired boy lay in agony. The lightning bolt scar that plagued him had a dull pulse of pain, giving him a headache. Two days was all he had endured so far…he knew his body couldn't, wouldn't take this type of beating for two months. Earlier he had dropped Dudley's food, earning a furious set of punches to his gut and shoulder. Just before his uncle went to bed, he kicked his nephew down the stairs, laughing as he heard a bone or two break. His aunt who looked like a horse had forced him to clean up his blood on the staircase with bleach, giving Dudley the opportunity to slam his face in it. His name was Harry Potter, son of Lily and James Potter, savior of the Wizarding world, and victim to Muggle beatings.

It was the first hour of his third day and he was missing his friends terribly. Although he neglected to tell them about his abuse, they always made him feel safe. His stomach growled in anger…or was it hunger? He couldn't tell anymore. The taste of bleach and vomit stayed in his mouth, his head pounding. Closing his eyes, he silently wished that this would all end in one way or another. If only someone would help…

"Severus, I need you to do me a favor." Dumbledore stated while sitting down. It was rare that the headmaster went straight to business without a twinkle in his eyes, which set off mental alarms in Snape's mind. Following his actions, Snape raised an eyebrow.

"Yes Albus?" His voice showed he was careful and on his guard. Dumbledore, of all people, arriving at midnight without the blasted twinkle in his eyes meant danger. With a simple wave of his wand, tea appeared before both men.

The headmaster took a long sip and said bluntly, "I need you to get Harry Potter from his family and keep him here. Before you argue and protest, Severus, I have shocking reason for a request such as this. I found out recently that the Dursleys are abusing him and I fear he won't last through this summer. You saw inside his mind, my boy, and you know how horrible his life must be. Keep him here with you for this summer and try to be nice."

After a long argument of where the Potter boy would stay, how Snape should act, and of his friends, Snape reluctantly went to the Dursleys. The neighborhood looked normal; a bright blue ball left in the dew covered lawn, chimneys releasing smoke from the evening meal, middle class cars parked in driveways, and a few dogs and cats resting on the porches. But a soft moan of pain made the reality come crashing down. From a distance, the cry for help sounded like the wind whistling by. But from where Snape stood, he knew it was Harry Potter.

Easily unlocking the door, the potions master walked upstairs and listened again. Harry's attempt to quiet his violent cough was a miserable attempt that failed, for Snape knew at once where he was located. Unlocking the dozen locks with slight curiosity, he walked in and examined the room. Finding a small body curled in a corner, Severus got closer and sneered, "Potter, get up."

Harry stood up, thinking it was one of his family members, and stumbled towards the door, "Yes Uncle Vernon." Three staggers and two steps later, he fell to his knees and threw up, cursing the invention of bleach.

Snape's black eyes widened with shock as he ran over, placing a hand on Harry's back, "What in the name of Merlin is wrong with you, Potter?" Not used to getting touched, he flinched and moved back some. Sighing heavily, Severus spoke softly as if he were talking to a five year old, "Mr. Potter, I am not here to hurt you."

Recognizing the voice, he looked up and blinked, "…Professor Snape?" His voice was hoarse and cracked with pain. Not waiting for an answer, Harry threw his arms around the over sized bat's neck and clung onto him like life itself. Tension flooded his body as he felt the Golden Boy hug him. Snape tried to sneer but failed, waved his wand to gather Harry's stuff, and left. He promised himself he would come back to punish the Muggles that inflected such pain of the young wizard.

When they reached the small house on Spinner's End, Snape laid the clinging teen on his bed and watched him fall into a deep slumber. Perfect. Getting some potions, he healed what bruises and broken bones he saw, flinching at the damage. Severus managed to get him to drink a potion in his sleep which would get rid of any poisons, including bleach. A new flare of anger lit up in his mind as Snape wondered how long Harry had put up with the Dursleys.

Walking downstairs to sit in front of the fireplace, Snape drowned himself in Fire whiskey, waiting for dawn to appear.

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