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Springkink prompt – July 2 #11 - Devil May Cry, Dante/Trish: Heroic gesture - "Didn't think it'd ever turn out this way."


When he'd planted that sword in the ground next to her (a headstone) and placed the amulet on her (closest thing to a red, red rose), he'd expected that to be the last he saw of her in this life.

After all, he wasn't exactly welcome in Mundus' throne room. He thought he would seal the Underworld away for another two thousand years, and join them all in death before the time came around again for the next big battle.

He hadn't expected Mundus to come back for another round and he really hadn't expected her to show up like that, saving his ass instead of frying it.

And afterwards, when she'd hugged him, he'd been hard pressed to not cop a feel of hers.

It had been a stupid gesture, to throw away his best weapon, the one that had saved his bacon this time and that his theoretical son would probably also have needed, because at the time Dante thought he would end up with a human chick and so his son would probably be less powerful than him, just like Dante had needed both Sparda's power and Trish's to prevail.

She'd looked so damn heroic, her voice strong as she told him to use her power, selflessly giving it up like she'd given up her life, jumping down and pushing him out of the way.

He'd wanted to be the hero, it was what he'd prepared all his life to be, and here Trish was the real hero of the story.

And the hero always gets the girl. Or, in this case, incredibly handsome guy.

"Penny for your thoughts?" she asked him, lying languidly on top of him.

"Just thinking about how we got here. You?"

"I didn't think it would ever turn out this way." She kissed him on the nose. "I mean, I was supposed to screw you over, and here I am. Screwing you."

He laughed.

"And it looks like you're up for another round." She moved against him, those perfect breasts coming into sight as she pushed herself up on her elbows.

"You'll be the death of me, woman." He pulled her down into a kiss.

"Of course."