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I hope this story comes out good. The first chapter is really short, but it's just for readers to get a feel for the situation at hand in the story. I know many of my stories are somewhat dark.

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Sasuke knew the new girl. He knew that they were best friends and she'd do anything for him, but he thought it was just becauase of their friendship. He didn't know who far she'd go for him.

Akira Toshiyomi wasn't your standard kunoichi. She was brilliant. Short, unrully dark brown hair and unusually pale skin were the figure of a top Konohagakura ninja. Not to mention her brilliant gray eyes.

Now even though she knew nothing of the girl, she was a lot like Hinata Hyuuga. But instead of Naruto, she was a the silent, not so obsessive fangirl - and best friend - of Sasuke Uchiha.

Akira was one of the only people Sasuke trusted, but Sasuke only saw her as a friend. Akira never stalked, but she liked Sasuke, and was very shy about him. She was the only one of his fangirls that knew about Itachi.

And she had promised him after Itachi had used Tsukuyomi on Sasuke for a second time that she'd help him. Sasuke, trusting Akira, accepted.

Then the day came where Sasuke decided to let the most infamous Itachi's words take hold. But where was Akira going to fall in this mess?

What did I tell you? Short I know, but the next chapters from here on out will be somewhat longer. R&R if you please, if not thanks for reading anyway.