Sorry I've been away for a bit – I lost all the files for the next chapters to The End, so will be updating that in due course.

Meanwhile – a new story while I rewrite :-)

This is set after the end of the Master's demise and the revelation of Jack being the Face of Boe etc. Even though Jack's gone in the TV series, I'm not getting rid of him. But there's no Martha here!

The Doctor was sitting alone outside the TARDIS in the Powell Estate on a chilly day in December 2001. He had his eyes peeled on the door that led into the Tyler's flat and had done so for the last hour, waiting for some small sign of movement. Finally the door opened and a blonde girl, about fifteen years of age, walked out, hanging on her boyfriend's arm with a silly grin on her face. He watched her look at him lovingly and felt a small stab of jealousy hit both his hearts. There was a time when she had favoured him with that smile, had hung on to his arm and had held his hand. There was a time when she had needed his hugs to protect her, and there were countless times when they had to run for their lives. That was all in her future, but now in the Doctor's past, forever imprinted in his brilliant mind. He watched his Rose turn the corner and got to his feet, wiping a tear from his eye as he stepped back into the TARDIS. Captain Jack Harkness was at the centre control point, running a hand through his hair, and he turned as the approaching footsteps reached his ears. The Doctor made his way across the latticed floors to Jack and sunk into a seat by his side.

"How's she doing?" Jack asked, studying the Doctor closely with pale, intent, almost grey-looking eyes. He smiled slightly.

"She's over the flu now, bless her. Back to school now."

Jack grinned.

"Bet that made her happy."

The Doctor laughed quietly and jabbed at a few buttons on the main console with the heels of his Converse-clad feet. Jack raised his eyebrows.

"Show-off. So where are your oh-so-talented feet taking us then?"

The Doctor grinned and cocked his head.

"North Pole. Thought I'd show you where Santa and his reindeer live."

"Come off it." Jack laughed.

The TARDIS rocked a little and then settled onto what seemed like a mountain peak of ice and snow. Jack stepped out and shrugged his great military coat further over his shoulders as the ice cold wind hit him.

"OK, maybe not Santa. You've seen his home" grinned the Doctor, nodding towards the TARDIS. Jack laughed as he continued. "But a something from space hit this spot a couple of days ago, and it's giving off signs of alien tech. Could be a chance for you to show off your Torchwood skills, Captain."

Jack smiled, but only half-heartedly this time. His thoughts drifted briefly to Gwen, Owen, Toshiko and Ianto, his team back in Cardiff. His smile faltered as he wondered what they were doing. Was Torchwood still even going? Had the team just drifted apart without his firm guidance to steer them in the right direction. No, he was giving himself too much credit. The others were probably fine without him, they weren't stupid after all.

"Jack?" The Doctor's voice cut into his thoughts and he snapped back into action. "Come on."

The two men worked their way across the ice and snow until they reached a small, silver capsule. It was big enough for up to three people, the Doctor confirmed, and as Jack opened it up they could see that there were indeed three people inside. Two of them looked as though they were made of ice. The other was a young girl, about sixteen or seventeen years old. She was cowering in the back seat, a coat tucked about her knees, her sleek, brown hair covering her face. Jack knelt inside the capsule and reached to place a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, what's your name, sweetheart?" he asked. The Doctor bent to study the frozen bodies as he did so.

The girl looked up, and pushed her hair back to reveal terrified brown eyes. She opened her mouth to speak.

"Chloe." she whispered. "Chloe Foster."

Jack smiled. "Well, Chloe Foster, I'm Captain Jack Harkness and that's the Doctor."

Chloe nodded and smiled shakily at them both. "Where are we?"

"The North Pole."

"Earth" chipped in the Doctor helpfully. Chloe giggled.

"I'm from Earth. Dad's a scientist, he was trying to build a ship that could take a whole family to the stars. He thought today was going to be his big breakthrough." She started crying. "Oh, God, and now they're both…"

The Doctor laid a hand on Jack's arm.

"Come and look at this" he murmured. "What's your diagnosis?"

"Frozen to death, definitely." Jack confirmed. "And look, there's a gap here that would have let enough cold air in to do that. Looks like it took…best part of thirty seconds, I'd say."

The Doctor nodded.

"But then" continued Jack "if they froze to death so quickly, and the air filled the whole ship, then how…"

"Did I survive?" piped up Chloe. "Dad was brilliant, but he thought the heating would be enough once we were over the Atlantic, so neither Dad nor Mum wore more than one layer. I was more sensible. Sweltering hot throughout the journey, but it kept me alive. Parents never listen to children."

Jack shook his head. "Such a tragic waste."

The Doctor nodded in agreement. He was still looking around the capsule.

"This might sound odd, but we're looking for some alien technology." Jack explained. "We got a signal that there was something alien on this ship."

Chloe frowned. "Nothing alien as far as I know, but Dad did keep a lot of secrets."

"Mind if we take a look?"

Chloe shook her head as Jack and the Doctor started to rifle through her parents' belongings. Frustration became apparent on their faces as they found nothing in the bags and Jack turned exasperatedly to Chloe.

"Was there nothing strange at all?"

Chloe shook her head and ran her right hand through her hair. Jack suddenly grabbed her wrist and gently pulled it towards him. He turned her hand so her palm was facing downwards and held it up to eye level. The Doctor leaned over, putting his glasses on as he did so. They were looking at the ring on her middle finger.

"Where did you get this?" the Doctor asked.

"Birthday present from Dad" Chloe said, puzzlement clear in her voice. "Beautiful, isn't it?"

It was silver, made from what seemed like three strands woven together. Set in the middle were three stones, one a pale blue, one a pale pink and the other was pearly white. The Doctor slid it off her finger and twisted it round so he could study it. Jack leaned over his shoulder to see it better. He was still holding Chloe's hand.

"Oh, it's a tracer!" the Doctor exclaimed, awe decorating every word.

"I'm being tracked?" Chloe was shocked.

"The big question is" puzzled Jack "who's tracing you?"