A/N: Quick one-shot that I threw together for some fun. Don't own Gilmore Girls (though I wouldn't mind a certain Blonde hottie...yummm...). Anyways for the sake of this snipit Rory is Colin little sister. Enjoy.

I had been standing behind Colin for at least ten minutes and he still hadn't noticed me. The blonde beside him noticed when I walked up nodded when I indicated that he should stay quite about my presence. I almost regret that now. Shaking my head I lean over just enough so the blonde's ear is level with my mouth. He leans back slightly to listen.

"I want to have some fun with my brother over there and you're going to help me." I whisper. He arches an eyebrow in question and I smile. He must have caught it out of the corner of his eye because he gave me the faintest smirk in return. Leaning forward a little more so I could slide into his lap from over the couch I pressed my lips to his.

His tongue ran softly along my lower lip seeking entrance. I moan as he slips into my mouth. 'Damn he's a good kisser' I think before all my thoughts fly out of my head.


We pull apart to look at Colin.

"Rory? What the fuck are you doing to my sister Logan!"

"Dude, she's on top of me. Shouldn't the question be reversed?"

"Don't be smart, it's not becoming."

"If you had noticed me in the ten minutes that I was standing behind you I wouldn't have had to resort to making out with your friend. Though I am sort of glad you ignored me."

"I'm that good of kisser huh?"

"Oh great, you're an egomaniac."

"No, just highly praised by the ladies."

"You remind me of someone…..now who was it…..oh yeah, Paris Hilton. She topped the Celebrity Ego list this year."

"Ouch, compared to Paris Hilton. That's low."