Lately Kyle has been feeling strangely about Declan. He wondered if it was normal but the more he thought about it, the more he got frustrated. He eventually gave up and wanted to ask someone to help him understand how he was feeling but didn't know who to turn to. He saw Lori watching TV and knew Josh was up stairs. He debated in his mind who he should talk to then chose Lori since she doesn't think Kyle is an alien like Josh.

Kyle walked up to Lori and looked down at her. "What is it Kyle?" Lori asked. Kyle hesitated before answering. He felt very awkward and nervous. "Lori I want to ask you something... But I don't know how you might react." Kyle said nervously. Lori turned the TV off. "It's okay Kyle. Sit down and tell me what's bothering you." Kyle sat down next to Lori and had his head down looking at the ground getting more nervous. "Well I have these feelings inside me about someone. Feelings I've never felt before and I don't understand them." Kyle said softly. Lori rubbed Kyle's back. "Who's the girl, Kyle?" Lori asked. "It isn't a girl." Kyle responded. Lori's jaw dropped and made a quick gasp.

"I'm sorry. Are you upset with me?" Kyle asked. "No no of course not. It's just. You are the last person I expected to be gay." Lori said. "What's gay?" Kyle asked. Lori looked at Kyle sympathetically. "Oh my gosh. Kyle you seriously don't know?" Kyle shook his head no. Lori felt awkward having to explain this to Kyle. "Well gay is when a guy likes another guy or girl liking another girl." Kyle picked his head up and looked at Lori. "Is that okay?" Kyle asked. "Kyle not everyone is very accepting of gay people. Some people are understanding and some are just intolerant idiots that hate them for now reason. And if you're gay Kyle I don't mind. I completely respect your lifestyle."

"Am I not normal then?" Kyle asked. "Don't think like that Kyle. Love is the same regardless of gender." Lori said. "Will Josh and everyone else be accepting of me?" Kyle asked. "I'm not sure but don't force your self. You tell them when you feel you're ready. So anyways... Who's the guy you like?" Lori asked. Kyle turned away. He didn't want to tell Lori just yet fearing it may shatter her heart. "If you don't want to tell me just yet that's fine." Lori said. Kyle turned around. "Thanks Lori." Kyle said. Kyle walked up stairs and saw Josh sitting on the other side of the rail.

Kyle looked at Josh. "...Were you listening?" Kyle asked. "No..." "Then why are you sitting there?" Josh sighed and got up. "Fine. I was listening but I just want you to know I don't care, gay straight or bi. You're still my friend." Kyle was confused on what Josh meant by being bi. "What's bi?" Kyle asked.

Josh sighed. "Ooh boy now I have to explain this to you. Bi is when a guy likes both guys and girls or when a girl likes both guys and girls." Kyle nodded. "This is all so confusing for me..." Kyle said. Josh patted Kyle on his back. "Don't worry. You'll get it. You're a smart guy." Josh said. Kyle went into his room and shut the door behind him and took a deep breath. He sat at his desk and started to day dream about Declan. He rested his head on the desk and looked out the window. Thoughts of Declan shirtless made him hot. He felt his jean tighten and felt some sort of strain. Kyle blushed and groaned softly. "Why does this always happen when I think about him?" Kyle rubbed his crotch and groaned more. "...It feels so good..." He said to him self. "I feel so needy... I wish there was some way to make it go away."

Suddenly Josh knocked on the door. "Kyle can I come in?" Kyle panicked and quickly pulled his chair further into his desk hiding his boner. "Sure." Kyle said nervously. Josh walked in and shut the door. "I wanted to know who's the guy that you liked." Josh said. Kyle looked at Josh. "Okay but... Don't tell Lori... It's Declan." Josh burst out laughing. "How the hell did I know?" Kyle rolled his eyes. "Just please don't tell Lori. It might upset her." Josh stopped laughing. "Alright. I promise." Josh said. Kyle hesitated. "...Could you get out now?" Kyle asked.

"...Why do you want me out so fast?" Josh asked. "Please go." Kyle implored. Josh smirked. "What are you hiding?" Josh was persistent. "It's nothing, really!" Kyle said. Josh pulled out Kyle's chair and saw the bump in Kyle's pants. He fell to the floor laughing hysterically. Lori heard the thud Josh made from falling. "Kyle? Are you okay?" Lori asked. "Oh no it's Lori!" Kyle said. She walked up stairs making her way to Kyle's room. Josh quickly went for the door and slammed it in Lori's face. "What?! HEY!!!!" Lori said banging on the door. "Go away! Kyle and I are having guy talk." Josh said. Lori sighed in frustration. "Whatever!" she yelled and went back downstairs. Josh looked at Kyle grinning trying to prevent further laughter.

"Dude, d'you like Declan that much that he makes you hard?" Josh asked. Kyle was yet again confused by Josh's words. "Hard?" Kyle asked. Josh blushed from embarrassment. "Dude, you don't know what I mean?" Josh asked. Kyle shook his head no. "Well Kyle, That is what I mean getting hard." Josh said pointing to Kyle's boner. "You're sexually excited." Josh said. Josh felt some-what professional having to explain sex to Kyle since Kyle is like a genius yet doesn't know stuff he should know by now.

"How do I explain this..." Josh said to him self. "When a guy gets sexually excited 'penis' gets hard." Josh started to feel awkward now. "How do I make it go away?" Kyle asked. "..." Josh was speechless and didn't know how to respond. "Well?" Kyle asked. "...You er... jerk off..." Josh said. "Jerk off?" Kyle yet AGAIN confused. "Ya know... You start to stroke your dick until you feel an overwhelming jolt of energy then cum starts to shoot out... I think I've said enough, do the rest of the math on your own." Josh said leaving the room feeling embarrassed.