Declan stepped closer to Kyle who had his head down looking to the side.

"Kyle..." He said seriously and put his hands on Kyle's shoulders.

"I've done a lot of thinking. I did a shitty thing and I know sorry wont ever take back what I've done but I mean this when I say that I really do love you."

Kyle formed a fist in his hand. It shaked as if he was trying to hold back from throwing a punch but in reality, he was trying to hold back his tears.

"Why are you realizing this now? Why didn't you before?"

"I was so focused on... 'Other' things that I never stopped to notice how important you are to me. I never stopped to notice that you're the only person I've ever really opened up to. Whenever I needed someone to talk to, you were there and listened to me. You helped me when I needed it. I was too dense to realize it before. I want to make it up to you. please give me a chance."

"Josh... Will not be happy..." Kyle said sounding as if he's taking Declan's word and giving him another chance.

"W-what? Whats up with Josh?"

"Josh and I... We... Josh grew feelings for me as I for him but honestly... I feel trapped. I care about him a lot but being under the same roof. I don't see how it can work. But he seems dedicated and wants to make me happy."

"...Are you saying that you'll give me another chance?"

"I'm not giving you a no. I'm not giving you a yes. Give me some time okay? I first have to resolve my issue with Josh..."

"And then what?"

"And then I'll see where it all goes from there..."

Declan hugged Kyle. "I really do care about you, Kyle." Was Declan telling the truth? If not, then he's a damn good liar.

Kyle continued about his week as if nothing really happened. He and Josh continued their antics. Kyle wanted to discuss it with Josh but whenever he tried, words didn't seem to form. Instead he just looked at Josh awkwardly for two seconds and just kissed him gently on the lips. Josh never asked questions again after Kyle's break down days before. He was afraid he might lose Kyle if he did so he just left it be.

It was a scorching hot day. Hotter than usual. Josh laid on the living room couch feeling lazy and disgusted with the heat. Kyle walked in and noticed the lazy teen on the couch and smiled. The thoughts about confronting Josh about their relationship crossed his mind whenever he saw Josh but as usual, he turned mute at the thought.

Josh had his arm over his eyes dozing off and didn't hear Kyle enter the room. Quiety, Kyle climbed on top of Josh and cuddled him. "Kyle, its too hot. Cut it out."

Kyle smirked and pulled Josh's shirt up to his neck. "Does that make you feel any better?" Kyle asked playfully. Josh groaned and put his free hand on Kyle's back. "Why are you torturing me like this?" Josh jokingly said.

Josh's sweaty body emphasized all the muscles in his torso. It kinda turned Kyle on how it glistended in the light. The wet slippery feel. "You're so hot..." Kyle whispered.

"Yeah, and your body heat against mine isn't help now is it?"

Josh suddenly shoved Kyle on his back on pinned him down on the other end of the couch. Josh grinned and Kyle and kissed him deeply. "I can see that you're in a different kind of heat that I'm in," Josh said, groping Kyle's crotch. Kyle moaned as Josh grabbed his hardening cock and in retrun, gropped the younger teens ass.

Josh quickly pulled off Kyle's jeans and boxers, freeing his pulsating cock from its prison. Kyle immediately started sweating heavily. His white slim-fitted t-shirt was almost completely drenched. Josh could make out the image of Kyle's abs and chest through the wet shirt and his erect nipples that made an imprint. Seeing Kyle like this was so hot. He wasted no time and immediately took Kyle's entire length into his mouth. Kyle's legs shivered just as Josh's tongue touched his dick. He hasn't had any sexual relief in a while and Josh sucking him off felt amazing.

Just before he was about to cum, Kyle realized something. Just as he pushed Josh off him, he shot his load all over his shirt and face. Josh looked at Kyle's cum-covered face and laughed. "Your timing was way off!" Josh said laughing. Josh crawled over to Kyle and licked some of the cum off his cheek.

This is not good... I'm no better than Declan... I don't know what I should do anymore...

Later that evening, Kyle went to Lori's room to talk to her.

"I don't know what to do anymore. I love Declan and I want to be with him. I'm happy with Josh but I can't help but feel trapped being udner the same roof as him and always being in secret."

Lori stood against her door with her arms crossed while Kyle sat on her bed.

"Quite frankly Kyle, I think you want Josh and Declan all at once."

"No, its not that its..."

"Am I right?"

Kyle remained silent. She was right.

Lori walked over to Kyle and placed her hand on his shoulder. "As gross as I think it is, considering he and I came from the same mother, Josh is happy with you and all he wants is for you to be happy. I know the secrecy is difficult- Well, actually, they already know but its still the proper thing to do but-"

Kyle cut Lori off from her sentence. "Wait, what? Stephen and Nicole already know?"

"I heard them talking about it a few nights ago. They're not upset. I think they just feel a little awkward about intervening so they just left you guys alone. Althought, I'm pretty sure they're not oblivious to what you both do with no one is home." After saying that last bit, Lori felt like puking.

Kyle looked down, feeling embarrassed and slight shame.

"As I was saying before, Josh really cares about you and you should give him a chance. Everything will work itself out in time."

"I talked to Declan a few days ago, thats why. He said he did a lot of think and he really does love me."

Lori felt the urge to slap Kyle. "And that excuses him for using your body? Where are your senses Kyle? A perfectly good guy like Josh is staring you in the face and you'll give him up for some guy who used you? Even if he is telling the truth, it doesn't excuse anything he did! I'm leaving it at that. You make your decision. Its all on you now." Lori turned around not facing Kyle. Her words were harsh but true.

Kyle left Lori's room and walked outside onto the porch.

The air was really warm but the night breeze was chilly. It felt relaxing. He texted Declan to come over and texted Josh to come outside. "Kyle?" Josh said as he came out onto the porch and walked next to Kyle. "Are you okay?" Kyle took a deep breath. "I told Declan to come over. We need to talk... All of us..."

Josh shoved Kyle. "What the hell is wrong with you? When we first started you had no problem with us! Why do you suddenly have an issue?"

"I still love Declan."

Josh shoved Kyle again. "After everything he's done!"

Kyle shoved Josh back. "Says the one who knew I loved him and ended up fucking him!"

Kyle rarely ever swore. To hear him cuss is something foreign to Josh.

"...He raped me!"

At a loss for words, Kyle stood there looking at Josh confused. "...Whats rape?"

Josh picked his head up and looked and Kyle as tears started building up in his eyes.

"Hey...!" said Declan in the distance as he approached the hourse. Josh and Kyle looked at Declan as he walked up the steps of the porch and stood there looking at the two boys. "Whats going on?" He asked. Josh turned his attention to Kyle again.

"Rape is when someone forces you to have sex with them when you tell them no, and that's what Declan did to me."

"What? Sure you said no but you wanted it in the end and you ended up going out with me and doing it with me more! So don't you dare try to make me seem like the bad guy here! You even said you liked it afterwards!"

Josh opened his mouth to protest but he had nothing to say. He was right.

"So anyways, Kyle..." Delcan began. "I'm assuming you've made your choice?"

"Everything is a mess but he's the real problem here! Not you and not me!" Josh yelled.

"I love you Kyle. Please trust me... Just this once more..."

Josh punched Declan in the jaw. "Are you fucking serious?"

Kyle stood there aimlessly looking at the two argue.

"You can't forgive him Kyle!" Josh heled Kyle's face as he cried. "When something better is looking you in the face and wants nothing more than to just be happy with you... Are you seriously willing to give me up for him?"

At that moment, it was like a nerve in Kyle's brain snapped. He couldn't take it anymore. He shoved Josh into Declan and began. "I'm fucking sick of you! Both of you! I can't take this bullshit anymore! I'm sorry it had to come to this Josh, and Declan, I want you out of my life for good! LEAVE ME ALONE!" Kyle stormed back into the house. Lori was standing there by the door listening to their argument. Kyle didn't even notice her as he stormed in and went and locked himself in his bedroom.

Lori walked outside and saw Josh and Declan standing their on opposite corners with a look of disbelief on their faces. She looked and Declan then turned and looked at Josh. Rather than say anything, she shook her head and returned into the house.

Love is like a drug. It fucks you up and you know it, but yet you continue crawling back for more... I'm sick of it. I'd be better off not feeling anything anymore.