Hi there! This is Tari Sirfalas, here with my (hopefully) masterpiece: Temper Tantrum. Be warned, it has the probability of being really long, so be pacient. I oringally had shorter chapters, but I've puts some together, for the convience of everyone here. Enjoy!

Temper Tantrum

Chapter 1: Midsummer's Vision

It was a warm, beautiful summer day in Retroville. The sun was shining brightly upon the hazy little town. It was a perfect day to be outside. And almost everyone was, from Mrs. Neutron, who was gardening in the front yard, to Capn' Betty, who was humming a sailing tune while sitting on a bench in the park. But there was one boy genius still inside.

Jimmy Neutron was lying on his bed, staring up at the blank white ceiling. His expression portrayed only one emotion: complete and utter boredom. His sapphire eyes were glazed over with dullness, and his limbs hung useless by his side. Goddard, his faithful robotic dog, was laid out on the bed beside him, dozing. Jimmy sighed, breaking the long heavy silence smothering the room.

"Aw, Goddard, I don't know what to do. Carl is giving his mom a deep soothing sponge bath, and Sheen won't be back until tomorrow from his family reunion in New Mexico. We have to find something to do." he said with a sigh. He lifted himself off the bed and started pacing the floor. "Come on, think, there has to be someone to hang out with, just for the afternoon." he said. He stopped pacing and looked out the window. Bolbi was on the sidewalk across the street, trying to balance a shiscabob on his nose. "At the last resort, I'll have to play with Bolbi." Jimmy said. He shuddered, thinking of the possibility. Looking away from the window, he thought for a moment, putting his hand on his chin. Goddard stretched and stood up on the bed. "I know!" Jimmy said at last. "I'll go to the Candy Bar. There has to be someone there to hang out with." He started for the door, but suddenly, a deep hole appeared in the floor in front of him, and caught unaware, he fell through. Then as Goddard tried to jump in after him, it quickly vanished, snuffing out Jimmy's desperate screams.

Meanwhile, at the Candy Bar, Cindy and Brittney were sitting in a booth, talking, when Libby ran up to them, holding a piece of paper in her hand.

"Like, what's up with you?" Brittney said.

"Hurry…go find dates" Libby said, out of breath.

"Dates? For what?" Cindy said.

"For this!" Libby said, slamming the piece of paper on the table in front of them. It looked like a flyer ripped from a bulletin somewhere. It was decorated to look like a starry night, with a full moon hung beautifully in a dark sky. "I found it stapled to a pole outside. Check it out!" Libby said. Cindy and Brittney looked back down at the flyer. It read in big fancy letters at the top: Midsummer's Ball, formal dance.

"Ooh, a midsummer's ball. That sounds romantic." Cindy said, eyes lighting up.

"Yeh, but I bet it's, like, only for the adults." Brittney said.

"Actually, it says that all ages are invited. So anyone who can 'shake their thang' can go." Libby said sassily. "I'm gona to get my funk on!"

"Well, in that case," Cindy said. "count us in. Now, what about dates? Who are you gona go with Libs, although I think I know already."

"Yeh, I'm goin' with Sheen, you can count on it. When he finds out about this dance, he's gona ask me to go with him faster than you can say 'sugar rush'. He's so predictable, but cute, in a weird kinda way." Libby said, looking up thoughtfully. "Who are you asking, Brittney?"

"Duh, Nick. We've been dating for, like, three weeks now."

"Ok, what about you, Cin? You could ask Jimmy. It would be a perfect way to see him in his suit again." Libby said. Suddenly a dreamy look came on Cindy's face. With her emerald eyes twinkling, she envisioned Jimmy, standing handsomely in front of the church at Jet Fusion's wedding.

"What a hunk muffin." she murmured. Then she realized what she was doing and snapped out of the daydream. "I mean…what an idea! Me and Nerdtron! Ha! I'd rather go with Butch." she said, looking disgusted, her eyes no longer shining.

"Come on girl, we all know you and Jimmy like each other. Why can't you both accept that and move on?" Libby said.

"Oh, that's obvious. It's because…um…because…" Cindy said, blushing.

"See, you can't even tell me why you guys keep fighting." Libby said. "Come on girl, give it a shot."

"Oh, ok. I'll ask him, but don't expect me to hold his hand or anything. I'm just doing this because it's a couples only dance." Cindy said.

"Mm-hmm." Libby said, giving Brittney a knowing look.