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The Vision

There was a mist floating across the ground towards where he stood. It had to have been a dream, for he was standing in the middle of a desert, with ripples of sand blowing eerily in the moonlight. Yet the mist was there, extending its cold fingers everywhere, sucking the warmth from the desert like a leech.

He stood, calm and quiet in the middle of that silver desert, and felt the wind blowing softly on his face, yet the mist came closer and threatened to tear the warmth away. Extending every inch of his will, he fought against the mist, daring it to touch him.

The silver desert was as calm and quiet as he in his mind struggle over the mist, and gradually, the mist faded, leaving in its wake the figure of a man.

He was not afraid, yet this figure the mist had left behind had a certain coldness to its shape.

The figure stepped closer, silver lines draping across its shape like water, and as it drew near, he saw that its face was covered by a hood.

"Who are you?" the strange figure asked.

He hesitated, and the figure drew back its hood. This was no ordinary man. His face shone with starlight, and he could not make out its features.

"Who are you?" the figure asked again.

"My name is Liam," he answered. "Who are you?"

The figure ignored his question and asked, "Where do you come from?"

Liam could not answer, but the figure nodded wisely. "You have a complex past, do you not?" Liam did not reply, and the figure asked, "Where are you going?"

Again, Liam hesitated, then replied softly, "I don't know."

The desert spread wide and silent before him, and the figure still stood in front of him. The mist, he could see, was beginning to return, and his eyes were drawn to its graceful fingers as it crept across the desert floor.


He turned sharply towards to figure as it said his name.

"It is a name of strength where your mother came from."


For an instant, Liam thought he saw a flicker of his mother's face - Siobhan Beckett - flicker across the brightness of the figure's face.

"Never forget your past, Liam. It is the key to Earth's freedom."

The mist had grown again, and the figure faded, swallowed into the mist. Before it had faded completely, however, Liam saw its face.

"Wait!" he dove towards the figure, reaching towards it with his hand.

"Go in peace, Liam, and know that we will meet again . . ."

The figure faded completely into the mist.

"Ma'el . . ." Liam stared into the mist where the Taelon had disappeared, and then the mist overcame him, and desert faded into starless night.