I walked home and like everyday for the past few weeks my answering machine was full.

You have 50 messages The answering machine said and I pushed the button to hear them.

Bella please call me back we need to talk beep next message Bella please at least call me and tell me what I did please beep next message Bella I don't know what I did wrong 'thud' what the Alice! Edward you know what you did stop playing fool Alice just let me leave her a message! It don't matter as long as Raven stays here Bella isn't going to come back and you know it Alice just shut up I love her okay I really do love you Bella please ca beep next message Bella call me beep. I deleted all the messages knowing that all of them were the same except the one with Alice in it actually made me laugh. As I lay down on the couch I heard a soft 'thud' and I sat up to see Raven.

"Get out!" I hissed and all she did was smile

"Bella why so mean I just want to talk"

"Well I don't so get out!" I said getting angrier as she still stayed in here

"Bella" she said as though talking to a child

"I won't say again get out!"

"Fine but let me tell you this what do you know about me and Edward's relationship?" she asked and I just glared at her

"I guess you don't know well I'll tell you me and Edward were together when we were young when I mean young I mean when we were just new born and we fell madly in love and then he asked me to marry him and I wasn't ready but now I am" she said and then she jumped out my window. What! Married what does she mean she's ready now? That can't be because he just said he loved me. I think it's time I talked to Edward I hate being confused. I sighed as I grabbed my keys and made my way to the Cullen's home.

As I neared the house I got a weird chill. I got out the car and walked in to the house. As I turned to the living room I saw Raven hug Edward tightly.

"I do!" she said as he hugged her back. Raven then turned my way and smiled and then mouthed 'I told you so' and pulled back and kissed Edward and I had enough. I ran out the house not even bothering to get my car and I just ran in to the woods.

I stopped right before I hit a tree. I let out a scream of frustration as I punched the tree.

"Wow someone is angry" someone said and I turned around to see a man. He wore a black shirt and black pants with no shoes. He had a scar that ran down form his right eye to the middle of his right cheek.

"Who are you?" I asked

"How rude of me my name is Nicholas" He said extending his hand for a hand shake. I hesitated for a second but I gladly took it.

"My name is Isabella but call me Bella" I said and he smiled as I looked him up an down.

"You're a cute one" He said

"You pervert" I said as I walked ahead. He ran up beside me.

"Sorry I tend to say what I think to pretty woman like you even if it's stupid" He said

"Well maybe you shouldn't speak at all"

"Ouch my ego hurts" he said with a laugh and I laughed too.

We walked in silence for a while when I decided to do conversation.

"So what are doing here?" I asked

"Oh just passing by I'm actually going to forks" He said casually and I almost fell over and he asked "You ok?" I shook my head.

"Forks? But isn't it ruled by the wolfs?" I asked

"Well that's why I am going I mean Vampires are not going so sit and watch as the wolfs take over as they please anyways we have been able to live side by side with them but the wolfs of la push have crossed the line and we have to stop them even other wolfs have agreed with us" He said explaining

"When are you leaving?" I asked

"Right now actually I just stopped to get a snack before boarding a plane with humans" He said with a laugh.

This was it. This is what I need. Jacob I can see Jacob but isn't he the leader No he can't there must be a mistake. More reasons for me to go. Yeah that's it am leaving to Forks.

"Nicholas?" I asked


"I want to go" I said simply and he smiled wide

"Great! The more help the better but I'm telling you it's going to be a full on war there is no time for sympathy" He said as he touched his scar

"Is that how you got the scar?"

"Oh this" he said as he touched it and then said "I got it before I was a vampire. I had gone to forks to got to school there but the minute I stepped in I was attacked by a wolf but luckily there was a vampire there and she took pity on me and made me the way I am now"

"So you don't like being a vampire?" I asked

"I wouldn't give this to any one but I am glad that I have it so I can kill those bastards!" He said now angry.

"Well if you want to leave today we might want to hurry" He said as he ran ahead of me.

I ran behind him with one goal in mind. To find Jacob.


Sorry people but after this there won't be any Cullens only Bella and her new found friends in forks for a couple of chapters but don't worry I'll bring back the Cullens and Let's not forget about Raven now.