Summary: A young girl named Madi Kitane goes to Hogwarts and ends up in Slytherin. The people she lives with during the summer, the Weasley's, watch over her carefully. Because of her past, she is a danger to everyone around her and herself. At first, George and Fred agree that she'll be okay but that was before Draco Malfoy takes interest in her. He flirts almost constantly with her, getting rejected half the time until Christmas. Madi nearly dies and is saved by Malfoy, falling in love with him. Bad summary; good story. No Mary sues; if you think such then PM me. Do NOT yell "Mary sue" in review because I will snap. Enjoy.

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The 5th year feast was just beginning when the heavy doors swung open. There stood Filtch with his usual sneer, making everyone stop. Behind him stood a girl with long blond, almost white as a new moon, hair tied up by a black ribbon. Her jade green eyes scanned the enormous hall full of students and landed on a pair of red haired twins. A soft grin broke out on her pale face when they looked at her and waved. The squib's footsteps were the only ones heard for the girl walked as silent as a grave and as delicate as a flower.

"We have one student that's late." He growled as he reached the staff table. A slight blush brightened the girls' snow white skin as she felt many sets of eyes on her. Dumbledore nodded and, within a few minutes, the hat placed her in Slytherin. Ron, Fred, and George looked disappointed and almost shocked.

The new Slytherin blinked and looked at the hat, "But…there must be some sort of mistake." Her voice was only loud enough for it to hear her.

Chuckling echoed in her mind as the old raggy hat replied, "I do not make mistakes."

Talking once more filled the air as she walked slowly to the table as if it were Death row. Sitting in the only available seat there was, she hesitatingly put some food on her plate. Just as she was sipping pumpkin juice, the guy next to her spoke up, "I'm Draco Malfoy." Jade green eyes shot a glance towards him, calmness draping over her like a cape.

Carefully cutting up a piece of chicken, she took a bite before replying, "I'm Madi Kitane." This conversation, Draco noted, was going nowhere. She tilted her head, getting a better view of George…or was it Fred? None the less, the twin waved and stuck out his tongue at her while his brother pulled his eyelids up, giving him a zombie appearance. Nearly choking on the food with suppressed laughter, Madi stuck her tongue out and kept eating.

"You know those people?" Malfoy sneered in disgust, staring between them at the display of foolishness. It was painfully obvious the great pure blooded Draco believed they were nothing but Wizard version white trash. (A/N: I AM WHITE TOO SO THAT IS NOT AN INSULT lol!)

Madi's head snapped towards him, her silver blond hair flying behind her, eyes aflame with anger. "Those people, as you so kindly put it, are the people I live with. They are my friends, Malfoy, and if you have a problem with me or them then I suggest you shove it and shove off."

Leaning backwards a bit, he nodded and looked at his food once more, somewhat embarrassed of that display. A thought of Madi and the Weasley's sharing the same house, perhaps the same bed since they were poor, passed Malfoy's mind and made him shudder. Maybe they were together? Ew…that thought made him gag mentally. Something about her made him attracted to her…but what? A dark cloud hung over this angelic like girl, perhaps which was what made him glance her direction. He was determined to find out what and planned to befriend her.

As dinner ended, Madi walked passed Fred and George, punching their arms playfully before smiling. Her smile showed white pearls, making Malfoy watch more closely. The robes, he noticed from his study, were too big on her, giving the impression that her figure was slim and curvy. As they walked to through the maze of dungeons, Draco asked, "Why did you transfer here on your 5th year?"

Once more, a deadly calmness covered her like a blanket. Madi's voice was hypnotic as it bounced off the mold covered walls, "Molly insisted that I be with George and Fred…I feel safer near them."

Resisting the urge to insult the red headed family, he went on, "Are you with them? I mean, like boyfriend type? And another thing…Why do you live with them? Why not your parents?" Somehow this conversation turned into a interview.

Madi stopped walking for a second, something flashing and covering her eyes to make them dim. Shrugging, she answered, "I'm single, if that's what you're asking Draco. And it's none of your business why I stay with them." With that, she ran up the girl's dormitory. Draco frowned, confusion washing over him. Deciding to figure it out later, he crept upstairs to his dormitory and waited for sleep to come.

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