Madi sat in front of the fireplace in the Slytherin common room. Instead of sitting on a comfy couch, she saw Indian style on the ground with her elbows on her knees and her chin resting on her fists. The clock was well past dinner, which she had skipped, and chimed ten times. Her jade green eyes stared into the flames, giving them an orange tint over them. So much had been on her mind since her talk with George. Sooner or later everyone would have to find out of her past and present problems...just like last time.

"You're skins gonna turn red if you stay toasting there any longer." Draco stated an obvious fact while sitting in the leather chair behind her. Either she didn't care or she didn't hear him for she remained still as a statue. It was a rough day for her, he could tell.

Shoving a cup of hot chocolate in front of her, he tried to make conversation, "Here, something to distract you for a while from those thoughts of yours. You want to tell me what that idiot Professor meant by your future and stuff?"

Madi sipped the beverage absent-mindedly, debating silently if she should tell him. Without turning towards him, she spoke softly, "If I tell you…you must swear that you won't tell a soul, living or dead. You can't tell anyone because I'd be kicked out."

Figuring if it was that big a deal, Malfoy nodded and listened with strained ears to catch what she said. "When I was about…six I guess, my father left us. It wasn't a big deal, I guess, but my mother kept us on a tight leash. I never understood why until my seventh birthday when these strange men broke into our party. At first I thought it was clowns but mother was screaming and they wore skull like masks. They killed my sister Molly and my mother right in front of me with some…green light. I remembered, for the first hour, that I was screaming and crying and trying to hit them. They laughed and watched, amused. Then some guy walked in with another face on the back of his head. He turned to were I saw the face and now I know it was Voldemort." Draco flinched on impulse.

"He told me, "I see a great future in this one. Spare her, train her, and make sure she doesn't remember any of this. She'll be a Death Eater when she turns 17. In ten years, my child, you will be serving me." Of course that's when the Ministry showed up. I was so terrified to tell them what was said and the next day I woke up with a burning on my left arm. It was the Death Eater's mark. Later Molly Weasley took me in her home. They know what Voldemort told me, they know what Voldemort predicts I'll be. That's why they've been hiding me and trying to keep me safe. Somehow that stupid professor found out and…Maybe she really did see my future. Maybe I'm destined to kill people and such."

Draco sat behind her and hugged her, not letting go. He kissed her cheek and rocked her slowly in the embrace. "Destiny isn't chosen already at birth, you shouldn't let others decide what you do either. I'm sure when the time comes that you'll make the right choice and…"

Before he could finish, Madi turned and kissed him on the lips. It was a brief small kiss but never the less, t'was a kiss. He smiled at that and held onto her tighter. In his mind, Draco swore he would protect and help this girl that had stolen in heart.

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