It was quiet in the dark house. Not quiet as if something bad's about to happen. This was the quiet you could take a nap in, and that was exactly what the princess was doing. Kurogane watched over the girl. He had nothing better to do. The mage and the kid had left him here, to watch over there. 'Why me? Doesn't the kid fit this kind of job?' Kurogane thought, irritably. The mage and the kid had been gone for an hour or two, leaving him alone with Sakura. Kurogane had nearly fallen asleep when he heard a voice. His eyes snapped open, only to find that it was Sakura talking in her sleep. She was mumbling something about needing help. The princess was also tossing and turning. 'Just a nightmare? That's what kept me from sleeping?! A nightmare?!?!' He thought, as he irritably looked at her. He grumbled something about the kid definitely being better suited for this sort of job, as he stood up and walked to the princess. He kneeled by her bed. He looked at her, and noticed there was sweat covering her head. "Hey." He said, trying to wake Sakura up. It didn't work. "Hey, Sakura." He said. She still didn't wake up. "Sakura, wake up!" He said, losing his temper.

The girl jolted up. "Syaoran-kun! He's hurt!" She said, nervously. As the princess tried to get up, she fell out of bed, landing on Kurogane. Kurogane was a little annoyed by being put in the awkward position. Sakura, on the other hand, was blushing like crazy. "K-Kurogane-san..." She said, blushing even more when she realized who she landed on. And, in less than a few seconds, she was off of him. "I-I'm very sorry! Please, forgive me!" She said, nervously.

Kurogane merely grunted, as if to say he understood. "It was only a nightmare..." Kurogane said calmly, as he stood up.

Sakura looked up at him. "What?" She asked, not quite understand what Kurogane was saying.

"You were having a nightmare. That's why I woke you up." He said, calmly. 'Well, at least the kid and that damn mage aren't here.' He thought, not even wanting to imagine how badly the situation would've turned out if they were there. Then, suddenly, Kurogane heard the door open. Sakura jumped up and ran to the open door. Kurogane knew this meant one thing. The kid was back and, worse, so was the mage.

"Princess, you're blushing. What happened?" Syaoran asked, noticing how red the princess's face was. Kurogane looked over his shoulder to see how the princess would react, not like he cared though. Sakura was stuttering something about an accident happening.

Fye then waltzed up to Kurogane. He smiled back at Syaoran. "Well, it's not like Kuro-pon did anything!" The mage said in a sing-song voice. Although he had said something that made him sound like he hadn't done anything, which he hadn't, his tone of voice said otherwise.

"Who the Hell're you calling Kuro-pon?!" Kurogane asked angrily, as he glared at the mage who was standing beside him.

Sakura looked to the ground nervously, not wanting to say what really happened. Syaoran became immediately worried. "Princess, are you alright?!" The boy asked. Syaoran then looked at Kurogane. "What happened?!" The kid asked him.

Before Kurogane was able to say a single word, the mage spoke up. "So... Kuro-tan did something improper to a girl?! Kuro-tan, how could you!" Fye said, obviously joking. Although, it still pissed Kurogane off.

"Kuro-tan's a pervert! Kuro-tan's a pervert!" Mokona chanted, adding on to how angry Kurogane was. And, as Mokona kept chanting the phrase, the mage began to chant with him.

Sakura then began to speak up. "W-wait! Kurogane-san just woke me from a nightmare. I then accidentally fell of the bed on top of him." She explained to them, nervously, since she was still very disturbed by the awkward situation she'd been in only minutes earlier.

Fye then let out a huge yawn. "Well... I guess we should be going to sleep now, ne?" Fye said tiredly. "Although, I wouldn't let Kuro-tan sleep next to Sakura-chan." He said, with a smirk. And, this only pissed Kurogane off even more.

"How about this?! I'll sleep outside!" He growled, as he walked outside angrily. He then slammed the door behind him.

Sakura was about to follow him outside, when Syaoran placed a hand on her shoulder. "Come, Princess. Let's get some rest." He said, with a smile on his face.