The witch nodded, then said, "Yes, I can save her, but..."

The ninja's eyes narrowed. 'There's always a 'but', isn't there?' He thought angrily. "But what?" He asked, as soon as the witch paused.

"But, you have to give up the thing you value most."

Kurogane was shocked, not quite understanding was Yuko was saying. "I gave you the Ginryuu already, witch. Remember?" He told her.

It seemed like Yuko was trying her best not to laugh at Kurogane, and was failing miserably. "You really don't know?" There was a silent pause, showing he clearly didn't know something. "You have a new thing you value most..."

"And, what would that be?!" He snapped.

"Your relationship..."

"What're you talking about?!"

"The thing you value most is no longer an object. Your relationship with that girl... That's what you value most now." There was a pause, before she continued, "What does that girl mean to you?"

Kurogane's crimson gaze left the witch, as he turned to look at the princess. "She's..." He thought back to everything that happened recently. "She's my princess, my friend... and..." He paused, clenching his fist as if to hold back tears, as he turned to look at Yuko. "...And, she's the person I care for most. But... I'm willing to give her up, to save her."

Yuko nodded. His situation was quite like Syaoran's was, she realized. "Alright. But, let me warn you, she will not remember these past few days or the love you two once shared. Are you sure you're willing to give her up?"

"Yes!" He said, "Now, save her before it's too late!" And, so the Dimensional Witch did. It wasn't long after that Sakura finally awoke.

Her eyes half-open, she looked at Kurogane, confused by him being there. "Kurogane-san...?" She asked. The ninja, who'd almost fallen asleep, instantly woke up completely.

"Hai, Sakura?"

"Where's Syaoran-kun?" The words stung, but he'd expected this. As soon as she asked this, Syaoran returned. "Syaoran-kun!" The princess cried out, apparently fully awake again, as she got out of bed and ran to the one she now loved again.

"Princess, we should go now. They're waiting for us..." He said and, with that said and done, the two left the room. Sadly, all the ninja could do was watch the princess be happy around the one she cared for, since he couldn't take his eyes off of her. But, even from the beginning, he'd expecting an ending like this. He knew it wouldn't work...

...Because black steel and cherry blossoms aren't meant to be together...