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Edward fell to his knees, holding back a startled cry of misery as he heard the woman he loved whisper her last statement while alive.


"I love you Edward…"

"Daniel!" Camella yelped, rushing forward the hold Bella's face in her hands. She stared down at the glazed over eyes, utterly terrified. "Daniel!"

At the second mention of his name, the tall, age-old vampire pushed the faded door out of his way, quickly coming to a rest at his wives side.

"Camella," He murmured, gently pulling her pale hands away from the 'dead' girl, bowing his head solemnly. Camella's lip quivered as she turned to face him.

"I couldn't-" She took a breath, looking down at her hands. "I couldn't help her…" She whimpered, burying her face in his chest. He closed his eyes, pulling her closer, her dry sobs muffled slightly.


Carlisle looked down at the girl on the bed, pangs of regret and guilt flashed through him. With a slight frown he remembered other times that he'd seen this young before him.

There was that time when Michael had attacked her and Edward, knocking her to the ground sideways.

Smiling lightly, he remembered the one time when Edward had nearly dragged Bella with him the Dr. Cullen, trying profusely to marry them. Bella had blushed, and the doctor had chuckled quietly, smirking at the determined look on the young boy's face.

His brow furrowed. Hadn't there also been that time when both of the young lovers had come to them, clutching at the deep gashes their stomachs had received during the night? Bella first, and then Edward the next day?

The doctor shook his head very slightly, watching the bedroom fade slowly, a rather dark and ungodly living room now spread before them.


Laurent sat at one of the armchairs, toying mindlessly with something in his pale hands. He frowned at it, almost disgusted as he whirled it around his forefinger, a quick glimmer of gold in the dim light.

Victoria lounged against her mate with her eyes closed, an expression of pure boredom on her face. James leaned on her arm, staring at the wall, expressionless.

Daniel had kept a close eye on his wife during the past few days, having to deter her from the room where Bella lie still. There hadn't been much noise from the room, transformation maybe, but no sound.

Clenching his jaw, Laurent twirled the chain again, glaring at it.

"So childish," He muttered, watching it spin. "Not to mention completely idiotic." James raised any eyebrow at him. "Who the hell carves the words 'I love you' into a locket? Stu-" A shadow suddenly fell over him and his words stopped when two hands grasped his shoulders.

Camella gasped, wide eyed as the remainder of the room now focused their attention on Laurent.

"Where's my necklace?"

Laurent didn't move, the chain slowly ceased its spinning.

"Where is my necklace?" The voice hissed again, the fingers grasping even tighter. The pale man flinched once as the fingernails pierced the thin cloth of his dress shirt.

"What the hell?" He hissed back, clutching the gold chain in his fist, never looking behind him.

"Give me my necklace." It growled, curling it's fingers on his shoulders. They raised one hand, reaching forward until they clasped his fist. His nostrils flared -frightened- as she attempted to open his fist.

"No." He snarled, attempting to stand, only for the one hand still on his shoulder to push him back down. The muscles in her hand strained.

"Have it your way then." She growled with a smirk, flicking her wrist and sending him into an opposite wall. He grunted, still holding the necklace as he righted himself. His eyes widened as she stepped toward him menacingly.


Esme's finger tightened around her husband's arm as she watched the newborn vampire advance toward Laurent. She stifled a startled cry, covering her mouth with a hand as she shook.

Carlisle intertwined his fingers with hers reassuringly. He gave them a light squeeze, making her nod. She turned her head to look at her youngest son, finding him staring before him with a blank look on his face.

The girl beside him refused to bring her head up, instead looking down at the ground with a tortured expression. Esme slipped away from her husband, slowly making her way over to the dark haired girl clutching the thick album tightly.

Crouching down a bit, Esme reach out for the girl's free hand, holding the small, pale one in her our.

Shocked, Chloe brought her gaze away from Bella and Laurent, her eyes widening. Esme and Chloe exchanged small smiles, looking back at the scene.


"Give it back." Bella hissed through her teeth, her face hidden behind her hair. Laurent merely narrowed his eyes at her, still clutching his fist. She crouched down, quickly snatching his clenched hand's fist. He immediately fought back, trying to wrench his hand out of her iron grip in futility. Her eyes narrowed into slits as she pulled his hand closer to her.

Finding that it would be more difficult to get her necklace back then she had originally thought, she frowned. Snarling, she stared him the eyes, watching as he withered away from her.

Victoria sat up now, wanting to get a better view of Bella threatening Laurent. Daniel held fast to Camella's arms, restraining her. Bella opened her mouth and growled.

"I'm going to count to three, and if by that time you haven't given me back that necklace, I'm going to break every one of your fingers." Her voice was low, menacing. Laurent continued to struggle, refusing to give it back. "One…" She started, freeing one of his fingers. "Two…" He let out a jagged breath, attempting to come of as unbothered. She held a finger in her hand, watching his stony expression. Laurent made no move to return the locket.

Laurent's stony expression faded her eyes narrowed. Her hand flexed, as if she were ready to break his finger. His nostrils flared again as he breathed out. Quickly he thrust the locket back at her. Withdrawing away from her, he stood, folding his arms to glare down at her.

Bella muttered with fake happiness, clutching the golden chain to her chest, her head bowed down as she stared at it. Laurent sniffed, retreating. Slowly, Daniel released his wife, allowing her to spring at Bella.

"Bella?" She spoke timidly, getting no response from the girl. Hesitantly, she reached out, setting a thin hand on her shoulder. Without warning Bella head snapped up, and she turned to face the shocked woman.

"Don't touch me." She muttered, wandering back to her 'room' shutting the clasp of the necklace. With the locket now secure around her neck, she allowed the door to shut behind her softly.

Camella's face fell as she looked down at the place were Bella had stood. Victoria snickered and leaned back against James, would was currently shaking his head.

"It's a pity really," He said. "She's strong, yet weak." He cracked his knuckles with this, shooting a look at Laurent. Laurent's face was blank; a hint of anger though as she stared at the door Bella had just shut. Camella frowned at him.

"You know something that I think is a pity?" She said, tilting her head to the side. Murder written in her expression. James didn't so much as flinch. "The fact that you can make such judgments without even knowing a person." She spat, seething. James looked at her blankly, getting up off the couch. (Making Victoria fall over, now unsupported.)

"That's funny," He responded as he walked over to the window. "I make judgments?" Hr turned, raising as eyebrow. "And you don't? You can stand here and tell me that you haven't been judging me the entire time you've been with us?" He strode over to her now, looking down his nose at her. Daniel never moved.

"Why is it that you're here exactly?" His brow furrowed. Camella blanched. "Oh? You have no response to that? Well that's redundant really. Your fire already died?" He smirked. "Alright then, if you have response, then we really have no need for you to be here…"

Camella braced herself for the blow that never came.

Just as James raised his fist, his crashed headlong into the darken window, picking himself up to find the aged vampire towering over him. He cracked his neck.

"A mutiny is this?" He chuckled, brushing the broken class off of him.

"Please," Victoria muttered from the couch. "Like they would even know how." Laurent took this opportunity to lean against the wood paneled wall behind him, folding her arms.

"What do you want me to do with her?" He asked, nodding his head at the closed door. James shook his head.

"Please," He smirked with a menacing demeanor. "One death at a time."


The audience shifted as one, leaving space between them and the memory. Edward though, didn't move.

Chloe's eyelids drooped slightly as she held the photo album. She yawned quietly.

Alice gave her a reproachful look, which she merely shrugged off.

The memory shifted to a small wooded area, the trees outlining the small property shifted gently in the wind, their branches casting eerie shadows in the near dawn. A young woman posed near the line of the forest, partially hidden by the shadows.


Bella stood silently, staring at the trees before her. Should she dare move, run away? Would she truly be free from her torment? The demons that clawed at her inner sanity? Would they disperse? Her face fell as she took a breath.

It was now or never, a fifty-fifty chance at the least.

Could she do it? Could she really defy those who held her life in their hands? Could she just run? Run and never, never look back?

Almost reluctantly, Bella raised her foot, taking a small step forward.


One of the voices she hated so called out to her. She froze, squeezing her eyes shut. Maybe if she held they closed long enough and then opened them, she would wake up from this nightmare. The footsteps behind her were soft as she took another step, keeping her eyes closed. A hand reached out to grab her shoulder, spinning her to face them.

Maybe when she opened her eyes, she would find Edward standing before her, ready to laugh at her fears. Just one laugh, one glimpse of him, and she would be forever free.

Now or never.

She opened her eyes, her expression solidifying when she recognized the man before her.


Bella spoke with emotion, blinking at him, her eyes half closed. Tired.

He didn't move. Instead, he slowly pulled his extended arm away from her. His jaw clenched. She sighed at him.

"What, you expect me to kiss you?" She muttered, pulling away from him. He seemed to chuckle at her. "Well then," She said, taking a step toward him, smiling fakely. She stood up on her toes to whisper in his ear.

"I would kiss you, but you would have to kill me first." She hurriedly stepped back, a fire in her eyes. "But wait, you already have haven't you?" With that, she stepped around him, walking over to where Camella sat, glancing at the couple.

"Kiss me kill me." Bella sing-song voice rang out behind her. She paused a moment to turn and look back at Lauren, laughing at his shock.


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