" Aunt Vivian, can you sign our permission slip so we can go to the chocolate factory," asked Will.

" Yes, when is it?" asked Vivian.

" In a couple of minutes," answered Carlton.

" What up big guy?" said Carlton.

" Nothing much, so what are you signing Vivian," asked Uncle Phil.

" A permission slip so Will and Carlton can go to the chocolate factory," Vivian told him.

" So Will is going to be gone a whole day?" asked Phil.

" Yes, weare going to be gone a whole day," said Carlton.

The bus arrived to pick them up at school. They both got on the bus and sat in the back.

" I can hardly wait till we get there," said Carlton.

" Yah, all that chocolate, and more chocolate," said Will.

When they arrived they all had to get into groups.

" We finally got the house to ourselves, Hilary is on a date, and Ashley is at her friends, and of course Will and Carlton are at the chocolate factory," said Phil.

" I say we ditch these guys and go off by ourselves," said Carlton.

" I agree, no way were going to cover this building in this time," said Will.

" Well what do you want to do since the house is ours?" asked Phil.

" Well the hot tub comes to mind," replied Vivian.

" Lets go," said Phil.

" Well Will it's 3:55 lets get back," said Carlton.

" Relax Carlton, we have till 4:00 to get back, the bus doesn't leave till 4:05," said Will.

" Well it is 4:08," said Carlton.

" This is a dream come true, stuck in a chocolate factory but without Stewart Little over here," said Will to Amanda.

" Maybe we can grab some lunch next Saturday," said Amanda.

" That'll be great," replied Will.

" I need to ask you 2 things, can I have your number, and can you give me and short stuff over here a ride home?" asked Will.

" Yes I can," answered Amanda.

" Will and Carlton! Yelled Uncle Phil. " You were supposed to have been home 3 hours a go," Screamed Uncle Phil.

" Look Uncle Phil this isn't my fault," said Will.

" I don't believe you Will," said Phil.

" Look big guy, Will's telling the truth, it's my fault not his," said Carlton in a soft voice.

" I just wanted to live a little bit," said Carlton.

" All I can say is GO TO YOUR ROOMS," yelled Phil..