Here it is, the sequel of Naruto: Legacy of the Rasengan. I have only two things to say before we get started.
1.) To a majority of you this should come as a relief. At the very least, half of this story is going to be completely original.
2.) Anything could happen between now and the end. In English, this means that don't start assuming that this will end in one of those cliché, sappy, overrated happily-ever-afters. ANYTHING could happen!!

To all of you new kids, do NOT read this story until after you have read the Legacy first. It won't make much sense otherwise why some of the characters are the way they are.

Legacy of the Rasengan II
Makaze Rekidaishi
By: Tellemicus Sundance
Chapter 1--Premonition

Two years later…

Sunagakure at dusk…

The wind.

It was a constant thing in his life. Ever-changing from gentle and reassuring to sharp and life-threatening. It could be as silent and unmoving as an assassin, or as raging and domineering as a charging juggernaut. This evening, it was a soft presence in the approaching chill of night

He stood atop the large canyon wall, staring out at the setting sun. Sabaku no Gaara, newly instated Godaime Kazekage, was in silent awe of the dazzling colors of reds, oranges, blues, and violets that were playing across the vast horizon.

On his face was a very small smile as Gaara looked out across the desert. His homeland, the land he had long ago sworn to defend. Though not until a little more than two years ago did he even consider what that meant to him. When he was younger, he hadn't cared for the well-being of others. Gaara had only desired blood and death, heavily influenced by his near-constant use of the Ichibi Bijuu sealed into his left shoulder.

But now he was the Kazekage, the most powerful shinobi of Sunagakure. He would fight to the death to defend it against intruders and enemies who threatened its peace and security. No longer did he rely on Shukaku's power to sustain him or empower him. Gaara was strong in his own right now.

"Kazekage-sama," a familiar voice said behind him. "We have some important news from our spy network."

Turning to face his older sister, Gaara looked up questioningly to her. Even though he had grown a fair deal over the past two years, she was still several inches taller than him in height. However, her own height hadn't been the only thing that matured about her. While she may have been decidedly pretty when she younger, she now had a body that could only be described as deadly beauty, even though she hid most of it.

"What is it?" he asked. It wasn't too often that someone came up here to see him at this time of day. For her to do so now could only mean that it was quite important.

"Our spies have sent word of some…" she paused for a second to consider how to phrase the statement. "…recent movement from that organization Konoha warned us of, the Akatsuki."


"Yes," she said, nodding, her eyes serious. "The report stated that some 'uniquely dressed' individuals were sighted approaching Iwagakure only a few hours ago."

"…Has word been passed to the Tsuchikage?" Gaara asked as he quickly but calmly assessed the situation and the possible consequences of various actions.

"Hai," Temari said, nodding again. "We sent this information to them shortly after decoding the message."

"Have you warned Konoha of this development?" he asked, feeling a strange worry settling into his stomach.

"No," Temari said, dropping her head slightly. "All our carrier birds seem to still be sick from that illness. And we sent the only one strong enough to fly to Iwagakure."

Nodding his head and closing his eyes, Gaara once again assessed the situation. He should have figured that their birds still hadn't recovered yet. He hadn't heard any bad news recently after the vets had diagnosed the symptoms. But why hadn't he known of that they still hadn't gotten healthy yet?

That would mean he'd have to send a shinobi to Konoha to pass on the word. Movement from that organization was worrisome as it could mean anything. Was it possible that Jiraiya-sama of the Sannin had been mistaken in his estimate of when the Akatsuki would start attacking again? Or was it that some of the organization's members had gotten impatient and made the next move against orders?

Whatever the case, Konoha needed to know as well. He'd have to send someone he truly trusted make sure Konoha got the information and quickly.

Looking up, he stared at Temari with that serious expression of his that had recently been acquiring him a growing fan club. "Temari-san, I have a mission for you."

"Go to Konoha," she said, smiling knowingly.

"Yes," he said, seriously. "This is an S-rank mission, effective immediately."

Snapping to attention, she gave a curt bow to Gaara muttering an affirmative. In a small poof of smoke, she vanished.

Outside Iwagakure...
9:00 p.m.

The pair walked silently gazed down on the streets of Iwagakure. Their presences were like mere shadows on the cool stones which they traversed over, brief and intimidating. Shades of darkness against the night sky as they stared down in differently upon the large village.

They weren't watching the people as they walked about their daily lives. They weren't monitoring the strength of the Iwa-shinobi force. They weren't even burdening themselves with the pair of Jounin that had somehow spotted them.

Readjusting his hat, Hidan looked up to his partner with a scowl on his face. "I thought you said that the teme would be here."

"He will be," Kakuzu said patiently. "Just give him time."

Huffing impatiently, Hidan growled out, "Five minutes, then I'm going to do my prayers." as he said that, he glanced longingly over at the two hiding Jounin.

"…Those prayers take too long," Kakuzu said, glancing over at Hidan with what could've been annoyance. "If you start them too soon, you'll miss your chance with the Jinchuuriki."

"Then I'll just have to switch my sacrifices," Hidan countered, continuing to stare at the increasingly nervous Iwa-nin. "or maybe I'll send a few extra. The more, the merrier after all."

Kakuzu just sighed as he returned to searching for the tainted chakra of a Jinchuuriki in the village.

Iwayama and Mesaki watched as the two mysterious men conversed. They knew they'd been spotted somehow, but they couldn't leave their post. Not while two members of the same organization that had stolen a forbidden scroll from their village were in the village.

Iwayama, the taller of the two, brushed his long, red bangs out of his eyes for the umpteenth time that day. His physique could only be described as moderate for a shinobi, but more than enough to have him as a minor heartthrob for the girls and young women of Iwagakure. Like his twin brother next to him, Iwayama wore the standard Iwa-jounin uniform

Mesaki was as much of a mirror-image of his twin as was physically possible. However, there was one small difference between the two that made recognizing the two possible. Mesaki had deep green eyes while Iwayama had brown.

"Those uniforms they're wearing…" Iwayama muttered.

"Hai," Mesaki whispered back as he continued to suppress his chakra. "They appear to be the same as the last one."

"They're probably S-Class," Iwayama said, backing away slowly. "We'll need Tsuchikage-sama's help."

Before he could reply, Mesaki suddenly stiffened. A shiver raced through his body as he felt something shift in his mind.

He was lying on the ground, his body trembling from severe chakra exhaustion. Panting for a breath, he lifted his head to see a pair of black-red clouded robes standing imperiously over him.

Raising his hand, Mesaki rubbed his forehead, feeling his hand come away wet from a sudden heavy layer of sweat.

"What is it?" Iwayama asked, noticing his twin's sudden discomfort.

One of the nuke-nin was holding a large, three-bladed scythe extravagantly upon his shoulder. He watched as if in slow motion as the deadly blades descended in an arc for him.

"Are you okay?" Iwayama asked, turning to face his twin. "Are you--"

Just as the scythe was about to hit him, something happened. The white-haired man suddenly froze in mid-swing, staring over Mesaki with a look akin to fear. Blood and bits of flesh showered down upon Mesaki and the man from behind the Iwa-jounin.

"--having a vision?"

"H-Hai," Mesaki managed to gasp out, his voice little more than a whisper.

Glancing over his shoulder as best he could, Mesaki spotted the man's partner. Or what was left of him falling to the ground in pieces. Standing in his place was what was clearly a demon of some kind, one arm outstretched with wisps of youki quickly vanishing from sight.

A low growl escaped the creature as it turned sightless red eyes upon the scythe-wielding man in front of him, four powerful tails swaying behind it. Then a mighty roar escaped the creature.

What came next were jumbled images, moving too fast for him to see clearly. Yet, despite not seeing them, he somehow knew what they were about. An overview of the creature's past, present, and future.

Images like a young boy running down a street laughing as a horde of shinobi were running after him…The same boy surrounded by aura of red chakra battling with a winged creature, probably another demon, in a large canyon…The boy, a little older and taller, standing in a large cave with a group of shinobi…The teenager engaged in combat with his katana locked with his opponent's blade…And finally a blinding explosion of pure chakra, lighting up the night skies.

As the images grew dim and weak, one final figure made itself known to him. He could only stare with a feeling of awe at the man standing in front of him. With his wild, bright blonde hair pulled into a stubby ponytail, an elegant orange cape with swirling red clouds lacing the lower portion over a standard Jounin uniform, he was the image of absolute power and strength.

Yet he wore the widest, brightest smile that Mesaki had ever seen before on his face. The soft gaze of warmth in his shockingly bright green eyes could only inspire trust in the man. But it was the man's headband that truly attracted Mesaki's attention: Konoha. With the aura that the man was exuding, there was only one logical explanation for who he was…or will be.

This man will one day be the Hokage of Konohagakure!

Somehow finding the will to breathe again, Mesaki had to steady himself on the earth. Now that he was partially aware of his body again, he could feel the uncomfortable sweat that was soaking through his clothes.

"Are you alright?" Iwayama asked, worry clear in his voice.

"Hai," Mesaki managed to gasp out. "I'm fine…"

"…What did you see?"

"A battle…" Mesaki said, suddenly not wanting to share the details with his brother. He had seen those first images the clearest for a reason; they were about to occur. And if the battle was as fierce as he feared it would be, his twin wouldn't survive very long. Simply because he didn't possess the inhumane well of youki that he did.

"Iwayama," Mesaki said, staring at his brother that serious gaze that always told him that he should listen to his commands. "Go tell the Tsuchikage about these two, I'll stall them."


"Go!" Mesaki barked, no longer bothering to whisper. "I'll probably have to use it…and I don't want you to get in the way!"

"Mesaki--" Iwayama didn't get any farther as Mesaki suddenly lashed out and effortlessly knocked his brother away. Not waiting to see his brother's reaction or recovery, he turned and rushed to acquire the nuke-nin's attentions.

"It would seem they've finally decided to make their move," Kakuzu said lightly.

"Heh, it's about time!" Hidan almost cheered.

Bursting out from behind the rock-outcropping that he had been hiding behind, the red-haired Jounin glared viciously at them. Snatching out a kunai with practiced ease, he dropped into an aggressive stance. "What is your business in Iwagakure?"

"We have no business with this pitiful village," Kakuzu said as he turned to face the man. "There is someone we're looking for though."

"And who would that be?" the Jounin demanded, his chakra began to flare up as he prepared for battle.

Smirking as he rose to the challenge, easily beating down the Jounin's embarrassing show of strength, Hidan said, "I don't know what the bastard's name is…but maybe you could tell us. He's the--"

Hidan never got to finish his sentence. At that very moment a burst of vile green youki erupted from the Jounin that they were facing. They watched as the man's deep green eyes acquired a much brighter green color to match the youki that surrounded him.

Chuckling evilly, Hidan smirked broadly. "Well, what do you know! The little weasel came right to us!"

"…I told you he would," Kakuzu said.

Baring his new fangs threateningly, Mesaki growled. So they were after him, eh? Well, that was just all the more reason to kill them. But he couldn't do it, not while Iwagakure was so close. It was possible that an innocent could get caught in the crossfire. As a shinobi of Iwagakure, he couldn't let that happen!

Turning, he sprinted away, now knowing full well that the pair were hot on his heels.

Somewhere near the Sand and Rock Country borders...
10:30 p.m.

Humming lightly as she sprinted across the dark sand dunes, she glanced up at the stars. Scowling she was forced to adjust her line of travel to a slightly more northern route. It wasn't by choice, but by necessity.

Should she try to take the shortest path to Konoha, she'd end up entering the Sabaku Enkai. The Sabaku Enkai was a treacherous section of the Wind Country's eastern regions. It was covered by vast ocean of constant shifting, loose sands. During the day, it was exceedingly easy to get lost, even for the most skilled of shinobi. And the constant wind, shifting dunes, and countless areas of quicksand made it dangerous to any who entered.

Temari was in a hurry though. She was skirting around the northernmost edge of the desert, trying to take the quickest route to Konoha as possible. Thanks in large part that she was traveling at night, thus able to navigate with the stars, she was doing a fairly good job of avoiding getting lost.

Reaching behind her, she readjusted the strap that held her large fan to her back. Of all the pieces of equipment and clothing she had discarded or replaced, this one weapon and her headband were the only things that remained of her genin attire. The things she was most attached to.

As she again checked her position with the stars, she had to wonder what she was going to do while she was Konoha. Perhaps she could go bother that Chuunin with spiky hair again. Just thinking about it drew a feral smile to her face. Annoying Shikamaru was one of her favorite hobbies. The fact that she wasn't able to do it as often as she'd have liked made the few experiences she could all the more enjoyable.

A faint light on the horizon drew her attention. If she hadn't known better, Temari would've thought that the light was the sun rising up in the east. But the sun had set only an hour ago. In fact, if she tried hard enough, she could still see very faint trails of violet against the black sky.

As she watched, the light quickly faded. But there was faint glowing that was rising up from the ground. After a moment of examination she realized it was the light of flames reflected off smoke.

Against her better judgment, she turned and hurried towards the light. If there was a big fight going on over there, Gaara would want to know as soon as she arrived at Konoha and send one of their messenger birds.

It was very close to the border shared with Iwagakure. What if the Akatsuki had engaged their target so far from the village?

"Only one way to find out," she muttered, feeling annoyed.

Panting heavily against the smoke that was billowing around him, Mesaki pulled himself to his feet. But the strain and exhaustion on his body was too great and he found himself collapsing down onto his knees. His limbs were trembling from exhaustion. Exhaustion that not even his dear Gobi no Bijuu could relieve him of.

The last wisps of his vile green youki faded from his body. With it went the disturbingly green eyes he'd acquired and large bulky muscles that lent him so much devastating strength. The chakra silhouette of a three-tailed demon vanished, he didn't want to let his demon take fully control of body by going into the Yonbi form. What was left behind was a noticeably deflated, green-eyed and red-haired young Jounin of Iwagakure.

Cradling the vicious slash wound he'd acquired earlier, Mesaki forced himself to lift his face. The smoke was still quite thick from that final attack he'd sent upon the two seemingly invincible nuke-nin that had attacked him.

Well, no one could've survived that attack, he thought with pride. It had been his most powerful one. So powerful that he could only use it when he was miles from Iwagakure or any other village. But it always left him completely drained. …I need some rest.

"Very impressive," a eerily familiar voice said.

Head snapping up, Mesaki turned as best he could to face the direction it had come from. Standing proudly in the smoke were two dark figures, seemingly unharmed. Walking closer, Mesaki spotted to his absolute horror the extent of the damage he had caused to them.

Almost none!

The taller, but thinner of the two was carrying that three-bladed scythe he'd seen in his vision leisurely over his shoulder. The expression on his gaunt face was that of annoyance as he used his free hand to brush some dust and sand from his black-red robes. The simple ease of this gesture caused a fierce wave of fear to wash over the Iwa-Jounin.

"What's impressive, Kakuzu?" the tall one demanded. "The light show or that he actually got our clothes dirty?"

"Both," the man said, not taking his gaze from Mesaki. "…All that chakra he used must have been the limit of his capabilities though. Let's take him and be gone."

Chuckling, Hidan glanced over at his teammate. "What did I tell you? We didn't need to wait another year to take these freaks! Our leader is really getting out of it these days."

"Watch your tongue!" Kakuzu snapped. "Our leader will be paying us a visit if he thinks we're up to something, and mocking him will only make it worse."

"Ha!" Hidan grunted, an evil smirk on his face. "You're getting far too soft and submissive, old man."

"Who…are…you guys?" Mesaki demanded between breaths. "What…do you…want?"

"What do I want?" Hidan repeated, turning back to face the nearly unconscious Jounin. Walking forward, he knelt down in front of the man with that vile smirk of his. "Everything, freak, everything!"

Glancing behind them, Kakuzu sensed the approach of another. It wasn't too far away, perhaps two hundred meters and hidden behind the rock outcropping that had been exposed in the recent explosion. It was skillfully silent, probably of Jounin rank. But because of the 'soft' chakra signature he was detecting, it was more than likely a female.

"Quit playing around, Hidan," he snapped, feeling strangely uneasy. "We've wasted too much time, and we've been spotted."

Upon hearing that, the hiding woman turned and sprinted away.

Facing the direction she was headed, Hidan chuckled darkly to himself as he stood up. "Really? I think I'll go pay our little eavesdropper a warm welcome before I kill her." Even though he was as immortal as his partner, he had occasionally allowed himself the pleasure of delving into the primal pleasures of the opposite sex. Maybe it was time he tried again?

"Whatever," Kakuzu said as he stalked forward and prepared to knock Iwagakure's Jinchuuriki out cold. "Do what you want. I'm heading back to the cave."

"That was my intention all along," Hidan snapped.

Before either could move, there came a sudden and unexpected explosion from the direction the woman had run off to. But it was more than just an explosion. The winds were exceedingly powerful, sweeping the sands away easily. Waves of foul youki were embedded within those winds, washing over all in range and filling them with a primal terror.

The youki was powerful. It reminded Mesaki of all the times when he'd summoned his bijuu's youki. Only this time, with him not being the source, it was much more terrifying. Was there another Jinchuuriki somewhere nearby, or an actual demon? Which ever it was, it was much more powerful than even he was when in his Yonbi form.

Raising the thick sleeves of their robes to shield their faces, Kakuzu and Hidan braced themselves against the winds. The winds continued for several moments, during which time the spy that had tried to watch them came tumbling over a sand dune a few hundred meters away. From what they had managed to glimpse, it was young blonde woman. But upon hearing a roar of unparalleled fury racing over the sands, the pair knew for sure what was coming.

As the winds died down, Hidan glanced over at Kakuzu with a grin. "What to bag another one while we're at it?"

"…Why not?"

That was their first mistake.

Later that night...

Groaning as she felt her consciousness returning, Temari slowly tried to push herself up into a sitting position. The sands of the desert were strangely warm, but cooling quickly. They covered her almost completely, digging into her flesh and scraping her sensitive skin. She felt hot, bruised, and beaten all over her body.

Somehow finding the strength of will to force her sluggish body into a sitting position, she opened her eyes. Looking around, she was quickly able to realize that she was all alone. Something must've happened to that other Jinchuuriki though but what? She didn't know, but she really didn't care at the moment. Besides, she still had a mission to complete.

Climbing wearily to her feet, she stumbled away from the battlefield and into the cold of the desert once again.

Early that morning...

The trek back to his hidden and secret cavern was quick and easy. Traveling long distances at high speeds was one of his specialties of course. That was how he reappeared at his customary spot on the floor within a breath-taking short amount of time.

Slung over his shoulder was the unconscious form of the Gobi no Bijuu's Jinchuuriki. Setting the boy, barely even a man, down upon the floor, he stalked a short distance away to where the rest of his underlings were waiting.

"…Put him into suspended animation," he said coldly.

"What happened to Hidan and Kakuzu?" the red-haired puppet for a man asked, quite uncaringly.

A sudden suffocating flare of killing desire at the mention of the two traitors' names sprung to life from the man. His fierce red eyes bore down upon Sasori who didn't seem the least bit intimidated, mostly because his artificial body was incapable of shivering or trembling.

"They had already been disposed of when I arrived," the man said quietly. "…When I give an order, I expect it to be obeyed without question…Now, freeze him!"

Not a word was said throughout the process of sealing the Jinchuuriki into a block of everlasting ice. If all went well, they would be removing this container to seal away his demon in just over a year.

Two days later...
9:00 a.m.

The gentle caress of the morning winds was soft and soothing. It swept over her face, granting her a relieving breeze upon her overheated body. A scorching pain was tearing and burning itself through her body, the cause of the heat in her. Sweat was running freely down her brow, soaking into the blankets and sheets that she lay upon. Her breath came out in pants and she shifted restlessly in the bed.

This was what she awoke to. Despite her growing consciousness, her eyelids were surprisingly heavy. A groan escaped her lips as she once again failed to open them.

Then a comfortingly cool rag descended upon her forehead. The damp water worked wonders, it almost felt as though she'd been thrown into a river. All that from a damp rag?

"I see you're finally awake, Temari-san," a calm voice said from somewhere nearby. It sounded slightly familiar, but from where? "That's good, Tsunade-sama and I were starting to get a little worried."

Finally opening her eyes, Temari found herself in a familiar setting. White walls, white ceiling, the overwhelming smell of disinfectants and medicine: she was in a hospital. Glancing over towards the voice, she spotted a mass of red and pink bending over a scroll on a nearby table.

"…Haruno Sakura-san?" Temari asked, uncertainly. She wasn't too sure since the pair hadn't really associated much over the past few years since the events during the Chuunin Exam and after the invasion.

"Hai," Sakura said, looking over at her with a comforting smile. "Welcome back to Konohagakure."

"…What happened to me?" she asked, trying to sit up. But in doing so, a pulse of pain raced through her abdomen. Wincing against the burning, she forced herself to lay back down and endure it.

Sakura was at her side in an instant, hands glowing a fierce green. Gently resting her hands on Temari's stomach, her soft healing chakra began flowing into her. The green chakra's effect was instantaneous. The burning died down, not disappearing but becoming much more bearable.

"Are you okay now?" Sakura asked gently, keeping her hands on Temari as she slowly eased her chakra out of her.

"Hai…for now," she said. In truth, she felt much better. Enough to finally sit up properly now. "What happened to me?"

"We don't really know," Sakura said quietly as she stepped back to give the older woman her personal space. "All we know for sure is that you were found collapsed in front of the main gates, burning with a fever, and that there seems to be traces of youki in your body."

"Youki?!" Temari practically screeched. This could be very bad!

"Yes, but not enough to be lethal," Sakura said reassuringly. Then turning a questioning gaze upon her, Sakura asked, "How did that happen to you anyway?"

As her mind was whirling as she dug through her memories for an explanation. The sudden mental image of a pair black-red cloaks appeared in her mind.

"Sakura-san?" Temari said, her voice growing hard as she gazed at the younger woman with a stare just as fierce. "Is your Hokage here? I have an important message for her from Kazekage-sama."

Blinking in slight surprise at the change of subject, Sakura nodded slightly in acknowledgement. Thinking quickly over what she remembered her mentor's schedule was at this time of day, she said, "I think she's in a council meeting at the moment and probably won't be available for another hour…In the meantime, let's see what we can do about that youki inside you."

As much as she wanted to demand to be taken to Tsunade-sama immediately, a slight burning sensation near her stomach began to slowly creep back through her body. Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea to get a check-up first after all.

(Author's Note) Despite my plans for this story, writing this chapter was painful. Mostly because I had to rely completely on myself and what I remember of the characters. But regardless of that, please tear this chapter and all following apart. Tell me anything and everything that is wrong with anything!! Personally, I think this chapter is very low-quality.

I want to make this story even better than its source and LotR! But I also apologize for being so vague in this chapter,

After a bit more thorough research, I came to an intriguing conclusion. The title of this story tells more of the plotline than I had originally thought. A more literal translation of Makaze Rekidaishi would be this: The Chronicles of the Storm Caused by the Devil. It almost struck me as ironic that this is what the 'true' title means. Once I get around to the 'big revelation' I'm sure many of you will understand as well.

Gobi no Bijuu--Demon of Five Tails
Iwayama--rocky mountain
Makaze--evil wind, storm caused by the Devil
Mesaki--near future, immediate, before one
Rekidaishi--annuals, chronicles
Sabaku Enkai--Desert Ocean
Yonbi no Bijuu--Demon of Four Tails

Next chapter: After learning of the battle, the Godaime Hokage sends out a team to investigate. Along the way, they meet a very familiar person who will become the new owner of: A Katana Named Seigi.