Snugles number 2!

This is posted for minkx, with thanks. Hope you enjoy, remeber, only written for fun, and personal enjoyment, not as great literary works!! Smile! And I sympathise entirely. I don't snuggle either... unless, maybe, group lessons, Remus? (Shocked poke from friend. Sorry.)

...Severus Snape sat upright and stiff, arms folded, eyes never leaving the wall opposite, trying as hard as he could to ignore the performance of the man beside him. He was currently under attack, both physically and mentally from him, him who professed to love him and want to make him happy. Well how the hell was waving that ridiculous soft toy under his nose going to succeed in that!

...He had returned to his rooms after a days teaching, (three melted cauldrons, two fingers sliced and one child sent to the hospital wing, so not bad for first years), and found him lying on the bed, apparently asleep, curled up around what appeared to be a small dead dog. This in its self was alarming, but when he correctly identified the dead dog as the stupid stuffed toy Remus had presented him with earlier that month, he almost shuddered. He had thrown it out after losing it in the wardrobe to wean Lupin off it, and finally done the deed last night. Now, it would appear, it was haunting him. Sighing, he began the long task of removing his clothing, the stiff buttons not wanting to un-do. A small voice from the bed made him jump.

"Mr Snuggles is upset." The figure uncurled to fix him in amber eyes. "Mr Snuggles says you accidentally dropped him in the rubbish shoot. Poor Mr Snuggles. Just imagine if the house elf hadn't found him and brought him to me. I think you had better make it up to him."


"Oh yes."

Snape sighed; the man was positively a dunderhead. Absolutely crackers. Every thing Snape had disliked about him when they were at school together,

"Anyone would get the impression that you didn't like my gift Severus…"

and everything he now enjoyed.

"Surely not." He replied dryly. "Heaven forbid that I, a 37 year old Potions Master should not like the infantile stuffed toy his barking mad friend buys him."

Lupin grinned, "I'll ignore the pun. Every one should have a Mr Snuggles. I insist you make it up to him."

"And how, dare I ask, am I to do that?"

Lupin contemplated this question, before, mid giggle, deciding, "By snuggling him of course."

Well aware that his partner was serious, Snape froze.

"I don't."

"Don't what?"


"Oh come on, you've never snuggled?" At the look from Snape he conceded "No I don't suppose you have. Then its time you learnt!" he pointed at he bed. "Sit."

"This really is…"


Snape sat. And was snuggled at, on, around and, in one interesting move, under.

"Mr Snuggles says "I love you!"!"

Stony silence.

"Mr snuggles…" the toy was walking up his arm now, "Wants a kissy…" its nose was pressed onto his mouth. The silence became louder.

"Say "I'm sorry Mr Snuggles, for throwing you away"!"

The silence was now throbbing around them,much like the blood in Snape's ears as he reached out for the blasted thing, grabbed it, marched into his brewing room, plunged it into a bubbling cauldron, added a fist of some powder in a jar and, enjoying the dramatic explosion, fixed Lupin with a seriously dark grin.

"There. Now, that's a snuggle."

Lupin was silent, semi shocked and trying hard not to burst into insane laughter. He failed. Tears rolling from his eyes at the expression on Snape's face, he slipped his arm through the scowling mans and regaining a little control, said "Fine, fine. You know what happens now though."

Snape began to look panicked

"Now I get to teach you all about snuggling." The look of panic grew, equalled by the look of joy on Lupins face as he was hauled him towards the bedroom.