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I dipped my feet in the cool, refreshing water. I began to swirl the water with my finger when I decided a refreshing swim in the ocean would feel good. I quickly tugged away at my towel that wrapped around me and began to swim out into the deeper water.

"Ahh...So refreshingly cool." I held my breath and dived under when a wave came at me. After it passed I swam up and broke through the surface in a flurry of movements. I breathed in deeply, since Edward was out hunting, I decided to go for a dip in the ocean.

Humming slightly as I treaded water, I turned around to look at the shore. I looked closely when I saw something sparkle in the shores. What is that? A bottle maybe, catching the light of the sun?...Oh well. I shrugged it off and turned around to swim out farther when...

"AHHHH!" I tried to take in a deep breath, the key word is TRY. I was pulled under by a rip tide, my arms and legs felt useless with this strong current dragging me out deeper and deeper. I broke to the surface and yelled for help when another wave came at me, engulfing me. I couldn't see, everything was black. I tried swimming back up, but where was up?

"Arghhbluuuerreh," I began to cough as I finally reached the surface only to be taken under again. I was inwardly screaming, Where was Edward? Then I realized, I was on the werewolf territory where Edward or anyone from the Cullens could not step onto. Then, I lost hope. I knew I was going to die.

I could feel a burning in my lungs, a wanting for air. Fresh air. I desperately tried to find the surface again, I couldn't die. Not now, not so soon. I felt my heart beat slower and slower. I felt my body become numb as I deftly tried for air...I finally gave up, what was the point? I wouldn't survive anyways...I love you Edward...remember me.

Five Year Later

"Edward. Snap out of it. Will you at least try and be happy?!" Alice shook Edward's shoulder's, trying to get his attention.

Edward looked at the wall blankly, " Alice...I killed her. If I didn't go hunting, if I was with her at the time...I could have saved her." Edward looked at Alice, "Alice...Whats the point of living now?"

Before Edward knew it, Alice did something Edward never expected from her. She slapped him. "Edward! Snap out of it, please! Do it for Carlisle and Esme! They can't stand watching you die inwardly like this..." Alice's voice softened for a moment, "She's happy, Edward. Didn't you want her to die as a human?"

He didn't respond, his face only grew more tortured, "Maybe...I should go to Italy..." That recieved another slap on the head from Alice. He shook his head, "Don't worry...I won't, she didn't want me to."

Alice threw her hands into the sky in dispair, "You...are...hopeless..." Alice left Edward to grieve alone...

"Bella, do you want to go hunt now?"

I looked up to see a brightly smiling Gregory. He reached out with a hand to help me up from the floor. I smiled slightly, "Actually, I wanted to hunt alone...If you don't mind."

Gregory shook his head, still smiling, "No, no, it's okay. I'll go hunting later then, with Romani." He tussled my hair with brotherly love and left me.

Sighing, I stood up and got ready to go hunt...

I breathed in deeply and found the scent of my favorite prey, wolf. I began to run and hunt, not even knowing what I was doing as I got sucked into a flashback...

"She's dieing..." a soft voice whispered. "You have to do it, or else her life will be lost."

"Will she mind? Would she want a life with all this problems?" someone asked, his voice gruff.

A rustle, "It does not matter, we cannot let her die like this. Do it, Gregory. Bite her."

I tried desperately to open my eyes, I felt so weak. I tried to take in a breath of air but only managed a small amount of air into my lungs. Just enough to speak, "Please...do it." My voice was a mere whisper, hoarse and rough. But they heard, to their suprise.

And I could feel the pause, the breath on my neck as the so-called Gregory leaned down to do what I always wanted Edward to do...he bit me.

I pounced on the Alpha of the pack, my teeth bared like a feral wolf as well. The pack circled me, bewildered by my wolf-ish behavior that they knew to well. I circled the leader, he followed my movements with his eyes.

I growled low and attacked, my teeth going for the throat, the Alpha wolf saw it coming and twisted back and came down to grasp my neck with his jaws. But I wasn't normal, I had vampire's speed and strength. I turned quickly and met his attack, killing him swiftly by breaking his neck. The pack growled, shackles raised at their fallen leader. They looked ready to attack when a wolf suddenly howled and ran away. The other pack members looked into the forest and ran as well, howling along the way.

I shrugged my shoulders and instead, leaned down to drink the blood from the Alpha. "You were a good fighter, I will not forget the glint of power from your eyes and the bravery in your paws." I always said a farewell of respect to my kills. It was a respect I learned whenever I caught my prey. Their eyes filled with the same fear humans had.

That is why I liked the wolves as my favorite food scource. They did not know of fear. They only knew of bravery and pride; future did not exist for them, only the present.

I left the body of the wolf where I killed it for the pack to come back and pay their respect for their fallen leader. I sighed as I left the forest and ran towards my house. Five years...five years and I still couldn't find my love. Maybe it was fate keeping me apart from him...

Stop thinking about him. You swore you would forget and live on...just forget.

"Killed another Alpha?" I turned around at the sudden voice in the woods? Who was that? "Don't worry dear...I'm not here to kill you."

I felt the emphasis on the word, 'you' and I immediately began to run towards my house where Gregory and the Hailees lived. I ran faster as I heard distant laughter in the forest...No, oh no. I fell to my knees with disbelief...the house...my family...were burned to all ashes.

"Child, your grief gives them respect. They fought bravely." A woman's voice filled my ears.

I turned around, I was quite aware that my eyes were as black as midnight. "Who are you? WHAT RIGHT DO YOU HAVE TO KILL THEM?!"

She laughed, "Child, child. You are too young to be screaming at me." Her eyes brightened when she saw all the fire go out suddenly, "Your lust for revenge will lead you well...goodbye." And she disappeared into the night like a melting shadow.

I couldn't believe it...two family gone...first was the Cullen's and now the Hailee's...I stood up, glaring at the night. Why does everyone think I'm weak? Just because I was depressed for a while does not make me weak!...I'll find that person...and when I do, I..am...going to...kill her.

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