(Edward's POV)


I looked up to see Alice staring at me intently, "Edward, get off of your stupid ass and go hunt with me." She dragged me by the arm so I stood up, "You are going to go hunting. It's been two weeks. Get over it." Alice began to drag me to the door, and I have to say, for a small pixie-like vampire, she was strong as Emmett.

I began to protest, I haven't hunted since Bella left and I didn't want to continue now. "Alice...Please, don't...I'm not in the mood."

Alice scowled, "Your never in the mood, now lets go." Alice thrust me into her car and began to drive off towards the nearest park. I just stared out the window and sighed.

"Alice was it right for me to have chosen Elizabeth over Bella?" I asked looking over at her.

Alice sighed exasperated, "Edward, it was your choice. I couldn't have made it for you...Still, I think it was wrong to just let Bella go like that." Alice stopped the car and walked out, "C'mon Edward."

I scrunched my eyebrows in frustration, where was she at the moment? She probably would have gone to get some help...I sighed, maybe I should search for her some way...I followed Alice into the woods, still thinking...Maybe I could ask Carlisle to let me--

I bumped into Alice, "Alice, what're you doing?" I looked at her face and immediately realized she was having a vision... "Alice?" She didn't respond so I decided to lay her mind a little visit.

I was sucked into a vision as well...

"Vivian, I want you to go after Elizabeth tomorrow with Jane and Demetri," Aro said, commanding a girl that looked oddly familiar somehow.

The girl, Vivian, smiled widely...it almost seemed to be a threat, "Sure, Aro. I'm glad your letting me do this so soon."

Aro just smiled and clapped his hands lightly, "Oh, here comes Heidi..."

I blinked as the vision ended, "How do they know of Elizabeth? And who's that Vivian? I've never seen her," I said softly.

Alice shook her head, "She looks like...She looks like Bella. Only she has red eyes and her hair is a dark, deep red that almost seems black. Edward, you will need to get in touch with Elizabeth or go stop Aro and that Vivian girl."

I sighed... I guess...I'd visit Aro.

(Bella's POV)

I saw Heidi coming in to the room, followed by confused tourists and some frightened childs. Somehow, drinking from humans still sickened me to the pit. Still, I had to do it just for revenge...sweet, twisting, revenge.

I missed hunting wolves now and then, the battle, the kill, the bravery. Killing humans was too easy, the fear in their eyes, them giving up without a fight. I sighed as I picked out the second-best smelling human of them all. The first best went to Aro.

He stared at me with eyes that I've never seen. He didn't see me with fear, he saw me with understanding. It was as if he knew it was his fate to give his life to me... I didn't know why, but I felt sad at this. It just made it harder as I went in for the kill... I whispered that I was sorry but he just didn't respond he just let me kill him without no grunt of pain...

Aro sighed, "What a wonderful day. Bella, I expect you to leave tomorrow at dawn."

I nodded and turned to go to my room when Aro called me back, "I'm going to need your presence today. It seems someone will be coming in asking for us two."

I stopped, who would be looking for me? Vivian Hailee. I turned around, "Who is it?"

Aro just smiled and shook his head, "You'll see soon enough."

I growled slightly but came back to his side. As everyone began to clean up the room, I felt a presence...a presence I knew and yet couldn't put my finger on... "Ahh...Here he comes, Vivian." I snapped my head up as the door opened...

"Edward!" Aro called out cheerfully. Edward said nothing but look at me quickly with confusion then turn back to Aro...He didn't recognize me. That hurt me more than it should have. Did he forget me already?

Edward's voice was gruff, "Aro, I want to know why you are sending someone to kill Elizabeth. Who is this Vivian?"

Aro's smile dropped a little... He sighed and motioned for me, I stiffly came up next to him. "Edward, meet Vivian. Vivan meet Edward."

He turned to look at me and something flashed in his eyes before disappearing quicker than it appeared. "You are Vivian?" I nodded. He scowled, "Why are you tryng to kill Elizabeth?"

I felt saddened for a bit then it got replaced by anger. So was he really willing to protect her? I smirked, "I have my reasons."

His eyes flashed to dark black, "TELL ME GOD DAMMIT!"

I kept calm as I answered, "It is not your business."

Edward just got more angrier, "The hell it is my business! Tell me what you want with her or I swear I'll kill you."

Aro coughed, "Edward...I'm going to ask you not to threaten my gaurds."

Edward's eyes flashed towards Aro with cold anger, "Aro, I want to know what you want with my sister."

"You should know what she did to my gaurds, Edward. I need her gone, and Vivian is willing to do that." Aro sighed.

Edward shook his head, "Aro, you can't kill Elizabeth. She just killed minor gaurds, those useless ones."

I finally snapped. "Useless? Then do you think that the Hailees were useless too?! They were innocent enough!" I hissed.

He stared at me with surprise, "How do you know of the Hailees?"

"How do I know? Why don't you ask your sweet Bella how does she know?" I coldly spat at his feet. He stared at me with wide eyes and I could tell he was looking at me more closely.

Aro sighed, he patted my shoulder, "Vivian, I think it's best if Edward here got some rest..." He looked at me meaningfully and I understood.

Edward looked confused when I raised my hand in front of his face. He looked even more confused when I closed my eyes and focused...then...Badump. A pulse, like a heartbeat, made the room beat again before Edward slumped to the ground, in a state of 'unconciousness'.

I sighed as I knelt next to Edward's body to stroke his face. Aro rustled behind me, "What do you want me to do with him?"