A/N: Yeah so... I just watched (yes watched, as in Youtube, because I suck and need the game D:) the part in FFX-2 where Yuna sings in the Thunder Plains as Lenne and... Well their (Lenne and Shuyin) past is just cruel and sad! I almost cried!

...But yes, I was watching it and I really wanted to write about what happened between Lenne and Shuyin. So I did a letter to Yuna, from Lenne, that Yuna finds... I dunno, in her... house in Kilika? (Because I really like Kilika, moreso than Besaid, so let's just say that her and Tidus live there at the end of the game :D) on her desk, and once she reads it, it turns all glowy and disappears like a spirit.

So, read along, if you really want!

Dearest Yuna,

Thank you. When you sang with my dress-sphere on in the Thunder Plains… It was like I got to relive a small portion of my life. I loved to sing, and I can tell you do too.

I hope you use my memory and Shuyin's for everything it's worth. Spira… has changed in those thousand years, yet in many ways, it's exactly the same. Bevelle will always be ruled by Yevon, in some way. So you must remember, don't trust them, because nothing good will come of it. Trust me, Yuna.

Think of my and Shuyin. Because of Bevelle and Yevon, we died. Vegnagun is a terrible thing that should have never been created.

Fate has been wrong to us, but I feel a familiarity with you and your plight. Your love, Tidus, he looks… Just so much like Shuyin. And thanks to you recognizing him, our story has finally been told and learned.

I want to be with Shuyin forever, and I'm sorry that he almost destroyed Spira. He was just mad that I had to leave him, like Tidus left you. Don't let your dreams go, Yuna. Stay strong, and don't let anyone control you. And remember… Never hate. It brings such ugly things with it.

Nothing like this should ever happen again. I hope… somehow, that you and your love will be reunited. And that you can stay together… forever…

Learn from the past, and never let go.

Fellow Summoner,


Yeah, see I warned you it wasn't that good or anything. Oh well it made me happy :D