Adventures In Camelot
By: Pink-Green-White-4ever
Last Revised: July 2, 2007

Summary: Two teams who should have never met are thrust back into a time and place where magic prevails, evil is looming, and the King of Myth rules.
Rating: T for now.
Ships: You'll see!
Disclaimer: Don't own em, wish I did!
Dedication: I know it's a little late, and it's not quite finished, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGELA! And Megan, thanks for being my history consultant.



"BRIDGE!" Z called out as her teammate and boyfriend rushed from shop to shop, pressing his nose against the glass. "Would you slow down?"

"Z, did you feed him sugar this morning?" Jack laughingly asked as he strolled down the street between Z and Ally, his fiancée.

The Yellow Ranger rolled her eyes. "No, blame Syd. I was still sleeping when he got up and she fed him donuts."

"Speaking of Syd, where did she and Sky go? I haven't seen them since breakfast at the hotel," Ally spoke up.

"Sky went for a morning run," Z grinned. "And I think Syd might have gone with him." Z wiggled her eyebrows, causing Ally to crack up laughing and Jack to shake his head.

Jack brought Ally's hand up to his lips and gave it a gentle caress. "Those two have been dancing around each other for so long now. Someone needs to shove them in the right direction."

The girls nodded. "Which is why Kat helped me talk the Commander and Sky into a week vacation for the whole team; Briarwood is the perfect setting to get away from S.P.D. and give those two a kick in the pants."

"Who knew you could be so sneaky!" Jack teased his 'sister' before throwing his arm around her shoulders.

Z's cell phone chose that moment to ring, startling them. "Delgado."

"It's me. Sky and I are at the Rock Porium, how far away are you?" Syd's voice announced.

"We're down by the City Center. Give us about ten minutes."

"You got it."

Jack and Ally looked at Z expectantly. "We need to meet Syd and Sky at that record shop we found yesterday."

The pair nodded. "We'd better grab Bridge," Jack grinned before Z nodded and trotted off after her boyfriend.


"Find anything interesting?" Sky softly asked Sydney as he joined her at the checkout.

"A few c.d.'s Z's been looking for, and a surprise," she smiled at him over her shoulder.

Sky shook his head and grinned at her. "A surprise for whom?"

Syd shot him a teasing look. "It's a surprise, silly; I can't tell."

The Red Ranger rolled his eyes at her game. "For who? Bridge? Jack? Ally?"

"You," Syd finally told him. "But you're not getting it until later."

Sky's face softened as he reached out to touch her shoulder. "You didn't need to buy me anything."

Syd glared at him briefly before letting a beautiful, full blown smile take over her face. "I know, but I wanted to."

Once they paid for their stuff, the two made their way outside. As they were walking out the door, Sky gently reached over and took Syd's hand. Syd grinned shyly up at him and gave his hand a squeeze. Quietly, they crossed the street to walk through the park.



"Xander!" Vida's voice carried a distance as the former Green Ranger was tossed through the air and into a tree.

"Chip!" Nick bellowed. "You and Clare double team it! Vida! Check on Xander!"

The blonde haired sorceress and the former Yellow Ranger rushed forward to join each other while the former Pink Ranger dashed back to check on their fallen friend. "Nick?" Maddy asked a bit of hesitation in her voice.

"Let's take care of the rest of the goons!"

"And here I thought we'd gotten rid of them all!" Maddy huffed as the pair shot off and took on the Styxoids.

"Nikki and Itassis said some escaped during the final battle. Guess this idiot monster and the goon patrol are some of them."

"What now?" Vida asked as the group gathered back together, facing the monster in a showdown.

Nick took a deep breath and looked at each of his teammates, before nodding. "GROUP ATTACK!"

The team moved into position, one of them on all sides of the monster and remaining Styxoids. "STRONG AS A TREE!" Xander called, his body glowing as green as power began to erupt from him. "POWER OF EARTH!"

"EVER-CHANGING AS THE WIND!" Vida's voice lifted. "POWER OF AIR!"


"FLUID AS THE SEA!" Maddy called with pride. "POWER OF WATER!"

"FORCEFUL AS FIRE!" Nick brought his power forth. "POWER OF FIRE!"

"SHINNING MOON WARRIOR!" Clare's voice lifted at last. "POWER OF MOONLIGHT!"

The six attacks flew out from their respective owners and at the reject from the Darkness, striking him at the same time. The monster and Styxoids exploded, the backlash from the explosion causing a hole to appear, which started to suck everything in sight into it.

"GUYS!" Maddy called as the six themselves were sucked in as well.



The group of six chatted quietly as they walked along the path toward the museum that had been setup near Rootcore, home of the Mystic Force Rangers. The planned activity was one Kat had suggested, so that they might get a more realistic perspective on the Rangers who'd come before them.

"It's really peaceful out here," Ally quietly murmured.

"Yeah it its," Jack responded softly.

"Guys, it's TOO peaceful," Bridge started even as he stopped walking.

Sky rolled his eyes and shook his head. "Bridge, don't invite trouble, please. We're supposed to be enjoying this weekend, and you're pulling a me."

"I'm serious! It's too quiet! Listen! I don't hear birds, or people, or anything!"

"Guys! Look!" Syd called out, pointing to the large whole that was currently sucking everything around it inside of it.

"Syd! Be careful!" Sky ordered as she neared it.

The Pink Ranger waved him off until she turned to come back toward him and couldn't. "SKY!" she yelped. "HELP!" Syd's cry was cut off as she disappeared.

"SYDNEY!" Sky hollered, dashing off after her.

"Wait for us!" Z yelled at him as the other four sprinted into the hole, seconds before it closed.




"Someone's touching my butt!"


"I can't breath!"

There was a jumble of bodies on the ground, all of which were struggling to untangle themselves. "Where the hell are we?" Sky muttered as the group finally sat up. "Syd, you okay?" he asked even as he noticed the pretty brunette with a splash of pink in her hair sitting next to him. He smiled to himself before he got a good look at the others in her group, and was suddenly hit by realization. He knew five of them, as he'd studied every Ranger team that had come before SPD to the last detail. "Holy crap."

Syd, Z, Bridge, Jack and Ally all snapped to attention at Sky's hissed comment. "What's wrong?" Jack inquired.

"Um, Syd, Bridge, don't you think they look familiar?" Sky gestured to the other group of people.

Jack, Z and Ally looked at him like he was nuts, but Syd and Bridge stared at the other team and gasped. "Mystic Force?" Syd quipped, her voice soft. "How is that possible?"

Nick narrowed his gaze. "How do you…"

"We're with Space Patrol Delta," Sky supplied. "We're Power Rangers from the year 2027."

Clare and the Mystic Rangers looked shocked. "Wow!"

"You're seriously Power Rangers from the future?" Chip quipped when his voice started working again. He was sitting next to Bridge and Maddy.

Bridge nodded. "Jack use to be, but he retired and now works with Ally to help the homeless. I'm Bridge, by the way; Bridge Carson. Former B Squad Green now Blue."

"Chip Thorn, Mystic Yellow."

The group of twelve introduced themselves, and chatted about their times as Rangers for a few minutes before Vida spoke up. "How did you guys get here?"

"I fell through this weird looking anomaly in the forest," Syd admitted, having the grace to blush.

"And Sky rushed through after her, like always," Z added, causing the others to grin at Sky, who's face was turning red.

"And the rest of you just came after them?" Nick questioned, amused.

The four nodded. "We'd have done the same thing," Xander smirked, causing Nick to tilt his head in thought before grinning and nodding.

"So, how do we figure out how to get from 2007 to 2027?" Ally asked, trying not to let on that she was a bit terrified by the thought of being 20 years in the past.

"Guys," Maddy spoke up. The group turned their eyes to the former Blue Ranger.

"Maddy, what's wrong?" Nick piped up, his voice starting to sound panicked by the worried look on his girlfriend's face.

Maddy pointed to the horses headed their way, carrying what looked surprisingly like men in armor. "I don't think we're in 2007 anymore."

"Houston, we have a problem!" Vida gasped as the teams jumped to their feet even as the group of riders surrounded them.

"HALT!" one of the riders called. "In the name of the King, I demand you identify yourself!" the rider called out, even as he brandished a sword and pointed it at Jack and Nick.

The two shared a look before Jack swallowed and stupidly asked, "Which King?"

The Knight stared at him, while the other four with him laughed. "Which King? Surely you jest? There is but one King in this land."

"Who?" Nick emphasized the question again.

"The honorable and powerful Arthur, King of Camelot."