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I'm on a roll! I think that will be because I'm just bumming here at home this summer and slacking off. I'm putting my college apps preparations on hold because I'm just so damn lazy. Well, here's another story. I hope you enjoy. If you're curious, this idea of mine came from a dream.

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Chapter 1: Night

Sakura's Point of View

Dark. Really Dark. Way too dark for my taste. What's the University doing? Saving electricity? Can't they get brighter street lamps? And why are the signs all blurry?And they're all… spinning? Hhmm, maybe a couple of more steps until I reach my destination. Until I reach the warmth of my dorm room. The place I call safe haven in the campus.

Now, there it was! I gently opened the door and was not surprised no one was there in the main hallway. It was, after all, the first day of winter holidays. Most of the college students had gone back to their homes this morning. And well, me? I'd have to go back home tomorrow. I had to stay here for the night because I was partying like the little college girl I am.

Where was my room? 317. Ugh, third floor. I trudged up the stairs, and once I reached the third floor (after many occurrences where I almost fell down), I counted off the doors until I reached the seventh on my right side.

I stood in front of my door and then realized it was not going to open by itself. I opened my purse and blindly searched for my keys. But I could not find it. Where was it?

Frustrated, I kneeled on the floor and spilled out the contents of my bag. A hairbrush, perfume, a notebook, a phone, two pens and a wallet fell…which were all not mine.

Oh dear, I switched purses with Tomoyo!

I quickly took out my own phone from my pocket, only to realize that Tomoyo's phone was right in front of me. Okay, who leaves their phone in their purse?!

Tomoyo! I was screaming inside my head. I was not going to sleep outside the hallway. Maybe Tomoyo would be kind enough to bring my keys here. But no, she was probably halfway to her house now. Probably sleeping in her car, too.

Why wasn't she staying in a dorm in the campus, too? Oh yeah, her mother was way too overprotective. And I thought I had a very protective brother.

What were my other options? Aha!

I stood up after putting Tomoyo's things back in her purse. I grabbed the doorknob and shook it violently. Maybe it would magically open. I shook it more and gave a little push to the door. But no…it did not even budge.

Wah! How come it always works in the movies? You know, when the cops break down the doors? I guess in my slight drunken state, I did not hold enough strength to break it at the moment.

I then leaned back on the door and began pushing it, putting force, but no…that did not work as well.

I dropped to the ground and exhaled, making my bangs flutter. I looked to my right and then to my left and wondered if there were people on the same floor who would be nice enough to let me crash in their rooms.

Then I remembered that I was the only one on the floor tonight. There was a lunch party earlier today, which I attended for a short while, and I was informed I would be the only one here on this floor tonight.

I sighed.

I was only a freshman in the campus, and although I knew of maybe four or five upperclassmen on the fourth floor still in the dorm tonight, I could not ask them if I could stay in their room for the night. As far as I know, they were guys, too. I could just see the disapproving look of my brother if I did that.

So what were my other options?

Extra key. Why didn't I keep an extra key again? Oh yeah, I had nowhere to leave it. If I leave a plant outside my door, they would know I was keeping my extra key there, which would be useless, I tell you.

I groaned.

A headache was starting to form, and I grabbed my head in hopes to lessen the pain. This was too much. Tonight was fun until I came to my locked dorm room.

After leaving the venue of the party, I was anticipating the comfy bed that was waiting for me on the other side of this door. Why didn't I get a roommate!?

I banged my head harshly on the wooden door where I was resting my back.

What a pain in the ass.

What did I do to deserve such misfortune?

Other options…Sakura, think of other options.

Think back to your orientation about four months ago. What did the dorm leader say? Who was the dorm leader?

Great, I'm talking to myself.

But I do remember the dorm leader's face. I just…could not figure out what his name was. I also saw him around the campus. He's two years older than me – and oddly enough, I think I always see him passing by the library. I think he's the library assistant or something.

Hhmm, I remember his last name being short. Like only two letters. And it sounded Chinese, too.

Sy? No.

Ko? No.

Gar, what was it?!

Zhou? No, two letters!

Qi? No!

Li? Li… Li!

It was Li! And I know I have his number. He said something along the lines of, "I'm giving all of you my number to contact me when there is an emergency at the dorm. Otherwise, don't bother calling me at all."

Emergency, eh? Well, I was definitely in an urgent situation, right? I mean, I could not get inside my room, and I was pretty sure he kept extra keys for all of the rooms in the dorm or that he knows where the extra keys were.

Perfect! Bed, here I come!

I flipped my phone open and searched through my phone. There was only one Li registered, but I hesitated before pressing the call button.

It all came back to me that he was the meanest guy I have ever met in the campus. He is the dorm leader, and for that, he is respected, but also cowered at. No one dares to be on his bad side.

His room is on the fourth floor at the end of the hallway, I remember that. One night, I went up there to get some hot water since the water dispenser on my floor was empty. While I was filling up my mug with hot water, he had passed by me and scowled, looking at my outfit.

I was only wearing a cotton robe over my nightgown. I didn't know someone would be up at that hour, so I did not care about my outfit. It wasn't like I was showing any part of my body; I was pretty much covered up.

But he had grimaced and glared at me.

"You should be in bed already, freshman."

His voice had been seriously deadly. I could only stare at him and watch him go to his room.

There was also another day where I had baked cookies with Tomoyo at her house and had brought two trays for the people on my floor to enjoy. There was no occasion – I just felt like being nice to all my 'neighbors'.

But it was around lunch time when I was distributing the cookies, and almost no one was on the floor. Taking the suggestion from the girl in 318, I shared the cookies with everyone on the dorm from the first floor to the fourth floor. When I reached the fourth floor, I only had half a tray to finish.

I boldly knocked on the doors and offered them cookies. They all accepted it and thanked me. Then I reached Li's room at the end of the hallway. I knocked, and he opened the door with a pen behind his ear.

There were three cookies left, and I was really hoping he would take them.

"No, thanks. I don't accept food from strangers."

He looked down at my cookies, and then his eyes met mine. We were just like that until I was really convinced he was not going to accept my cookies. He slammed the door in my face afterwards, and I marched back to my room and ate the cookies myself.

After a month of being a college girl, I heard from here and there that he was not only mean to me – he was basically mean to everyone. I don't know if that should make me feel better, but why does he treat everyone badly?

What does he have against the world? Geez.

Deep in my thoughts, I didn't know I had pressed the call button already. I put my phone in my ear and listened as his phone rang. As I waited for him to answer, I glanced at my watch: 11:46pm. He would kill me.

Instead of his sleepy voice answering my call (that I was expecting), his voicemail came on.

"Not available right now. Leave a message."

He turns on his voicemail in the middle of the night? Why not just turn it off completely? I don't understand the habits of people.

I hung up, refusing to leave a message for the guy. I then slowly stood up, determined to knock on his door for an extra key.

Okay, Sakura, you can make it to the fourth floor. You didn't have that much to drink, right?

I walked to the end of the hallway where I came from and walked up the stairs. I held on to the wall to keep my balance and had to rest my suffering head on the wall from time to time. At last, I reached the fourth floor, and the bright lights in the hallway proved there were still people on this floor.

Li was probably in his room, too. I strode straight to his room and knocked on his door. No response came.

C'mon! I knocked again. More furiously than before.

I flipped my phone open once again and dialed his room number. I could hear the phone ringing from the other side of his door, but I could hear no movement whatsoever. He was dead asleep at this hour?

I tried calling his cell phone and received the same voicemail message.

Not available right now. Leave a message.

How is he not available?

I tried and tried and still refused to leave a message. I was sitting on the ground now, leaning against his door while trying to call him. Agh! Nothing's happening, Sakura, why don't you just leave a message?

Screw it. Fine.

Syaoran's Point of View

It was past midnight already, and I could hear my phone vibrating for the last ten minutes or so, on the table. I just let my voicemail take it, but couldn't the caller give up already? I was clearly not available, so stop calling already!

I was currently in the library doing some research as I refused to waste my first day of winter holidays going back home or going to a party. I'm a productive guy, and I don't waste time.

But for the last ten minutes, I could not concentrate with the constant 'bbzzz' on my table. Then, it finally stopped, and I did not even bother wondering why.

I stayed in the library for another thirty minutes. I returned the books I took from the shelves and packed up my things.

I looked at my phone on the table and remembered how much of a nuisance it had been minutes earlier. Angrily picking it up, I flipped it open and saw I had 15 missed calls, but only 1 voicemail.

Is this some kind of a joke? I did not know who the caller was, but there was definitely just one caller. The recorded message was made after the last call was made.

Okay, the caller was definitely stupid.

I pressed the okay button to listen to the voicemail.

"Li-san, I'm Kinomoto Sakura—you probably don't know me, but I live in the same dorm as you do. And I have a slight emergency…you see, my friend and I accidentally switched purses, so now I don't have my dorm key with me. It's late, and it's cold out here in the hallway," the caller's voice than started to falter. She sounded terrified. "SO COULD YOU PLEASE OPEN YOUR DOOR AND GIVE ME AN EXTRA KEY TO MY ROOM?" Forget it. If she could shout like that, maybe she was not terrified at all. But then her voice changed again, "I know you're still here in the campus, probably sleeping in your room right now and just too mean to open the door for me… but c'mon, be a nice senpai, and give me an extra key!"

Kinomoto Sakura…Sakura…

Her name did not ring a bell. Pocketing my phone, I left the library and started walking back to my dorm. My dorm was a good twenty-minute walk from the library. I passed a residence hall, which was holding a wild party on a Friday night like this—well, Saturday morning now.

Some people recognized me and said their quick hellos in their drunken state. They even asked me to come in for a while, but I declined their offer. I wanted to go back to my room as soon as possible.

I was dead tired after all.

I just wanted to sleep.

Finally, I reached my dorm, and the empty main hallway welcomed me. I quickly went up the stairs and set my mind into reaching the top floor where my room was.

And then…

Uuh, is that a girl sitting down on the floor in front of my door?

I rushed up to her, remembering the voicemail I received. It was probably from her. How stupid can she be? Didn't she figure out I was not in my room?

I stood in front of her, but she did not make a move—that was when I realized the stupid girl was sleeping. I crouched down and gently shook her. She had her arms around her knees, which were brought up in front of her chest.

What was her name again? Kinomoto? Kinomoto Sakura…

"Kinomoto-san," I called out her name softly while still shaking her. How could she even sleep here? "Wake up, will you?"

Slowly, she stirred and lifted her head to face me. That was when I was met by the most amazing eyes I had ever seen. And I knew I've seen those before!

I know her!

Recognition lit up in her eyes as she studied my face. She then pouted and pushed me away, causing me to fall down on my butt on the floor.

"What was that for!" I demanded angrily.

She did not answer, but merely turned to her watch and gaped at the time. It was only 12:45am.

"I've been out here for an hour!" she whined. "You are the meanest senpai ever! You could have opened your door as soon as you heard me knock. How can you make me wait here? And I was just asking for an extra key…"

I had to laugh at this girl. Is she listening to herself? Did she hear what she just said or is she just so dumb she hasn't realized I did not come from my room!

"I wasn't in my room, smarty pants," I grumbled after chuckling, standing up afterwards.

She looked at the closed door and then looked down in what seemed like embarrassment. She slowly stood up from where she was standing and waited for me to open my door.

I fumbled through my pocket and took out my dorm key. After unlocking my door, I noticed she was still standing behind me.

"Ano…" I started slowly. "I don't have an extra key for you," I told her as sincerely as possible.

She opened her mouth in astonishment, and she looked like I just broke her heart.

"No…" she whimpered, shivering slightly. She was wearing only a thin shirt and a simple pair of denim pants. And since she was stupid, she didn't even bother putting a jacket on.

"Sorry for not being helpful," I told her, going inside my room but leaving the door open, as I was still talking to her.

"Yeah right," she suddenly said, rolling her eyes and gripping her purse tightly. "I bet you're enjoying this…being the mean person that you are…"

"And what do you exactly mean by that?" I asked her, not letting her go for insulting me like that.

"What I meant was…" she took in a deep breath before continuing. "You don't really care that I would stay out in the hallway for tonight. In fact, I have a feeling you are laughing inside, just imagining a lonely freshman who's going to be sleeping on the third floor outside her room because she doesn't have her key."

With that, she turned around and walked away from my room.

But really, I was not about to let her go just like that.

"Wait!" I called her back, closing my door behind me as I followed her.

She stopped and turned around to face me.

"What is it? Going to tell me that I'm right?" Her eyes were blazing with anger and frustration, and…she looked really tired.

I could also tell she was slightly drunk. She could not even walk straight.

"No, I'm going to tell you that you're wrong," I clarified. "I wish I had an extra key for you, but I just don't, okay? They don't trust me with extra keys for all the rooms in this place. Can't you understand that?"

She sighed, and then just shrugged at what I said. "Whatever," she said dismissively, "Good night then, Li-san."

I watched her until she disappeared down the stairs. Her footsteps echoed throughout the empty hallways, and I could hear incoherent mumblings coming from her.

A smile escaped my lips as I finally knew the girl's name that had always intrigued me.

Sakura, eh?

During the orientation, I was appointed to discuss the rules and regulations of the dorm to the new students in the campus. From where I was standing at that time, I could see who was paying attention to my presentation and who wasn't. She was one of those who weren't.

She was in a daze and almost looked like she was sleeping, but with her eyes open. But I guess she paid a little attention because she took note of my number and had managed to call me tonight.

Coming back to my room late one night, I saw her filling up her mug using the water dispenser on the fourth floor. I knew she was from the third floor, so I wondered what she was doing up here at that time. The water dispenser was probably empty on her floor.

I had approached her and told her to go to bed already. It was late after all, and I was only looking out for her.

After that night, I would always see her walking around the dorm or campus. She would always pass by the library where I would be. Coincidence much?

But not until tonight was when we actually had a conversation.

I had always wanted to approach her and talk to her, but I never had the chance to. To me, she looked aloof and carefree—so free even I could not reach her.

I went back to my room, and I found myself getting my extra pillow and blanket and walking out of my room. I let my feet drag me to where I wanted to be.

Going down to the third floor, I walked over to the figure sleeping in front of her door.

Sakura's Point of View

Soft pillow. Warm blanket. Ah, bliss.

Wait, hard mattress. This ain't my bed.

I opened my eyes sleepily and saw the walls of the corridor faintly. Oh yeah, I slept in the hallway. But I don't remember having a pillow or a blanket.

Not thinking much about it, I pulled the blanket closer to my body and recognized an unfamiliar scent—musk, manly musk. Wah! Fully awake, I abruptly sat up from my lying position and looked around.

Weh? Someone else forgot their key and slept in the hallway?

From where I was, the person was a guy, but his head was down, so I could not really recognize him. I glanced at my watch. It was barely 6:00am. The darkness outside was slowly being wiped out by the slow rising of the sun.

I folded up the unknown blanket quickly and placed it on top of the unknown pillow. Walking over slowly towards the guy, I noticed he was stirring.

"Hey, you forgot your key, too?" I asked dumbly to the guy as I sat in front of him.

When he lifted his head, though, and finished rubbing his eyes, I recognized who he was.


He only smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of his neck. "Good morning?" he said uncertainly.

"What are you doing out here?" I asked him, really curious.

He avoided my eyes and tried to fix his unruly hair.

"I asked you a question," I reminded him when he still did not reply.

He sighed and looked back at me, "I just thought it wouldn't good for you to sleep out here alone," he said slowly.

How touching. This guy was not bad after all!

But he still rejected my cookies!

He then chuckled, and I looked at him questioningly.

"Why are you laughing?" I demanded.

"I just realized I could have just asked you to stay in my room last night," he replied, only to have a shocked expression on his face after he realized he said it out loud.

"You would do that?" I asked, equally surprised as he was. "…You're not so mean after all." I paused. "Not so smart, too," I added.

"And you're the smart one?" he arched one of his eyebrows at me. "I'm not the one who forgot my key."

"I switched purses with my friend—totally an accident!" I said defensively. "Forget what I said—you are mean."

He ran his hand through his hair in irritation and impatience.

"Stop saying that!" he snapped, causing me to jerk backwards a little. "If I'm so mean, then I should have left you out here alone last night!"

After that outburst, he sneezed, and I had to let out a chuckle as he sniffed afterwards and rubbed his nose.

"This is not funny!" he bellowed. "Now, I'm going to catch a cold because of you!"

"I didn't tell you to stay here," I muttered under my breath.

"What did you say, you—achoo!" he sneezed again.

What a nice sight. The little ol' sempai of mine is sneezing like a baby.

He sneezed a couple more times, so whatever comeback he had in mind was all forgotten. Before I could stare at him longer, I decided to stand and walk over to where his pillow and blanket were.

"Ano…thanks for these," I told him. Gee, am I becoming shy now? "You better hurry up to your room."

He grabbed his pillow and blanket from me quite harshly after standing up. He turned on his heel towards the stairs. I followed him, but not intending to stalk him or anything. We just happened to be going in the same direction. But I guess he thought I was stalking him because he turned to face me, and yet again, gave me that infamous glare.

"I'm not going to invite you to my room," he spat out.

I only looked at him disbelievingly. The nerve of this guy!

"I don't want to be invited, anyway!"

"Then why are you following me?"

"I'm not following you! I'm going to the stairs, too. I'm going to my friend's house to retrieve my key. Is there a problem with that?"

He shook his head. "No problem at all," he said, clutching his pillow and blanket protectively.

Have I mentioned that he looks really cute…and uhm, hot?

"Just don't call me mean again, alright?" he said cockily, raising up his chin a little to prove his point.

I just scoffed at him and mumbled about the day he refused my cookies and slammed the door.

"What did you say?" he asked me, leaning in closer to hear the words I was saying. He was too close. "Cookies? What cookies?"

I faced him and looked him in the eye.

"You refused my cookies," I said through clenched teeth. Boy, do I keep a grudge or what? "And you slammed the door to my face. You called me a stranger and refused my cookies!"

I was in a rage! And early in the morning, too. Well, I guess this was the only chance I would ever have to confront this guy…

"It's not like there was poison in it!" I continued and thankfully, he looked like he was listening intently. His eyes were beginning to sparkle, too. I wonder why—probably relishing the moment he was mean to poor, little me that day. He's cruel—does he actually gain satisfaction from torturing people?

Forget I called him hot.

Syaoran's Point of View

Is this girl menacing or what? It was way too early in the morning for me to face her childish accusation.

I am not mean.

I happen to care about people.

And what was she on about cookies? Yes, I do remember her knocking on my door and offering me cookies. But I just…I didn't mean to…I just wanted…

I just wanted to know her name.

"Hey, you want some cookies?" she asked cheerfully. I was in the middle of doing an essay, and a little break would not hurt me at all. I looked at the cookies on her tray, and they looked tasty. "They're chocolate," she added.

Chocolate—my favorite! And who was this girl?

"No thanks. I don't accept food from strangers," I told her. I was waiting for her to tell me her name, but then she just stood there and looked at me until I realized she was not going to say anything.

So, remembering I had an essay to finish, I closed the door, but did not forget about her.

"What?" the girl in front of me asked.

Did I just say something?

"Huh?" I looked at her questioningly.

"You said something," she explained. "I want you to repeat it."

"What did I say?" I thought aloud. Shit. Did I say—?

"You said…" she was suddenly blushing. "You said…you only wanted to know my name."

I had to smile. Yeah, that was all I wanted.

"Yeah, I only wanted to know your name," I repeated. She did ask me to repeat it, right? "Kinomoto Sakura, yeah?"

She was looking into my eyes, and if she went on staring at me like this, she might just discover me inside and out.

Suddenly, I didn't know what to do.



Author's Notes:

Honestly, I didn't know how to end it but this is what I've come up with using my insomniac brain. A little information for you, readers—I'm not in college, don't know how dorms exactly work. Just go with my story. Hehe, and please review!

And geez, please no flames. I think I'll just accept this—"this was boring. Wth." Yeah, I think that's acceptable. Lol. Just review. Haha.

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