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Syaoran's Point of View

She was looking into my eyes, and if she went on staring at me like this, she might just discover me inside and out.

Suddenly, I didn't know what to do.

"Why did you want to know my name?" she asked me, confused, but her keen interest on the answer was sparkling in her eyes.

"I… don't know," was all I could say. I could not really tell her anything more than that. This was after all our first proper conversation.

She just shrugged and I was thankful enough that she did not press on the matter more. She then waved at me and started walking towards the stairs again.

"Where are you going?" I said, calling her back.

When she cocked her head to one side, I almost slapped myself for asking such a stupid question. Didn't we already cover the fact that she was going to her friend's house to get her dorm key?

"I'm going to my friend's house now," she said impatiently. "Remember? Because she has my key?"

Okay, I must think of an excuse to not look so stupid in front of this underclassman.

"I mean, why are you going out without even a jacket on?" Nice cover up. I deserve a pat on the back, people!

She shrugged again. "I can't really get a jacket – I'm locked out of my room, remember?"

Before she could start to walk away, I quickly grabbed her wrist, carefully balancing the pillow and the blanket in my arms as well. Then, ignoring her pleas to let go of her, I dragged her back to where my room was.

When we reached my room, I slammed my pillow and my blanket in her arms so that I could get my key. I opened the door for her and she angrily stepped inside my room, nonetheless. She settled on my computer chair and started twirling herself around when she discovered it was one of those cool computer chairs.

Was this girl really a college student?

Though she looked like she was enjoying my computer chair, I did not miss the pout on her face and the confusion that was lingering in her eyes.

"Why did you bring me here?" she demanded, turning around with the chair and then facing me.

I was walking to my closet already. I pulled out one of my winter coats – the smallest one that I've got and threw it at her direction. She caught it easily and arched her eyebrow at it skeptically.

"What am I supposed to do with this?" she held up the coat as I was wearing a sweater on top of my shirt.

"You wear it, doofus," I replied, walking over to my bed. Ah, my bed – I couldn't wait to sleep. "You can give it back to me after the holidays," I sneezed uncontrollably. She giggled and I sent a glare towards her.

"But… I don't really need it," she said, avoiding my eyes and trying to place the coat on the nearest table where she was.

"You do," I insisted. "It's freezing cold out there. I wouldn't want to be the one to blame if you collapse or something. "

She pouted once again and stood up from the chair. Before she could say what she was about to say (and I was sure she thought it would really sound smart), her phone rang. She fiddled around inside her purse and finally found the ringing phone.

"Tomoyo-chan!" she practically shrieked.

She walked slightly away from me, which I did not really mind. Meanwhile, I decided to be comfortable on my bed already. Ah, the girl could find the door and leave.

"I'm on my way to your house right now," I could hear her talk over the phone. "What? You're not at home?" Pause. "You stayed at whose place?" Pause. "Well, I need my purse, Tomoyo!" Long pause. "I'll just go there. No need to disturb your dear Eriol to drive you here." Pause.

I was already lying down on my bed and from where I was, I could see Sakura nodding her head.

"Yes, you're the greatest friend, too," she said, but it did not sound so heartedly. "I'll be there in a bit!"

She finally hung up.

She turned towards me and I did not miss the surprised expression on her face when she saw tucked in my bed already, with my warm blankets covering me and the soft mattress I was lying in.

"You're really rude," she muttered under her breath. "Thanks for nothing, weirdo. I'm going now."

And another insult sent my way by this freshman girl. I was not about to let her go making the last statement so I quickly got up from my bed to face her.

"First you call me mean and now you call me rude and a weirdo," I said. She might be a little intimidated now as she clutched on the winter coat I gave her and stepping back a bit.

"Well, you are!" she said, her voice slightly faltering. "You know that I'm dying to sleep in my bed and you just lie there on your bed… making me jealous that you have a soft bed to lie down on."

I snorted and rolled my eyes. "Oh, I'm sorry, would you have liked me to offer you to sleep on my bed for the meantime?"

"That would have been a gentleman-thing to say but if you are offering right now, no thanks," she said smartly and started to make her way towards my door.

Before she opened the door to go outside, her phone rang again. She answered it and possibly had forgotten that she was on her way out.

"Tomoyo?" she said then paused. "Yes, I think I know where Eriol lives." Pause. "No, you don't need to send your car to pick me up." Pause. "I'm pretty much capable to use public transportation, Tomoyo. I'm not you." Pause then she chuckled. "Yes, yes, I'll see you."

Did she just say Eriol? She was going to Eriol's place?

"You're going to Eriol's place?" I blurted out.

She turned to look at me, confused as to why I knew Eriol.

"What's it to you?" she asked.

"Eriol's my best friend," I revealed. "Why are you going to his place?"

"Because my friend, Tomoyo, stayed at his place last night," she replied. "And Tomoyo is the friend who currently has my purse where my key is."

I nodded, understanding what she was saying and chose to ignore that she was mocking me.

"If there's nothing else, I have to get going," she said, holding on to the door knob.

My conscience then started getting the best of me. It was barely seven o' clock. This girl would be alone walking outside the walls of the campus. She would be walking to the bus stop alone. She would be riding the bus alone. Who knew who would take a seat beside her?

As a dorm leader, I think it was my responsibility to get her where she was going safely.

Since I kept silent, she just shrugged and opened the door.

But… I had to open my big mouth.

"Wait!" I called her back. She looked at me questioningly.


"Let me take you to Eriol's place," I offered, my voice slightly softer than normal.

She narrowed her eyes and looked at me skeptically. "You'll do that?"

"Yeah," I replied quickly, grabbing the coat that was near my door. "I have a car. It'll be safer for you," she was still unconvinced. She was looking at me as if I would take advantage of her! "Just look at it as a payment for not accepting your cookies, alright?"

She beamed at that and nodded. "Okay, let's get going then!"


Sakura's Point of View

His coat was way too big for me but I was still thankful for it because as we walked out of our building to the parking lot, it was freezing. I hugged myself tightly and lifted up the collar of the coat to protect my neck from the coldness. I looked around and could not remember how I managed to walk back last night without a jacket.

I followed Li towards his car and unsurprisingly, his car was the only one on the parking lot.

"Nice car," I told him and he just nodded.

It was a nice car. Sexy, too. Like him.

Haha, didn't say that.

It was a black Camry and I knew he deserved a much better car but it already suited him. Simple, yet special at the same time.

I didn't even mind that he didn't open the door for me. Whatever. He was not known to be a gentleman, anyway. As soon as we settled inside his car, he turned on the engine and without speaking another word, set off to Eriol's house.

His radio was booming with hip-hop tunes and I was trying to control myself from dancing to the beat.

He was nodding his head with the music while driving and because the roads were practically empty, he was speeding. Quite uncontrollably, too. I already holding on to my seat but after a while, I totally did not mind the speed at all.

His music was just too good.

The song then ended and a slightly techno song came on. Man, this guy definitely had taste in music. It was "All of Your Love" by Hellogoodbye, which happens to be the band that I was currently crazing over for.

"I love this song," I voiced out.

The stoplight changed to red so he stopped and turned to me.

"Me, too," he replied, a slight smile on his face.

Then, we just let the music filled the car. It probably looked stupid because as the car stayed still, our heads and feet were synchronized with the beat. When it came to the best part, the light turned green and I started tapping my fingers on the armrest.

Within seconds, the song came to an end. Well, it was barely three minutes long.

A hip-hop song came on again. And right then and there, I knew I was really awake now. There was just so much energy in the songs, you know.

"Do you have these songs to wake you up?" I asked him conversationally.

"Actually, yeah," he answered. "How did you know?"

"Because I'm totally up now," I revealed and he chuckled at that.

"If you live right next to me, you will complain at how loud I play my music in the morning," he said, keeping his eyes on the road.

"I don't hear your neighbor complaining though," I said.

"Because he would have to complain to me," he said. "Since I'm the dorm leader."

I opened my mouth in disbelief but I had to smile at that. Oh how does this man use his power…

Minutes later, we reached Eriol's house. I had only been at Eriol's house twice and both times were because he had held a house party. If Li was telling the truth that he was indeed Eriol's best pal, then he must have been in his parties, right?

But I never saw him in any of the parties. If I did, his image would have probably stayed with me longer.

We got out of his car and walked towards Eriol's front door. Li rang the door bell and waited.

When Eriol opened the door, I had never seen him so surprised.

"Syaoran! What are you doing here?" he demanded, forgetting to open the door wider to let us come in.

"I brought Kinomoto here," Li replied in a very casual voice.

Eriol narrowed his eyes and looked behind Li where I was standing. I let out a smile and waved at him.

"But Tomoyo said she was riding the bus," Eriol said, still sounding suspicious.

"Just let us come in, will you?" Li said quite moodily. "It's freezing out here!"

The door was opened for us completely and as soon as I stepped inside his house, I felt better because of the heat surrounding the house. Ah, the comfort of a house.

Eriol accepted our coats and looked skeptically at the coat I gave him. He probably recognized it as Li's. Before he could question me about it, I saw Tomoyo coming out of the kitchen.

"Tomoyo-chan!" I called and the girl looked up.

She was wearing Eriol's pajamas because she did not own anything so simple. I did not even need to ask what they did that made her change out of her clothes last night. I thought she just crashed at his place and fell asleep?

Tomoyo ran to me and hugged me tightly.

"How was your bus ride?" was the first thing she asked, then she saw Li standing close by. "Never mind, I have a feeling that he brought you here." She examined him more closely. "Sakura, isn't he your mean dorm leader?"

Li's ears captured her words and he growled.

"Hey, I made those cookies too!" Tomoyo blurted out and I pulled her arm to just leave the matter alone.

Eriol, who was looking very lost, was in very much in need of an explanation.

"Your purse is upstairs," Tomoyo then told me, still glaring at Li. "I'll go get it."

"I'll come with you, Tomoyo," Eriol offered and walked up with her.

And that left me alone with Li once again.


Syaoran's Point of View

Awkward much?

Didn't I make it clear already that I did not even know why I had the idea to bring this girl to Eriol's place?

This was probably the most brilliant idea I had ever had.

Please notice that the statement was full of sarcasm.

I was groaning inside and was really close to pulling my hair out.




Why couldn't I just leave her alone?

Why didn't I just let her take the bus?

"Ano… Li-san?" her tiny voice called out to me.

I looked up and met her eyes.

Aw, man, I made it clear already that those eyes were pulling me in, right?

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Thanks for the ride, by the way," she said, sending me a smile.

I like her smile, too. So genuine… It makes her eyes sparkle, too.

Could I bang my head against the wall already? I was sounding like a lovesick puppy!

"No problem," I muttered and walked to the kitchen. "You want to get something to eat before we get out of here?"

She was reluctant to follow me and I wondered why.

"I was actually going to ask Tomoyo if she could give me a ride back," she said. I stopped walking. "It's just that… I thought you'll stay here with Eriol to take a rest. I mean, you should stay here to take a rest. I've bothered you enough…"

"I don't want to stay here," I told her. "I have a flight to Hong Kong tonight and I still need to pack so I need to go back to my room as soon as possible."


Did she sound disappointed that I was leaving for the Winter Break?

"And I offered to take you here," I said. "It's not a bother at all," I said, trying to reassure her. "And I'll be glad to take you back."

She just nodded gratefully and walked with me to the kitchen.

Luckily for us, Tomoyo was preparing breakfast when she came out of the kitchen. There were waffles ready and the butter was out too.

"Where's the chocolate syrup?" I thought loudly looking around the kitchen. I turned towards the cabinets and opened the first one. Ah! There it was!

I opened the lid and poured syrup on top of my waffle and was already looking excited to dive in and eat it. I offered the syrup to Sakura but she shook her head.

I took my first bite and savored the flavor. Maybe after my third bite, I noticed that Sakura had not touched her food yet.

"It's tasty, you should try it," I told her but she just continued smiling at me and laughed.

"I'm having so much fun watching you eat like a little boy," she revealed.

And I didn't know if I should get mad at her or what. But she was clearly mocking me and I don't take mocking easily.

"Shut up and eat," I said, more like in a commanding voice. After that, I sliced a piece from my waffle and stuffed it inside her slightly open mouth. She gladly accepted it although she was a bit surprised about it.

"Hey! I almost choked on that!" she said childishly, wiping her mouth carefully.

I just rolled my eyes at her and continued eating.

It was funny how only the counter was between us. Also, instead of placing the two plates (I think it was meant for Eriol and Tomoyo) on the dining table, we settled on eating while standing.

Sakura had started eating her waffle. I could still see the smile on her face as she picked on her food. Man, this girl was too shallow – such a small thing could make her smile.

I then walked towards the refrigerator to get something to drink. This was what I love about Eriol's place – it was always packed with beverages. He would always have house parties, you know… but I would always have no chance to attend them because I would be studying in my room or doing something else.

If I would go, I would be late… as in I would arrive at his place finding people already wasted on the couch.

"You want something to drink?" I asked Sakura.

She looked up at me, still with her spoon in her mouth and thought for a while.

"There's orange juice and mango juice," I told her, giving her options. "Unless you want beer in the morning."

She rolled her eyes at that and replied, "orange juice, please."

I poured us two glasses of orange juice. I handed one glass to her and watched her take a small sip before going back to her waffles.

She looked adorable.

As we enjoyed our breakfast, we suddenly remembered Eriol and Tomoyo.

"What's taking them so long?" Sakura said in wonder.

She just finished her waffles and I was washing my plate already.

"You're really asking that?" I told her, facing her and giving her an incredible look.

She quickly got the point and only rolled her eyes.

"Tomoyo knows better," she said, defending her friend. "She knows I need my purse. She would have gone down here first to give it to me then went back to her precious Eriol."

I just let her think whatever she wanted but I was still sure that the two were already busy upstairs and probably have forgotten about us. She walked to the sink and washed her own plate as I proceeded to the living room.

And ha, I was right. The two were up to something upstairs. I hurriedly called Sakura and showed her the purse and the note that was on the coffee table in the living room.

"You have my purse!" she said happily and took it from me. "Where's Tomoyo?"

"She left your purse in the living room with this note," I handed her the note.

"'Sakura, we've gone back to sleep since the two of you are pigging out on our breakfast,'" Sakura read aloud. She gasped and looked at me accusingly. "You made me eat their breakfast!"

"Don't say you didn't like it," I said and she could only roll her eyes.

"'I'll call you. Have fun with your purse. Li, please bring Sakura back. Thank you,'" she put the note down and sighed.

"I guess I'm bringing you home," I stated.

"I guess so," was all she said. She left Tomoyo's purse on the counter and wrote something on the note that Tomoyo originally wrote on.

After she finished writing, she followed me back to my car and we rode quietly back at our dorm.


Sakura's Point of View

So it was absolutely awkward going back to our dorm. I had no complains about his music so I could not say anything. I already praised his choice in music so repeating it would be stupid. I could only clutch my purse in my hands and stare ahead.

After he parked his car neatly, I got off immediately because I could not really take the atmosphere inside the car.

I was not even sure why it was too awkward.

When we reached my floor, alas, we had something to say to each other.

"I'll be heading to my room now," he said.

"Yeah, okay," was all I could say. "Thanks for the ride."

"No problem," he replied politely.

He walked towards the staircase leading up to his room but before he could disappear completely from the hallway, I called him back.

"Li-san!" I ran up towards him. He was looking at me curiously and not until I started taking his coat off did he realize what I was doing. "Thanks for this, too," I told him, handing out his coat.

He only smiled in reply and proceeded to go up into his room.

I waited until I could not see him anymore. I exhaled up to my bangs and ignored the weird feeling in my chest. Was I disappointed that I was not going to see him for a long time after this?

I opened my door and lied down on my bed. My clothes were not packed yet and as I stared at my empty suitcase by my closet, my body seemed to refuse to get up from the bed to fix my things up. It was like telling me to just do it later…

Sleep would be more important this time.


I had no idea how long I was sleeping. I found myself still lying on the same position on my bed but when I looked outside my window, it was dark and… snowing. Seeing white flakes falling outside, I lazily brought myself up and walked over to my window.

It was indeed snowing.

I sighed and turned around from the window. When I was a kid, I would usually love seeing the first day or night of snow but as I got older… snow had started to lose its meaning to me It had become more depressing to me. Snowy days would always seem so gloomy and dull.

My eyes then landed on my empty suitcase. I laughed at myself… I guess I would be staying here in my room for one more night. Touya and Dad would understand.

Then, there was a soft knock on my door. I suddenly remembered that the noise form my door was the reason why I jolted awake.

I slowly walked towards my door, wondering who it could be.

"Who is it?" I asked.

There was hesitancy on the other side.

"It's Li."

What? Li as in Li, my dorm leader?

To make sure, and without thinking more about the matter, I opened my door. And there he was, Li Syaoran, ladies and gentlemen.

I gave him a confused look and stared at him form head to toe.

He was wearing shirt with a sweater and a coat on with simple trousers. But what got me really interested was the suitcase beside him.

"You see…" he started as he figured that I needed an explanation why he was knocking on my door at… I glanced at my watch, 8 in the evening. "My flight to Hong Kong got cancelled because of this weather and… I already surrendered my key into the box. And…"

I was still standing there and looking at him, speechless.

"Do you really want me to spell it out for you or are you just going to let me in already?" was his defeated statement.

end of chapter.ii.

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