The Thief Queen

Chapter 1: Name

Author's note: Your comments decide if this is a one shot, or not. (Not to sound strict or anything, just thought you aught to know)


I sat on my chair by the window in my bedroom in my private suite, (can you believe that I have a suite in the Lesser Palace?) watching the slaves and workers build the Pyramid. "ug, this is so boring!" I said to myself. I got up and went to the large chest that I bought (I'm the Royal Scribes daughter, so I can afford things like that) and lifted the lid.

I dug through the items in the chest and pulled out a small box with an eye carved into it. Than I sat down by the window again and opened the box. Inside were a half-finished three dimensional puzzle and the rest of the pieces. I went to work.

Minutes went by, hours of working on this puzzle. But it had to be finished. After a long time, I had only one piece left. "That's strange," I marveled aloud, "It seems to resemble an upside-down pyramid."

As I slid the last piece in, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I was startled and dropped the pyramid as I turned to see who was there and it slid across the floor. I sighed when I recognized the figure. "Oh, Bakura, it's only you."

"Did you miss me?" he smirked.

I frowned. "It's not that funny you know. Had it been anyone else, I could have been tried for treason."

He sat down beside me. "I know. But I just wanted to say goodbye again."

"You're leaving? But you just got back. And you've been gone since the Nile's waters receded."

"Yes, but, I am the Thief King. It's a busy job."

Self proclaimed Thief King, I thought. He glared at me. "Did that come out of my mouth?" I asked. He nodded. "Sorry." I said, my gaze dropping to my feet. He lifted my chin up with his fingers so that I gazed into his silver-grey eyes. As he put his arm that wasn't holding my chin around my waist, I suddenly remembered the puzzle. "I almost, forgot." I said, pulling away from him. I went over to where the puzzle had slid and picked it up. When I turned around I jumped in surprise. Bakura had snuck up behind me and was standing there.

"I'm sorry, did I scare you?" he asked, smiling again.

"Yes." I said, annoyed. "But, here." I than handed him the completed puzzle and sat back down. He took it greedily and looked it over with such detail I thought he had forgotten me. So I asked, "I was wondering, how did it brake in the first place?"

He stopped, than, looking very annoyed with himself. "It was that stupid Pharaoh. I had it in my hand, and he knocked it out at the last minute. Good thing he fell of the cliff."

"Actually," I said, hoping that I would not anger him even further. "He didn't fall. The Royal guards found him and rescued him."

His eyes were full of anger. "WHAT?" he yelled. This was bad. If he was too loud the Guards would rush in and find us here. So I did the only thing I could do. The one thing that all women knew how to do best; I stood up and kissed him, right in the mouth.

Apparently, it worked. For a moment he pulled back a little, surprised, than he leaned in and pulled me in. after a while, we broke apart, but he still stroked my hair, which was braided into twenty four small braids running along my scalp and falling down at the base of my head (unlike most nobles, I and my sister both felt that having real hair was better than wearing a wig.). I laid my head against his chest, and had to move it to his shoulder because of the one piece of jewelry he always wore, something he called the Millennium Ring.

He did something that even I would not expect, than. He whispered in my ear, "I love you." I stiffened, for Bakura had never been this open with anyone, as far as I knew. He must have felt me stiffen because he said, "Yes, I love you. Ariel, my Thief Queen."