Lorelai sat in the living room, constantly eyeing the clock. Yes, it was Saturday night, and yes, Saturday nights were usually very busy at the diner, but tonight, Lorelai's impatience was getting the best of her. She tapped her fingers on the arm of the couch as she grew more anxious. She quickly walked into the kitchen, grabbed her third apple since she'd been home, and took a bite out of it. Lorelai was never known for her patience, but this was getting ridiculous.

She stood up from the kitchen table, frustrated at her inability to stay in one place, and sat on the step, licking her finger clean of some juice from the apple. She stared at the door, waiting for Luke to walk through. After only a few minutes of watching the door, she became restless again. She began to walk around the foyer area, pacing as she finished her apple. Paul Anka tilted his head in confusion as Lorelai again walked into the kitchen to throw away the apple core.

She grabbed a paper towel to wipe her hands when she heard the door open. Lorelai quickly walked into the foyer to greet her husband. "Luke!" she said, a smile spreading across her face.

"Hey," Luke said, taking off his jacket.

Lorelai stood on her tiptoes and pulled Luke in for a kiss. She must have wowed him with that kiss, because he pulled away somewhat reluctantly, and taken aback.

"Well, that was quite the greeting," he said.

Lorelai smiled. "I had a good day. Here, come on in the living room, I want to talk to you about something."

She grabbed him by the hand and sat down on the couch, her blue eyes sparkling with a hint of mischief. Still grinning, she took a deep breath.

"Is this about the difference between "The Breakfast Club" and "Pretty in Pink" again? Lorelai, I've told you a hundred times, I now understand the difference between the two, and I also know that Tom Hanks is the male lead in "Sleepless in Seattle," so you don't have to go through that again, either," Luke grumbled.

Lorelai shook her head. "Nope, this talk is better than that."

"Please don't tell me that you're going to make me watch "The Godfather" again," Luke moaned.


Luke sat for a moment, staring at Lorelai in awe and confusion. It seemed odd to be both confused and amazed by Lorelai, but of course, he was.

"It's all about 'When Harry Met Sally'. Grab something to eat from the kitchen, bring it out here, and listen to me talk. You don't even have to watch the movie," Lorelai pleaded.

Luke consented. He always knew Lorelai had so much influence in the relationship. No matter how many times he tried, she would never order a salad at the diner. She would drink coffee after seven, and be jittery all night. But there was something about his inability to stop her that made him love her more. He walked into the kitchen, and sitting on the kitchen table was a bowl of apples.


He vaguely remembered the significance of the apples. She had mentioned them a few times to him, but that was a few years ago. He turned to Lorelai, who stood behind him, and pointed to the bowl staring back at him.

"Apples?" he asked, slightly shocked.

Lorelai simply nodded.

"Well, if those are… then you're… we're… and…"

She giggled at his inability to speak at the thought that they were going to have a baby. "Yes, Luke," she said, somehow deciphering the happiness within the stuttering.

He pulled her in for a kiss. They hadn't been married long, that was for sure, but no one expected it to take as long as it did. He was finally going to be a dad… well, okay, he was a dad already. He had April, and he was Rory's protector and step-dad. But Luke and Lorelai were finally going to have their middle.

"I love you so much," Luke said, still trying to get over the shock.

Lorelai grinned. "Caught you off guard, did it?"

He nodded as he placed his hand on her stomach.

"It really shouldn't… I mean, the way you and I handle things?" she teased with a wink.

Luke blushed. "Aww, Jeez," he said, walking to the oven.

Lorelai sat down at the table. "Whatcha doin'?"

"Making a celebratory dinner. Your last hurrah before I cut you back," Luke said, turning to Lorelai.

She shrugged. "You can try. But, while you're cooking, we're going through the book."

Luke shuddered at the idea of any sort of book having to do with pregnancy. He was already going to get a visual once, and he sure didn't need a preview. But when Lorelai came down with a name book, he felt somewhat relieved. Lorelai sat down, opened up the book, and the notebook, and made two columns, one marked "Lorelai" and the other "Luke". She also pulled out a pink hi-liter and a blue hi-liter.

"Your sudden organizational ability frightens me," he said, stirring the pasta.

Lorelai waved her hand at him. "Come on, now, I want this baby's name to be a very special one. I hadn't thought a lot about Rory's name, being that it was influenced by both feminism and painkillers, and obviously I had no one else but Emily and Richard's influence, so it's a lot different this time. If that means organization, then so be it."

She flipped through the pages, blacking certain names out with a black Sharpie. Those would be the names they would never consider. The first name Lorelai came across was "Christopher". Her nose scrunched up as an automatic reaction to the sight of the name.

"Are you defacing a book? I really think Rory is less like you than you realize," Luke teased.

Lorelai looked up at him, making a face of disgust. "Watch it, mister, remember that a pregnant woman's moods can switch more than Anne Heche switches sides," she said, pointing the Sharpie at him as a warning. "And besides, we have to eliminate all the names that we know we will never use. What's the point of them being there if they give us emotional pain?"

Luke shrugged. "You're the boss," he said, adjusting the oven knobs.

She started to seek out names now, blacking out "Jason" on her way to "Nicole" and "Rachel". It made her feel like those chapters in her life were over, and she and Luke could enjoy what was upcoming. After strategically eliminating "Kirk", "Taylor", and "Babette", she began reading names out loud, seeking approval from Luke.

"Ooh! What about Roxanne?" Lorelai blurted out.

"Roxanne? So you can sing to our kid?"

"ROOOXANNNE!" Lorelai sang loudly.

"No," Luke insisted. "Our baby is not being named after a song by the Police."

Lorelai blacked out the name, pouting at Luke. "Ooh! What about Molly?"

"I know that was after Molly Ringwald, so… nice try, but no," Luke replied, without even looking at Lorelai.

"So I'm guessing Sabrina's out, too," she said.

"Any notable movie character or celebrity name should be blacked out with it if that's the reason the name sounds good to you. What's with you throwing out just girl names, anyway?" he asked.

Lorelai smiled. "Well, I have a sixth sense about these things."

"You have a sixth sense? Please don't tell me you see dead people, because I won't believe you."

She shook her head. "Mother's intuition. You're getting a little princess, and you're gonna love it."

Luke smiled. He would love the idea of having a little princess, if he and Lorelai were, in fact, going to have a girl. But, he consented to Lorelai's crazy theory, and sat down at the table. "I like the name Leah," he said casually.

Lorelai stopped and capped her black Sharpie. She was almost caught off guard by Luke's suggestion. She closed the book without hesitation and leaned in to kiss him.

"I do, too."