"I feel bad," Lorelai said, pouting.

Luke rolled his eyes. "Hey, we know from Leah that these guys don't accommodate your schedule when they want to come out. They just do. Leah isn't afraid of Babette anymore, I'm sure she won't mind playing with the cat," he insisted.

"I just don't want her to worry about us," Lorelai said, looking down at her newest baby. "I hope she gets along with this one."

He leaned in and kissed Lorelai on the forehead, brushing her dark curls away from her face. "I'm sure she'll be attached to him after awhile. Besides, I think she'll like being the only little girl around the house."

"So you can spoil her?" Lorelai asked, raising an eyebrow.

Luke grunted. "Try because you taught her that girls are the bossy ones," he added.

She smiled. "I'm awfully good at that. Sorry, little guy, you're stuck with her," she said, turning her attention to the sleeping little boy in her arms.

"I should be the one apologizing to him," Luke insisted. "Means nothing coming from you."

"Whatever. You two will gang up on us eventually anyway. But we'll know that forever, you'll have us wrapped around your little fingers, and even if you're mad at us, we'll bat an eyelash, and smile, and say 'I love you', and it will all be over," Lorelai teased.

Luke sighed. He knew it was the truth. He loved Lorelai, Leah, April, and Rory more than anything, but it was still true. He'd have to warn Ethan about it eventually. After all, he was a Danes man, and Danes men had the toughest time with saying 'no' to the girls. "Unfortunately, everything she just said is true, buddy," he said, directing the comment to the little boy.

"So Mom's going to the house to pick Leah up and let Babette get some sleep. Then she's bringing Leah here and letting her see her new little brother and by then he'll have a name, hopefully," Lorelai said, rolling her eyes. "I still don't understand why you refuse to let him be called Luke."

He shuddered, shaking his head. "Because, I think he deserves his own name. How many times do we have to go over this?"

She raised her eyebrows. "Until your 'I'm annoyed' look stops being sexy."

"Ah, jeez. Lorelai. Can we please agree on a name? He deserves a name so Leah doesn't name him," Luke warned.

Lorelai shuddered. "You're right. The things she would come up with would scar him worse than Pilot Inspektor or Audio Science."

"People name their kids that?"

She nodded gravely. "Yes, that's why I say we should name the little peanut ourselves before Leah jumps in and names him Joe."


"Steve's cousin, Blue's Clues. Where have you been?" Lorelai teased.

Luke sighed. "Somewhere far, far away from Joe."

"Tell me again why you don't like the name Luke?"

"I already told you," he grumbled. "Seriously, Lorelai."

She gently patted his arm. "Okay, Oscar, look. I know you haven't had a lot of sleep, but splits on a crate of dynamite over here. Think of me and look at me, your loving, adoring, selfless wife and mother of your children."

"Sorry. I just think the kid should have his own name," Luke said. "I mean, it could get confusing."

"It could," Lorelai agreed. "Well, I do have a name in mind. Tell me what you think. And I'm not going to take no for an answer on this one, so basically, you hear it and you say, 'Lorelai, the name is beautiful and so are you,' okay?"

"I can deal with the 'you're beautiful' part, but the name needs to be run past both parents," Luke insisted. "It's like getting married without the other person's consent!"

She giggled. "What do you think of the name Ethan?"

"Ethan?" Luke repeated.

She nodded. "We can name him Ethan and his middle name can be William. After your dad. I had a dream that we named him Ethan William. But that was also in the middle of the dream when I was Sandy from Grease. So?"

"Lorelai? The name is beautiful and so are you," he repeated dutifully, giving her a kiss.

"Thought you'd see it my way," Lorelai replied.

A knock on the door interrupted their quiet moment, and Leah came running into the room. Luke walked over to the door and picked Leah up. "Hey, Princess," he said, scooping her up and giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Ready to meet your little brother?"

"I have a brother?" Leah asked, in awe.

Luke lifted Leah up so she could see Ethan for the first time. He placed her gently next to her mom on the bed. "That's him."

Lorelai giggled. "What did you think you were going to get, a cat?"

"His name's Ethan," Luke explained. "Want to hold him?"

She nodded. "I do! I do! Let me hold him!" she whispered.

Lorelai looked at Luke, smiling. "Man, for someone who was so apprehensive about this whole thing, she sure is excited now."

"He's cute," Leah said, looking at Ethan. "He looks like me."

Luke chuckled. "Sure he does," he said, humoring Leah. "Remember how I showed you to hold him?"

Leah nodded. "Yeah, I remember, can I have him please?"

"Wow, someone's awfully excited," Lorelai teased.

Luke shot her a look. "At least she says 'please,' unlike someone else I know."

As Lorelai handed Ethan over to Leah, Luke stood by the side of the bed to supervise further. He smiled as Leah talked to Ethan. He was relieved that she wasn't adverse to the idea of being a big sister anymore. He looked up at Lorelai, who smiled back at him. Surely they were thinking the same thing.

Luke watched as Lorelai instructed Leah on how to hold her little brother. It was a moment like no other. His little princess, the woman of his dreams, and his little boy, all together for the first time. He smiled. It couldn't get any better.

Leah's arms got tired after a few minutes and she handed Ethan back to Lorelai. Luke noticed Lorelai stifle a yawn and decided to give Lorelai some alone time.

"Hey, Leah, why don't we let Mommy and Ethan rest? I'll take you out for ice cream," Luke suggested.

Her eyes lit up. "Really?" she asked.

He nodded. "Big sisters need lots of ice cream to get energy so they can deal with their little brothers."

Lorelai laughed. "You two have fun," she said, blowing Leah a kiss.

"Bye Mommy!"Leah replied, blowing a kiss back. She took Luke's hand and allowed him to lead her out of the hospital room.

Luke looked down at Leah. "So what do you think?" he asked.

"I like him," Leah declared.

"You do? I do too. I think you'll have fun together."

Leah hugged Luke's leg suddenly, preventing him from moving any further down the hallway. He leaned over and picked her up. "What was that for, kiddo?"

"I like being your Princess," she insisted, wrapping her arms around his neck. "I know you have Rory and April too, but you only call me Princess."

He smiled. "This is true."


"Because you're my Princess. Rory and April are special too, but they're special in a different way. So's Ethan," Luke explained. "It just came to be that you were my Princess."

She smiled. "Okay."

"And you'll always be my Princess. No matter what. Got that?" he teased, pointing to her.

Leah put her head on Luke's shoulder. "I got it. Can we get chocolate ice cream with chocolate sprinkles?"

"You are just like your mother," Luke chuckled. "A guy says what you want to hear and once you've heard that you need food."

"Am I still your Princess, then?" Leah giggled.

He nodded. "I told you that you always would be."

"How about now?" she asked.

"Yup," he said.


"Yes, Princess," he said, rolling his eyes in pretend annoyance.

She grinned. "I love you, Daddy."

"I love you too, Princess," he replied.

The End

A/N: Another story comes to a close, and I want to again, thank everyone for their support through this one. This was hard to end, because I wanted to take the Leah and Luke saga a little further. I'm not ruling out a sequel at this point, but… we'll see what my muse thinks. Thanks again to everyone for reading!